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  1. Show deaths on scoreboard

    What if the scoreboard shows score and deaths? (not Kills) I like not having KD in this game, it's really very refreshing. But I do wonder whether it might not dissuade you from dying enough. I have seen a lot of people just repeatedly spawning at camped FOBs to get back into the action (and just die instantly), and I feel like trying hard not to die has always been a core mechanic for PR. Maybe this is something to implement once you have the wounded/revives mechanic in game.
  2. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    I have total faith that you're going to come up with some awesome solutions Anders! Yes! That will sound so great! I can just imagine the rocks bouncing of my helmet now! Glad that this was useful. Keep up the great work!
  3. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    I also haven't spent any time in game, just following along on youtube. The latest sound implementations are so amazing!! The new explosions, gunshots and bullet impacts really seem to pack that "OMFG" punch that PR was famous for. Looking forward to hearing the zings/zips/pings that I saw mentioned in the June Update too! It's also nice to see some of the animations getting voiced now - ie, shovels and building deployables. And the footstep and foley SFX are sounding great too! A couple of things that I wanted to suggest, if that's okay: Fatigue SFX I thought that the vocalisations around the fatigue system are great too, really seem to help with immersion and also provide good feedback to the player. However, I thought that maybe you could reduce the frequency of breaths in the "lower stages of fatigue" - ie. between 50% and 80% fatigued the heavy breath comes every second breath only and from 80% to 100% it comes every breath. If this is a complicated implementation then maybe just have the volume ramp up as the fatigue increases. I just felt that the current implementation was a little too constant if you needed to sprint for a little while. Love the samples themselves though! Very very cool! Impacts and player wounding SFX One thing that currently seems a little bit underdeveloped and underwhelming, in the builds to date, is the instance of your character getting shot or wounded. I saw Anders discussing some visions for this in another thread so I know it's definitely on his radar, but I feel like audio could have a huge impact (excuse the pun) on this event. Giving some feedback to the player about the wound (ie, bone snap if leg hit, something more meaty if it's a central mass hit - giving you some idea of how badly hurt you are) - Also getting that same feedback about the player next to you in the foxhole (ie. imagine the experience of hearing that helmet rip followed by brain splatter noise and knowing that the guy next to you ain't gonna be covering your ass anymore! - *extreme example)Providing some sense of the panic/disorientation that getting shot in a firefight would presumably cause. In terms of audio it makes me think of hearing my heart pounding in my ears for a second and sort of losing focus on the other sounds going on around. (for example lo-passing mumble and SFX just for a short instant. That would let you know that you've been shot.)Certainly providing audio feedback that you are really badly hurt (as in the "black and white" state in PR)Potentially having the player yell out when they take it hit - something that is audible to both teams *Maybe you could build in a mechanic that lets you press focus at exactly the right time after being shot (if you are leet enough) that lets you stiffle the yell - cos you don't got time to bleed!Aiding positional and situational awareness As those of us who played PR know, giving away your position is death against an organised enemy. So anything that the audio for Squad can do to reward the more cautious and aware player would be awesome. I saw people mentioning characters making noise as they walk through brush/undergrowth and that is a great idea. But also how about louder sounds? Is it possible to assign material properties to people's kit? Imagine if the guy with a LAW on his back spins around and bumps into a tree or a rock? That would make quite a sound. I would also love to hear sounds when characters slide/scrape/creep along walls. If you are half a metre away from someone who is crawling along the other side of the wall you are next too chances are you might hear something to indicate that. If there is some kind of commo-rose system planned for Squad with voice triggers like in PR, it would be great for enemies to hear that too. The main point I am trying to make here is that I would love to see the squad who moves slowly and carefully, being careful not to bang into things and not spamming commo-rose etc, have a MASSIVE advantage over the opposing squad who is sprinting everywhere, banging into trees and walls and basically maintaining no sound discipline. An aside: I really liked the flyover jet sound into the game (I'm a big fan of anything that adds audio cover mechanics. ie, wait for the big firefight, or the mortar barrage and then you can creep on that FOB without being heard. Someone also mentioned how loud loading an MG nest is IRL. Adding anything like that which causes sounds to propagate through the game world and give all the players key strategic information is just going to add another level of meta-awesomeness to this great game! One extra point: I remember seeing a post about gunfire distance effects (The Crack Thump effect) which enables a basic gauge on the distance to target of incoming shots. That would be amazing too! Foley Great to hear some character movement sounds in the latest build. They sound great! And personally I felt they were the right level of present but not overpowering. Awesome work! I assume that prone is still going to get built into this game? If so I thought that a character standing from prone or diving prone from standing should make quite a loud noise as all their kit settles. That would add some interesting dynamics to a CQB fight. Maybe going prone/crouch/standing makes way less noise? But diving to prone should definitely be super audible to nearby enemies. Audio advantage to asymmetrical forces? This is a question rather than a fully thought out idea. Would a modern army infantry man make more or less noise than a Jihadi? Is there any way to provide an advantage to the less equipped individual in terms of movement sounds, diving to prone, etc? Grenade dirt showers Last thing. The grenade explosion animations have a pretty cloud of particles raining down. Would be amazing to hear the dirt falling around you (and even on your helmet?!) as you cower in that ditch that you just dived into! Not sure if you can assign audio emitters to particles or whether you just have to fake it? Hope any of this helps. So super impressed with where Squad is heading. Best Devs. Best Community. Easy.
  4. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    Sounding great!
  5. December

    Anyone care to elaborate on this? Does this just mean that if you get hit in the ankle it has a different damage amount than if you get hit in the neck?
  6. Alternatives to Kickstarter

    Just completed a successful funding campaign on Indiegogo.com for a musical project. They were very good to work with and the bonus is that if you don't make the full goal amount then you still keep whatever money you raised, whereas with Kickstarter you lose it all if you don't reach the target. Indiegogo take 4% when you make the full target but 9% if you only partially reach your goal. It's a risk either way but at least with IG you don't face the scenario of having to personally chip in a couple of grand (losing 5% of it to Kickstarter) so that you can still get the partial funding money out... Also, from personal experience, crowdfunding is a shit ton of work. You don't just sit there and watch the $$ role in, it's all about hustle. Bear it in mind that someone will have to dedicate a lot of time to updating and keeping the funders informed. That said; you're definitely going to pull this off because this project is too great to do anything but succeed, just wanted to give fair warning
  7. Afghan compounds

    No rush... but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    Love how he has to go into his pocket for fresh mag. Too cool!
  9. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    So incredibly cool guys, can't wait! Looks like there's going to be plenty of places to hide! That is until the tanks roll in! Speaking of which - any plans for destructible environments?
  10. Welcome to Squad!

    Bahahaha, gotta stay with the times fellas!
  11. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    It's time to pick one country and go with it IMO. Iran, Egypt & Pakistan are strong contenders...