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  1. New V11 name tags?

    I think a big issue is that if you disable the nametags you are playing at a disadvantage since you can't easily identify targets. I also think that nametags should only pop up within like 15 meters and there be a delay. But why not give everyone what they want and make it a server setting of whether nametags are allowed. There should be hardcore and regular servers. Also while we are at it I think rallies should also be a squad server option.
  2. tag system and teamkill

    I agree with no tags at all. It is extremely immersion breaking and takes away the tension of cqb to just be looking for a tag to pop up on whether you should shoot or not. PR had a lot of tension of going around corners and either blasting away friendlies because there was so much confusion or being too timid and being blasted away yourself.
  3. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    Maybe there should be hardcore mode and then super hardcore 1 life no medics mode. The hardcore mode I personally would want would still have medics, fobs, and re balanced rally points. I think rally points should be like they are in PR where they expire after 1 minute. On top of that I think there should be a cool down of like 5 minutes on rally points. I would also like to see name tags go away or at least only pop up if you are 5 -10 meters from someone. And finally maybe longer re spawn times.
  4. My 2 big problems are the rally point system and name tags. I think the current rally point system promotes players to not work together as players just constantly give up re spawn and run back into the grinder. A SL primary role is to ensure that the Rally point is always up rather than maneuvering a squad and commanding a squad. I think changing the rally point system to a set timer would solve a number of issues with the game. It would incentive medic use, promote more team play within a squad, and end the meat grinder that currently exists. For name tags I would say get rid of all name tags except for people within 8 meters of you. If they are beyond that then just check your map to figure out who the person is.
  5. Identifying targets

    Link me threads. Cuz I didn't find any except for one that I started fuckin 7 months ago.
  6. Identifying targets

    So I very much enjoy squad and see that squad is going in a great direction. However the biggest complaint I currently have in the game is the target identification aspect or lack of. Whenever you point your weapon at a friendly there name just instantly pops up telling you where they are. This is very immersive breaking and takes away the element of any target identification. For one it takes away from the tension one felt in PR where you didn't want to waste a friendly but also didn't want to get killed by an enemy because you hesitated to long. PR's system emphasized the immediate decision making where squad takes the entire decision out of your hands. Target identification was a very integral part of PR. It forced people to become more aware of where of every squad, player, and the map. Secondly I find myself just pointing my weapon at everyone and seeing if a name pops up or not and not really looking at the models. A possible solution to the issue would be to simply add a delay to a friendly's name popping up. This would still make it easy to communicate with people around you but add the tension of being scared of taking friendlies out. What do you guys think?
  7. If you think the game is anywhere near trying to balance stuff out then you are missing the point of steam early access. No point in trying to balance it out right now when the next big update will be vehicles added and then everything is out of balance again.
  8. Squad: Epoch Mod

    No no no
  9. People who take Squad a bit too seriously...

    So that something is done to stop this from happening anymore.
  10. Suggestion: Give Most Classes Binoculars

    Nope. The boredom in this game is half the fun. It Builds up the tension so when shit does blow up it's epic

    So I'm in early access and got the tier where you get two squad keys. I got my two steam early alpha keys a couple of weeks ago but then yesterday I received another squad key for steam early access. Did I accidentally receive an extra key or are my early access steam keys going to become void after tomorrow?
  12. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I'm not sure if I've checked in or not. lol But I'm sasquatch have played since I think was 1.0
  13. Map up Always with multiple monitors?

    This is not battlefield. I don't think this is a feature and if it is then it definitely shouldn't be. This would unfairly give people who have multiple monitors a very large unfair advantage. Furthermore. I think the point is that when you are looking at your map you aren't able to see what is happening in your immediate surroundings like real life.
  14. Momentum for Infantry

    Completely agree. In Pr your movement fealt like it had real weight to it.
  15. Will there be an update prior to steam EA release?

    What is EA release?