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  1. voting based map loadout and squad system

    I think.... its to complicated, the way it is its basic and to the point.
  2. Why does Russia hate the 'U.S.' now?

    The us has done way to many thing to way to many people. Without mentioning the involvement in many nations where they have no businesses without mentioning the exploitation of foreign nations, Before you start your rant of me being anti-American i'm not, im actually trying to join the armed forces just making statements on some facts of American history, as in many people from outside the U.S see them as the "bad guys" with just reasons, just sayan, btw I hardly see russian hate comments to be honest.
  3. # Of magazines

    I do believe # of magazines is fine as it is right now.
  4. Minimum Specs?

    25 Fps is unacceptable, he does need a better v card. You cant be like... " yeah dont worry i'm on the same situation I get a flaming 25 fps when server is full..."
  5. Help

    File is corrupted, something fuck up with your download or maybe internet left and came back. Have to re-download again without interruptions.
  6. Dog Handler?

    Am... I dont really see the use for them not like FOB's are hard to spot and enemy inf is not really... hiding they will let you know they are around.
  7. Training level like THIS for new players?

    To... long way to long.
  8. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    I don't judge without trying so im going to probably give it a chance see how they made the new battlefront, hope they dint mess it up(I know im asking to much) 'cus you know starwars great series.
  9. Yeah good admins ban/kick people but the damage is done, the chopper is gone and the tickets are lost and affects the other 49 people on the server leaving them on a disadvantage. His hole point is not to change the idea of how to play the game, just know how to play it. I do agree with a small tutorial first time you boot the game, just because even though I'm not new to pr, im new to squad there are some thing I may not even know. I rather learn them before going into the meat grinding, and being less effective.
  10. ADS Focus mechanic on Jump key

    get good.... No but, yeah more options for the public is always better, im pretty sure they will work it out since its a major thing on game design you know the mapping of keys. just be patient.
  11. There is already a bunch of topics about this. https://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/481-boosting-over-walls-and-vaulting to lazy for look for more.
  12. Help please! "Dead" screen as soon as i spawn !?

    There has to be some sort of punishment for thread spamming..
  13. Frames Per Second / Performance

    G-Graphics card?
  14. map icons

    I prefer less big colors and objects in my map, I rather keep them small not so hard to see if your not blind.
  15. Well that comes down to the squad leader knowing what roles to take on his/her squad. Honestly I would not mind a share option ability and why not but... I mean the riflemen has that cover down.