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  1. back blast (and tank fire)

    ah ok, so just IFV TOW does not then
  2. back blast (and tank fire)

    .11 is so tits you guys thank you so much devs and congrats, you guys literally made it. add IFV TOW back blast? is the backblast for the deployable tow?
  3. BREAKING on #Turkey

    rip to all innocents. these are the only semi-probable possibilities i can imagine atm (in random order): a segment of the turkish military finally had enough of erdogan's support of isis and slaughter of kurds and oppression of freedom at home etc that theyre rising up against him; or erdogan is engaging in a false flag against himself which is doomed to fail so that he will emerge a hero and be able to double down on his current policies; or russia is backing a coup against erdogan; or nato is engaging in a flase flag against turkey for trying to improve relations with russia; or a combination of these? imagine if a rebel section of the US army attacked cnn, capitol hill, the white house, the civilians that stand in their way, and more, and that the US president is about ready to flee the country, while some citizens and pro-gov forces fight said pro-coup army forces--that is what is happening right now in turkey and i imagine (and hope) turkish forces are coming to squad as a mod or otherwise
  4. V6 update not smooth

    if u say it sucks and do not give 1 reason why it sucks then plz, ffs, stfu and gtfo
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    can hmg emplacements destroy other (enemy) hmg emplacements?
  6. (Mod Idea)US Militia vs Police and National Guard.

    agree 100% US Civil War 2: US insurgents vs Nat Guard levels could be in shopping centers, rural towns, urban centers, state capitals... epic, and SCARY!
  7. its like that in a lot of aaa type games that i play like chivalry mw, starcraft 2, so i dont expect squad to be diff imo
  8. V6 Hype!

    oh man im gonna fucking explode!
  9. scoped .50 cal emplacement

    once vehicles come in they will bring their own heavy machine guns and auto cannons, and theres mortars coming too so, a .50 will be about in the middle from small arms to 120mm tank shells. def not op
  10. scoped .50 cal emplacement

    i agree, and thats what balances it. and i think irl machine gunners have a relatively low life expectancy
  11. Squad in Three Words

    fuck ing tits vehicles are coming follow squad leader mic or kick clear for backblast! fucking get some
  12. scoped .50 cal emplacement

    .50s will be rather deadly bc irl they are fucking death machines!
  13. RPG and LAT, that's it I'm done.

    Dude it's an rpg, with an anti personnel frag munition, wtf do you expect? If it wasn't for the rpg insurgents all over the world would not stand a chance in any battle ever. Instead we have near endless war between poor untrained insurgents vs the most powerful militarized the world has ever seen I mean cmon, How much of an advantage do you want as US forces vs insurgents?
  14. PKM, that fucker is a BEAST! fires a larger round than an M240, and i see it in just about every youtube and liveleak insurgent video from the mid east to ukraine
  15. Losing interest pretty quickly

    Yelling allahu ackbar and firing your rpg will never get boring lol