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  1. Personally I wanna see tools for vanilla servers, that lack active administration, allowing to players take certain things in their hands, like: - voting for map change/restart, - demoting (changing ) SLs, - player kick/ban. - scrambling teams
  2. CoG in Al Basrah PAAS
  3. CoG in Kokan PAAS
  4. CoG in Yehorivka Conquest
  5. CoG in Chora AAS 1
  6. Cool story, OP. Pretty convincing proofs and no way it can be a resentful attempt to publicly throw some shit on a server admins* for whatever reason.
  7. FUBAR in 1 squad Map - Sumari AAS v1
  8. FUBAR, 1 Squad, Kokan AAS
  9. I had issues with switching between game and other applications w/ alt+tab when loading levels. On Saturday it was like, if I'm connecting to server, then do Alt+tab to get to the desktop and back, I'll see not a loading screen, but a main menu, and I can't use it (game becomes "stuck"). Same as I disconnect from the game and do the same thing, I'll see not a loading screen, but a starting scene from the map I've been played on, and again, I can't interact with menu anyhow, I had to shut down game process in Task Manager. Sometimes when doing the same trick it is just a black screen, and again in that case I have to shut down game manually
  10. FUBAR in. Yehorivka
  11. Nice! I personally would like to also have simple patches of Squad logo(s), to be able to attach them on backpack/tracksuit/bathrobe.
  12. FUBAR in, Chora
  13. FUBAR in Gorodok AAS 2
  14. FUBAR in. Yehorivka AAS
  15. The way it works now: - killer receives a notification about team kill he committed (so he is aware of his actions and probably should to say 'sorry' to the victim) - victim does not receives notification about the killer (so it helps preventing retaliation in pub matches) - admins receive notification about committed team kill (they know the victim and the killer, so they can apply sanctions to the latter) Also there is a system which bans the player for the match, after reaching specific amount of team kills by him.