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  1. Your CPU communicates with your GPU in the form of Draw Calls, basically telling "Hey you 3D rendering thingy, draw this image for me", and the gpu is like "alright ok man don't be rude", and bamm you get a frame on the screen. If you have a decent GPU he will be like "Hey cpu nerd I finished the rendering thingy whats next?" and the CPU is like "Bruh hold on, because the way this stuff is structured im not making use of all my threads so im slow! just chill!" and the gpu is like "Wtf man I can handle a lot more than this! Hurry up!!" And that is why changing high end GPUs gives you negligible frame rate improvements. I need more coffee.
  2. Great server, played there quiet a few times with clan mates, just one thing. Drop the vote map. It may sound like "hey its a democracy we ran the map that people want!" the problem is that more often than not we end up playing the same maps over and over and over. Just pick a decent map list/rotation and go with it. Thats my 2 cents.
  3. Would be pretty weird to have a UI "Hey do you accept this player dragging you?" specially if it was in a critical situation where every second counts. IMO we should just just allow anyone to drag anyone at the beginning, if it is too much of a problem we can fix it from there.
  4. I dont remember the admins name unfortunately. But this happened 1hours from when the video was posted on your server. Also im not filling any report, you got evidence there do what you will.
  5. Not impressed. Was on you guys server, got teamkilled, admin was on, explained the situation, nothing happened. Same dude kept playing, even though on the broadcast it was clearly written "We ban teamkillers at first strike". Teamkiller profile: Video proof: Very infuriating, that was our medic that could have revived the entire squad. Instead we had to respawn far away from the objective. I think you guys should vet your admins better.
  6. Nerf rally points before you nerf fobs any more, please.
  7. What changes are the medics gonna get? Dragging, epipens?
  8. I was joking i have no idea. I said 3 weeks in reference to this That said, the devs are known for releasing the maps in early stages and iterate from there, I wouldn't be surprised if you saw it in V9.
  9. about 3 weeks.
  10. Glad to hear.
  11. Did you clear the game cache? not sure what u meant with binaries.
  12. Did you manage to figure it out? I found the weapon section in the Pawn but its locked.
  13. Or... you could simply make it so that when all flags captured ticket bleed would speed up 10x ? Why over complicate things.
  14. +1 On fooliage Last I heard they put truesky on hold because they(the truesky guys) were having issues with UE4 and until they completed their work OWI couldnt get it function properly in Squad. I'm oversimplifying but it was something along those lines.
  15. Right, so if I leave the squad and join the another squad those points would be transfered making that system irrelevant. Or if the points dont transfer, that user can just get kicked from the squad and have 0 personal points. Great.
  16. Driving does give score but its very limited and devs already promised it will be changed. What about building? What about when they add helos and you can do resupply runs? I can somewhat see what you trying to say about the tickets cost but it's flawed, doesnt work in all cases and doesnt really add anything that the current score system currently doesnt do.
  17. Alright cool, so how exactly would you score, medics, kill assists, driving logies, driving armed vehicles, recapturing flags, placing rally points, fobs, building/place sandbags......... into a "how many tickets this cost to the enemy" system? Or you know, we could just keep the current score system.
  18. This^ you can close the thread.
  19. I disagree. What about if you are sitting on the flag defending and no enemies attack? The end of the round scoreboard will say you are useless because you didnt kill any enemies. If it aint broke, dont fix it.
  20. It can be fun if you know when to do it. The other day we were all insurgents driving the truck around and i played this Its a game. Know when to have a laugh, and know when you are being disruptive and a ***.
  21. Can't have iwo jima without boats...
  22. Red Orchestra 2 does this, and pretty sure Arma 3 also.