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  1. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Yeah, I like them better honestly. The AirFrames are awkward. But I can't wait till the models are accurate representing real units.
  2. US soldiers - First look at player models

    They're actually AirFrame helmets from Crye Precision, not the Ops-Core's but yes, they are used exclusively by special operations forces.
  3. 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

    Nah I'm in Army ROTC. Civil Air Patrol is another program I do. It can be compared to Air Force JROTC, but it's quite different.
  4. Hello everyone!

    Welcome, and hope to see you on the battlefield very soon!
  5. 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

    Whoa, much respect man! Anyone's welcome to play with us for sure! Hope to see you on the battlefield some time!
  6. No server show up when I do update server list

    The play sessions only last for the weekend with Friday and Saturday alternating. The play sessions only last for the weekend with Friday and Saturday alternating.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm 1LT Skovran, the leader of 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. If you haven't seen me post before, it's nice to meet all of you, and thanks for taking the time to read. Although our roots are in Arma III milsim, me and a few of our founding members would like to bring our unit to Squad and hopefully as it becomes more developed, become a clan with structure and recruitment on a regular basis just like our Arma unit. We're a very relaxed group of guys and ages vary, but most of us are at least 18, some in their 20's with myself being 19. We like to take things seriously in game to be as realistic and effective as possible, but in the end, having fun is our main goal. We steer clear from the whole "yes sir, no sir" type thing, but do expect people to be respectful of all members, regardless of age and role within the group. Although we save the true milsim aspect for Arma, a lot of things can still be used in Squad even as it is now, in Pre-Alpha, so do expect teamwork, communication and a good time with a good group of people. I'm reaching out to anyone who isn't already part of a unit, clan, or community and would like to help build our Squad group so that the 2/75th Rangers can become a community based in multiple games. As of now I'm just looking for guys who would like to play with us on a regular basis and eventually take up a possible role when we decide to become a structured unit. You don't need prior experience and I highly encourage new players to Squad to join us as you would learn things for sure. If you guys are at all interested, feel free to add me on Steam and join our public Squad/PR group. Thanks! Me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/frankskovran/ Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/275sqd
  8. 1st Timer

    You meant to say closed-alpha will start in September lol
  9. 1st Timer

    Welcome and hope to see you on the battlefield soon. And yes, you should totally try PR since it's free and standalone.
  10. Question About Secondary Keys

    That's what me and my buddy did to make it cheaper for both of us and I agree that if he's going to still contribute money he deserves something, but like you said, the devs can't know who split the costs and who should get what. It was his choice to split the price though! I would've given him the key for free! Haha.
  11. Question About Secondary Keys

    I think anyone receiving a secondary key feels the same, but they're a reward for those who helped support the game by purchasing it so it makes sense.
  12. Question About Secondary Keys

    No, those perks are only given to the person who purchased the package.
  13. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Er I meant to say Airframe's not MICH's. For the units who do have the Airframes though, I think they should have lightweight PC's and then of course the conventional units could have the IOTV.
  14. US soldiers - First look at player models

    I think having the MICH on some units is nice because those units specifically could represent Rangers while the guys with the ACH's would just represent conventional units. I do like the inclusion of the rank patches on the shoulder but that's something that I've seen only on the Massif shirts as the right arm has 3 pieces of hook and loop for the flag, rank, and last name.
  15. How to add your founder tag

    If you've been following the rest of the forum posts, it will be once the team has sorted everything out as in who bought what package.