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  1. <eUK> Vids

  2. Hello from Germany ;)

    Welcome aboard and have fun!
  3. Awesome Squad pictures

    i spend a lot of my time in the weed fields.
  4. Medic Madness!!

    did you get a copyright warning for the music BLITZ?

    Midget porn FTW! Why am i only finding this thread now?
  6. Another damn Texan

    welcome aboard!
  7. Medic Madness!!

    awesome stuff BLITZA!
  8. Invisible Wall on Logar Dawn

    dude , i got stuck there last night!had to go around!loved it! :lol: its just another little "tip o' the hat" to Bohemia Interactive. love you devs! ;)
  9. Squad is pleased to welcome 3 new Moderators

    i'm from Sydney luv!no need to get a dog up ya! :lol:
  10. Squad is pleased to welcome 3 new Moderators

    keep up the great work guys!i had already assumed IRONXBAY was a mod already. i heard the other two were both Australians though?isn't that some kind of prison island? ;)
  11. Velkommen!Don't let my location fool you , i'm actually from Australia.Just moved to Scandinavia for better ping.see you in the fields!
  12. Free Pie for All!

    i hate that digging sound!now where is my pie?
  13. Clan Wars HQ

    we can also use the friendly matches to spread awareness of Squad League.get new clans on board.especially since the huge influx of fresh blood since the steam launch.
  14. I would pay for DLC if it helped the devs..

    apart from cash, i have always done my upmost to "spread the word" about Squad.weather it be with my shitty youtube channel and talking to people IRL who i think would enjoy the experience.also by keeping active on the forums here and on Squad League to help new players get the best experience and keep them away from that steam "refund" button (i'm not sure if there is an actual button?). want to help Squad?find your favourite youtube videos and share them on social media.become an ambassador. for good content check out Para's channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTw7YghZdlUgXYcSB2Iv8Kg for average content , look no further : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4euvfXWqdx1BZznyvsKTtg
  15. I would pay for DLC if it helped the devs..

    why not just donate on the website? https://joinsquad.com/donate