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  1. My suggest, fix that problem, FTL and their section FTL only can speak between them, if key Squad com reasigned to comunication inside FTL section. The crew of the vehicle asigned to one FTL, they only speak between them...and leader FTL is only who can with SL.. in versión 1 On versión 2 is same, but soldiers have the key commder reasigned to coms all Squad in necesary circuntances. I prefer version 1 .. for BEST of SL's i believe
  2. No problem, comunicación num pad is the same use, only for comunication between SL's.. No need changes..
  3. I would suggest that, like a squad leader, use the key for the commander, another key for his squad, and another key for the local ... the same keys should be automatically resurfaced, when the SL designate an FTL their keys comunications will reassigned automatically to: the communication key with commander in the FTL is reallocated to communicate with his SL and other FTLs of their own squad. the communication with the members of his FTL would be through the squad key ... and local key remains the same ... It is a minimum coding variation, which is added when selecting the FTL, which reallocates the keys to the FTL within a squad. advantage : - lower saturation of communications between SL and commander, FTL´s and soldiers, vehicles .. - This allows, to have separated the communications in a vehicle of a squad of the rest members and SL of own squad, when having assigned the members of the vehicle to an FTL. - That the conversations of the members of the FTL do not saturate the SL. - The SL would keep the keys as they have key for commander, key for all members of the squad, and local key. this part "soldiers" would be to decide: versions 1) the soldiers assigned to an FTL are reassigned the keys: the squad key to communicate with their FTL and the other members of the FTL, and not with the rest of the squad. and keep the local key. they could not communicate with the rest of their squad except through their FTL. In this case you ensure that the soldiers do not saturate communications in any way to the SL except those of the ALFA section. 2) Soldiers assigned to FTL, commander key is reallocated as communication with their entire squad, squad key is reallocated as communication with their FTL and FTL members, and maintains local key. In this case, you leave the possibility that in exceptional cases, any member of the squad communicates with all the members of his squad. I think it would be a simple solution to nest communications without adding channels or more keys. allowing to reduce the saturation of communications. especially to SL. and to be able to separate the communications within the vehicles without having to add more keys. what do you think ??
  4. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    this work of far-stan, he did map to squad...remakes of battlefield... this new map teaser. wonderfull for vietnam
  5. Thanks, but i don´t know with that equipement buy the gripen, but grippen can do ground attack, but tucano is more spacific to CAS (close air support), i understand your election...
  6. i prefer the new jas-39 gripen of brazil.....but A-29 Super Tucano is interesting to see.
  7. very cool, if poject have discord to follow news , i interesting to follow advance in the discord...luck you.
  8. Beta 17.2 Released

    Great!!! but when ab-212 canadian and remove uh-60???
  9. [Faction] French Forces

    i believe modders working on it..... The Bundeswehr Mod is about new Maps and the German Army faction. More Info is Coming soon! https://discord.gg/umzM8q
  10. dear friends, i beileve list server could be order for favorite, modding, ....too. i like see all servers but i want can see first my favorites and the rest... and order first for ping an second for favorites... and hold this ... secuencies. it is to see.
  11. Alpha 15 Released

    good job....i dont know is training camp tutorial is the first necesary but is well ...it is only for say some .... my question....when we have a key to surrender and drop the kit in middle of battle.....in the future we arrest the insurgents or soldiers unarmed???? thanks a lot.. this game is the game ...
  12. The Wrench, December 2018

    january 19????
  13. TAZ GAZ-2330

    When this vehicle for the Russian force ??? who opinion Light armored vehicle TAZ GAZ-2330 or some version of it??