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  1. Weapons for the special forces faction.

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  2. Militia is too underpowered

    Wait for mortars and other indirect fire systems to take place, wait for ieds or improvised explosives to get put in. Militia should be under-powered from a standard 1 vs 1 standpoint but they will hopefully have tools that real life irregular forces use to bridge the gap.
  3. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    Screw that I want more info. Give me the info on how many kills I have and how many deaths. Give me the info on my teamates kills and deaths Give me the info on the enemies kills and deaths. Having more information is never bad.
  4. How do you guys feel about perhaps adding T&E to squad for heavy weapons. T&E is traverse and elevation it is used in the real world for fine tuning a heavy weapons point of impact at considerable distances. Such a system in game would allow for more complex yet more controllable heavy weapons use. Players would be able to extend the use of heavy weapons in ways that are currently not possible. For example a player might be able to use an AGs 17 in high elevation to indirect fire on an enemy using teamwork from a forward observer to guide his rounds on target.
  5. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    I am just hoping for elevation adjustments for grenade launchers and for rockets. Being able to dial in an rpg7 to hit a target at 500m would be invaluable and give some factions much needed versatility.
  6. I would imagine this would be even more important for irregular forces. I can't imagine mortars for instance being too effective when stuck on a stationary position for resupply especially for guerilla forces.
  7. Just imagine if we get proper Rocket Trucks
  8. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    Absolutely. I want mortars to be as close to reality as possible. I want to have to use map tools to measure distances and then look at fire charts to set up my mortar rounds with the correct number of propellant charges and the right angle. Then still have to rely on a forward observer to walk me into target. Mortars are far too powerful not to be treated this way. Last thing we need is some super simple mortar system where all it takes is a marker from a squad leader and lining up the mortar and firing and being dead on target immediately.
  9. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    Too easy. Give us angles and then let the community make range tables.
  10. IEDs

    How do you mean ? Suicide vests are not only used to target people while blending in crowds. Isis regularly wears suicide vests and use it when they run out of ammo and are injured and know they will not survive.
  11. Mirror coms then ? Possible solution would be to monitor all coms and mirror them in game.
  12. Probably won't happen daam shame too since it adds so much.
  13. You guys are pretty tame with your suggestions keeping it to small arms and other relatively boring aspects of Insurgent assymetrical warfare. How about something like the b10 recoiless rifle instead ? It is used in the middle east by insurgent forces, while it was replaced by the spg9 the b10 has a few unique properties that lends itself to guerilla warfare. The single biggest unique feature for the b10 is that it has 2 optical sights. It has a 5.5x zoom for direct fire and a 2.5x for indirect fire.
  14. Possible PIP scope method

    Probably not worth the performance cost.
  15. Which mortars ?

    Easy solution to that. HAVE All Artillery be player controlled no silly magical out of the air rounds landing.