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  1. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    I don't believe that weapons without optics are *dominant* in a CQC, and if anything, they're barely as effective as optics. Even when shooting at 10 meters, optic gives a huge advantage of being able to aim at specific body part, especially if it's slightly protruding through the cover, for example. After all, as the game's pace is kind of a drag even at CQC (camping corners, slow moving at IRL speed), so just because of that, zooming from magnified optics would be preferable over having greater peripheral view (?). Its also a reason, why many organized teams end up putting their best shooters on optic role, just because how negligible it's disadvantages in CQC, and how it is a "must have" thing for fighting outside of it. Also, I've seen very rare instances if such player would drop optic in favor of, let's say, reddot, unless he is not used to that particular gun/sights, or he is just not having it and wants to try something different. My bottom line is - optics is almost certainly better than non-optic rifles, and if anything, is contended by MG w/optics (90+ damage bullets spraying at long distance in a super accurate group), whereas "indirect fire" weapons, such as GL, and Frag AT (and in general, all HE/Frag grenades, rockets, cannons, etc.) are very limited, underpowered, and so - not viable.
  2. Pretty unsettling to hear that all new changes, most notably about the spawn systems, might gonna ruin smaller maps, espicially organized games with low and medium playercount (12v12, 18v18, 24,v24), which was already an established format for most competitive games. And even just playing current pubs 40v40 on maps like Sumari, Logar, OP FL, which are always good maps to play on, whether server is seeding, or just on already populated server. When big maps have a known reputation of a "server killer" for various reasons such as one team ends up running from distant spawns, while the other just drives from one flag to the other in quick succession. Or just limited amount of people (down to 1) being able to shutdown all enemy vehicles, including logis, all the way to their main base, and things like that,problems that are tide with level/gamemode design, weapon/asset balance, etc. And I would add that persistent ammo and spawn changes will amplify that by a lot, but it's a big topic to talk about on its own. So, with those small maps going away, and the other maps and all that "40v40" yet to prove itself as a good (or superior) substitute to that, which if not whether to various balance, level design, gamemode, or other sort of issues, can just render all those gamemodes have overall lesser quality. Which may turn a lot of people away from the game Whether because some things were ended up in the game as intentional desing, or non-intentionally, or like its been always some sort of "temporary placeholder" yet somehow getting stuck for a long-long time to get changed, like vehicle/AT balance since v10.
  3. if loader shoots from a MG while sticking out from the hatch, then he will live for only so long, just like open-top MRAP / Technical gunner. That makes him not such good a firepower addition. Which means, that if the main purpose of the loader is to provide some passive bonus, that means he will have to sit locked in inside and pretty much do nothing but to look around. Which then makes for an arguably fun gameplay for him. To summarize - there is nothing really in a way to add loader position with said features, but the fun/benefit of playing those is not that good in my opinion.
  4. Forums Favicon

    Minor bug, Site's favicon (icon in browser tab) is not shown for pages, except if it is a main forum page http://forums.joinsquad.com/
  5. USB mic connection

    I use USB Blue Yeti with no problems. Just make sure that your USB microphone is selected as "Default device" for recording, prior to the start of the game.
  6. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Looks like weapon collision by Tooner is now used in PUBG
  7. Personally I wanna see tools for vanilla servers, that lack active administration, allowing to players take certain things in their hands, like: - voting for map change/restart, - demoting (changing ) SLs, - player kick/ban. - scrambling teams
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    CoG in Al Basrah PAAS
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    CoG in Kokan PAAS
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    CoG in Yehorivka Conquest
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    CoG in Chora AAS 1
  12. [M]Mublerines admin abuse

    Cool story, OP. Pretty convincing proofs and no way it can be a resentful attempt to publicly throw some shit on a server admins* for whatever reason.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR in 1 squad Map - Sumari AAS v1
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR, 1 Squad, Kokan AAS
  15. Sat. 29 Oct 2016 Alpha 8 Play Test Feedback

    I had issues with switching between game and other applications w/ alt+tab when loading levels. On Saturday it was like, if I'm connecting to server, then do Alt+tab to get to the desktop and back, I'll see not a loading screen, but a main menu, and I can't use it (game becomes "stuck"). Same as I disconnect from the game and do the same thing, I'll see not a loading screen, but a starting scene from the map I've been played on, and again, I can't interact with menu anyhow, I had to shut down game process in Task Manager. Sometimes when doing the same trick it is just a black screen, and again in that case I have to shut down game manually