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  1. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Haha you are welcome! I never signed an NDA so its all good! Most of the TOW info you can find online, just gotta know what you are looking for! Glad I could answer your questions! Anymore questions, feel free to ask?
  2. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Alrighty, Ill take this one I guess, I'm in the MAARNG, TOW Gunner since 2014. I've fired my share of live missiles but they don't give them out to the Guard to often so I'm limited in Live Fire experience. I will say that I have been trained on the most updated system so you can take my word for it on whether I'm qualified or not. Also, I literally just went through a 5 day refresher course so I'm pretty up to date. So basically Vegetal has it right, the back of the missile has two beacons that the system uses to keep the missile in track with the crosshair, therefore the way presented is as accurate as you will probably will get, its in essence "Following" where the crosshair is looking. Also the missile just floats to the target after the first 1.6 seconds, the more movement you impose on it, the less range it will have. I actually advised the Devs on the TOW when they were working on it, the thing you have to remember is this is the older system. M220 Launch Unit (without Nightsight) instead of the newer M41 System. Therefore the system lacks some of its more advanced features, the missile does sort of over corrects when its fired in real life and the Devs seemed to have nailed that. The TOW system(other than the outdated model which the devs have their reasons and after all it is a game) ingame as presented is the most realistic in terms of a game for the missile flight, reload and the sight so it doesn't get any better than this. As a TOW gunner, it has my seal of approval for being accurate to the real life thing. Side note, on the topic of moving targets, I can't say for the old system but on the new system we use a tracking system that helps with guiding the missile in, you as the gunner just have to keep the crosshair center mass on the Target and the computer does the rest. This system came into service in the late 90s, early 2000s, the upgraded system was used in the Invasion of Iraq.
  3. National Guard units

    As a National Guard Soldier, we are made up of soldiers from the state(though technically you don't have to be a residence of the state to serve in a specific state guard) and we are only partially funded by the Federal Government. The top of our Chain of Command is the Governor and we can be activated for Active duty but it has to approved by our State. The Militia Act of 1903 made it so the National Guard would have the same training, organization and equipment as the Regular Army.
  4. US Army Uniform Camouflage

    Neither since, we are switching over to OCP
  5. September 2015

    Is there any chance we will see vehicles like the LMTV or say the new L-ATV?
  6. How old is the Squad community?

    21 from US!
  7. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    I mean I love them, they are great for any situation is which is awesome. Its shooter's preference but the fact that it has dual purpose makes it extremely useful for us at least.
  8. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    Well by SI I mean like it basically comes with the rifle. We would probably still have it on our rifle even if fighting against a decently supplied force, just wouldn't use it. For any tweaks beyond the basics, its at the discretion of the CO of the battalion and then usually the CO of the Company. Then it works it way down the the chains, some Platoon Leaders/Sergeants, or even SLs may say no to any tweaks. Its very unit dependent, so far for my unit its basically a no go on the crazier stuff at least for our weapons, gear/equipment is whole another story. Also if you have a cool Supply Sergeant, they'll hook you up, I mean I got issued PMags!
  9. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    Well as far the PEQ goes, I haven't and don't think we will ever use the visible laser. The PEQ is just there for night fighting when using the sights becomes impossible, still standard piece of equipment found all M4s though. Just saying as a matter of what you will find on every M4.
  10. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    Gonna drop my opinion in here, just so everyone knows the PEQ 15 is standard issue, even at basic. Unit wise, the CCO and ACOG is by far the most common Sights I see attached, no one uses Irons in my unit. ACOGs far outnumber CCOs as well and as far as ACOGs go, none in my unit have the mini dot on top, they're older models probably about 5 to 7 years old. The only other scope we have is the PAS 13 for the M2s, Mk19s and 240s for night operations. For fore grips, they pretty much hand out Grip Pods like candy(even though they cost roughly $100), so anyone who wants one can get one. That is just my thoughts on the matter.
  11. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    Well for us, we were trained to always use the Bolt release, it is a waste of time to use the charging handle.As far as the love tap to the bottom of the mag, I consider that accurate cause that is what I do and what I was trained to do. It helps to make sure the mag is fully seated.