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  1. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Getting Fatal error crash when I start up squad, cant even get into the game
  2. Alpha 5 Released

    Ahhh, the good old your mom jokes
  3. Alpha 4 Released

    I honestly dont think we will get an alpha update this month
  4. February 2016 Recap

    Will current maps be extended to 8x8km when vehicles comes into play or are making specific maps for 8x8?
  5. SweetFX settings - i like

    im getting this message: file corrupted or missing eac0.bin then the game shuts down
  6. Closed Alpha Released

    still cant log in, i dont know how to log in with steam (in-game?). tried turning off firewall, reset password, run as admin, allowing trough firewall and i tried to log in to the download portal with steam but it said my game key has been redeemed.
  7. Closed Alpha Released

    cant log in, when i type my password it just loads for a sec and nothing happens
  8. Alright, just couldnt help to notice it anyways looking forward to playing
  9. I dont know, been watching some of the gameplay footage and still looks like they got small legs long arms and torso to me, but that might just be me
  10. anyone else thinking they got very short legs?