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  1. CoG in Al Basrah PAAS
  2. CoG in Kokan PAAS
  3. CoG in Yehorivka Conquest
  4. CoG in Chora AAS 1
  5. Cool story, OP. Pretty convincing proofs and no way it can be a resentful attempt to publicly throw some shit on a server admins* for whatever reason.
  6. FUBAR in 1 squad Map - Sumari AAS v1
  7. FUBAR, 1 Squad, Kokan AAS
  8. I had issues with switching between game and other applications w/ alt+tab when loading levels. On Saturday it was like, if I'm connecting to server, then do Alt+tab to get to the desktop and back, I'll see not a loading screen, but a main menu, and I can't use it (game becomes "stuck"). Same as I disconnect from the game and do the same thing, I'll see not a loading screen, but a starting scene from the map I've been played on, and again, I can't interact with menu anyhow, I had to shut down game process in Task Manager. Sometimes when doing the same trick it is just a black screen, and again in that case I have to shut down game manually
  9. FUBAR in. Yehorivka
  10. Nice! I personally would like to also have simple patches of Squad logo(s), to be able to attach them on backpack/tracksuit/bathrobe.
  11. FUBAR in, Chora
  12. FUBAR in Gorodok AAS 2
  13. FUBAR in. Yehorivka AAS
  14. The way it works now: - killer receives a notification about team kill he committed (so he is aware of his actions and probably should to say 'sorry' to the victim) - victim does not receives notification about the killer (so it helps preventing retaliation in pub matches) - admins receive notification about committed team kill (they know the victim and the killer, so they can apply sanctions to the latter) Also there is a system which bans the player for the match, after reaching specific amount of team kills by him.
  15. well, people would still be able to reconnect, and choose team anew, and I'm not sure if it is possible to control that. basically, it's not an ultimate solution to prevent ghosters from ghosting, but rather a small step, to prevent accidental team asset compromise. So you are not getting "spoilers" e.g. by looking with peripheral vision on the team map, when you realize that you must/want to be on the other side.