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  1. [Faction] French Forces

    i believe modders working on it..... The Bundeswehr Mod is about new Maps and the German Army faction. More Info is Coming soon! https://discord.gg/umzM8q
  2. dear friends, i beileve list server could be order for favorite, modding, ....too. i like see all servers but i want can see first my favorites and the rest... and order first for ping an second for favorites... and hold this ... secuencies. it is to see.
  3. Alpha 15 Released

    good job....i dont know is training camp tutorial is the first necesary but is well ...it is only for say some .... my question....when we have a key to surrender and drop the kit in middle of battle.....in the future we arrest the insurgents or soldiers unarmed???? thanks a lot.. this game is the game ...
  4. The Wrench -- December 2018

    january 19????
  5. TAZ GAZ-2330

    When this vehicle for the Russian force ??? who opinion Light armored vehicle TAZ GAZ-2330 or some version of it??
  6. Cuando este vehículo para la fuerza rusa ??? que opinion Vehículo blindado ligero TAZ GAZ-2330
  7. separate the servers is an error

    list with filters give you the same, but the new or veteran gameplayers can have easy access, the other way, the people . There are players who waste all the opportunities that the game gives with the content of the community, due to lack of time, knowledge and management. and with what it takes the game to load, it goes to official servers only, for the loss of time in entering custom and even more, finding someone playing in them. myself, I like to play both official and community content, and I do not enter the community, because you do not find anyone, people go by default to the officers, to take advantage of the little time they have available, in a safe game with players.
  8. separate the servers is an error

    forgive me, those who have answered ...... First of all it was thanks, thank you and thank you. for your opinions. I would like to know what they think .. some of those fans who create only maps or additional content .. ????
  9. separate the servers is an error

    sorry if I explain myself wrong .... I use google traslator. I do not speak for the community, I express my opinion about something that I think is being wasted and would help to pass the delays better. and I'm still open to ideas, for those I end up with a question in my dissertation. I do not seek to force others in downloads ... just make it a unique list by default, but as it says to the friend before there is the possibility of using a filter .. or something like that. If you do not want to see custom servers, you could pre-select it. use a single list and that the section to select favorites was working I think it would also help a lot. Currently, in my opinion, almost does not test the custom maps because you have to be entering the other list, go to the workshop to download it first, turn off the game, wait for it to start, another 10 min, we go for 20 min, etc. . So, people who would like to play custom content, leave it out of boredom. that's why I believe in the only list with filters (including pure or not) and that the favorites are working. So you would not have a list, unwanted, having selected the filters to your liking. Currently, in my opinion, people do not just enter the custom server, unless there is a massive hangout by some clan. I think that this equipment needs time to think, if they want to keep alive squad a lot of time and they are wasting the work that the creative fans give them. I feel disagree ... and I'll explain it to you, in fh2, you're wrong, there's CMP. community of maps, that make clans, and there is an application to download and integrate them in FH2, the servers usually indicate fh2 + CMP, that is official maps + maps of the community. since they also realized that community support was necessary. Name of the program: FH2 Community Updater. I share your opinion in PR2, with a clarification. if they do not put maps of the community, as far as I know, but instead, the advances were very continuous and faster, which in my opinion, apart from the changes or incorporations of new developers, of different nationalities, have managed to make more and more maps and factions. keeping the project alive. The other part is that they worked on a finished game. creative fans have to modify their creations, every time a new version of squad comes out, and that's another thing that loads more. but I understand that it is the price that is paid when you make mods for a game in development. and it makes total sense.
  10. why t72 and no t-90

    his answer convinces me ... his reasoning seems perfect to me. I did not know that was the differential percentage Thank you
  11. I think this is a mistake, but one when it is a game in development. this needs to be fed with new material ... to continue the progress .. since due to the time that is invested in the developments this helps the game to be kept alive ... during this time. in many cases the community and for free, when making maps, etc. helps support the players .. in what the development process progresses .. even when it has delays. for that reason, these games of support of players, in my opinion, must use more of these advantages that the community contributes. I think that separating servers into official and custom, destroys .. both the development and support of the fans .. that help to keep the games alive .. even years later. You were born of this, you carry it in your DNA and you should understand it more than anyone else. that's why it seems incredible to me that you are not supporting your community by separating these servers, which leads to these maps of the community are hardly used. just qualify as pure or not. apart from not having an automatic system, like most steam platform games, which download the variations automatically when entering a server that has custom content. I am not a supporter of the separation for the reasons above. although I could understand that it would be classified as separate custom those that involve weapons that do not bring the original game .. I do not believe that servers that only have different maps ... that do not imply an arms advantage ... are separated into a different list. What is your opinion??? a greeting
  12. bipod sniper class

    i believe.. it need. and need botton to stop respiration to prepare the shoot in all weapons, in special sniper....now if it exist...this is Does not distinguish.
  13. why t72 and no t-90

    russian i beleive t-90 insurgent and rebels t-72.
  14. Optimization patch release date ?

    sad response