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  1. Sound propagation

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is implemented in the game, but is there any sound propagation simulation ? I don't think i've noticed it. This means, when there are some obstacle between the sound source and the listener (let's say a wall or a dune), the sound should be muffled. Arma simulates it pretty well. I think Battlefield does it too and Rainbow Six too. That would be nice to have it in Squad (if not already in). Thanks.
  2. Sound propagation

    Thanks. But what do you mean with the fact I can't hear it but others can? Do you mean it's not very audible and only some people with good ears can hear it ?
  3. day night cycle

    If Squad is not a milsim, it is close to it. It's more sim than arcade, no ? We could have both, fixed weather maps and cycling weather maps. It could also be a server setting.
  4. day night cycle

    For me, it's obvious to implement a day/night for a simulation. Any simulation has it (be it racing sims, warfight sims... or even city builders sims !). However, I wouldn't like a full 24h real-life time cycle like in some Arma servers. The inconvenient of such solution is you may never see the day or night unless you play at the right time of the day or for 10 hours long... A 30 minutes cycle or something is a enough I think.
  5. Site is down :(

    Hey guys, The web site is down, there is a "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.squad.model.RegistrationInfo" error. You should test your website locally before deploying :D Get that class back :P
  6. October 2015

    Great update ! The Fools Road map looks so nice ! It's great to have various kind of maps with long range combats vs close combats, desert vs forest etc. Really looking forward to it ! Thank you Squad team !
  7. Forgot password issue

    ​Hi, I've just found that the "forgot password" screen doesn't display the security check text input:
  8. Forgot password issue

    Clearing the cache doesn't change anything. I have to change "https" to "http" by hand in the URL.
  9. Hi brothers in arms, I didn't actually introduced myself since I registered. So better late than never, my name is Sylvain and I live in France. I discovered Squad on the Steam community I think. I used to play earlier versions of Project Reality, so when I learned that Squad was made by the same devs, I knew I would love it. Since then, I'm following it closely. I like tactical and realistic fps like Arma, Insurgency etc. (I also like slow paced tactical RTS like the Close Combat and Theater Of War series), as well as arcade fps like Battlefield. You know they are still video games, and their purpose is to entertain. So I can have fun with both because they are not comparable :) Squad seems to reproduce the true intensity of the combats and the satisfaction of playing as a team like no fps game ever did before. I haven't bought the game yet but I'm really thinking of getting the Squad leader pre-purchase version. Can you just reassure me and tell me that there are enough players in the closed alpha on european servers so I can enjoy the game in a full squad and a well populated server ? I would love to see this game growing and getting better and better, updates after updates. :wub: I would also be glad to bring my feedback on bugs/suggestions on this game. Anyway, I'll see you on the battlefield soon or later :ph34r:
  10. Site is down :(

    It wouldn't be fun otherwise :P It's working well again. Whatever happen. Maybe its worth investigating :) You may be able to see the stack trace in the logs i gues.
  11. Forgot password issue

    Ok, so by default the browser uses https. When I change it to http, it works.
  12. Forgot password issue

    I have the error both on Chrome and Edge. Looking at the console here are the errors: on Chrome: Mixed Content: The page at 'https://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=lostpass'was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script 'http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/challenge?k=6LcpWAMAAAAAAA4klDtDNuDH6LsGgBX5mBoJ3naK&hl=en'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. on Edge (french): SEC7111: La sécurité HTTPS est compromise par http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/challenge?k=6LcpWAMAAAAAAA4klDtDNuDH6LsGgBX5mBoJ3naK&hl=en
  13. Site is down :(

    Really ? That's pretty weird :/ What could it be ? I'm gonna try with another browser. EDIT: I could not sign out. I closed my browser, reopened it, then it worked. Very strange. The error was during spring data redis deserialization stuff. I don't know how to reproduce it though.
  14. Forgot password issue

    What do you mean ? I'm serious. I tested on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser. Try it yourself. Log out, then click on "Sign in" again then click "Forgot password".
  15. Pre-purchase button not working? :/

    Actually, the issue is that the agreement checkbox doesn't appear. I checked in the console and here is the error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE "https://csscheckbox.com/checkboxes/u/csscheckbox_8fc38f18775f9cdaed3b135a2ed40366.png"
  16. New magazine reload animation

    Can't they use the extra Kicktarster funds for this?
  17. New magazine reload animation

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I was actually gonna post a topic about it then found that it has already been requested. I agree with the author. Squad has very realistic reload animations, I like them. How much would it cost to create at least 2 different animations for each weapon in terms of developement ? I doesn't have to be 2 drastic different animations, but simply slightly different. I think it would make the game look more immersive and feel even more natural. In real life, even if you have you specific way to reload, it's never exactly the same way each time. Finally, I think it's important for a FPS, because this is the only thing you see of yourself (exception the hand and body sometimes). That'd really be a nice to have