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    From a moderation point of view, if you have issues with server admins on their own server, then please take discussion regarding this to the servers community website. Unless you feel that server license rules are being broken (which in this case they have not), then do not discuss such issues on this forum.
  2. Banned from Mumblerines#1

    Please take issues with being banned to the servers community website..
  3. Banned from Mumblerines

    Please take any issues with being banned to the server communities website...
  4. Warning: Please re-frame from continued bumping of own thread more than several times per month..
  5. West Coast Tactical is Nazi Germany

    If this is a licensed server and you wish to make a complaint about breach of Squad server licensed rules, then fine - otherwise take you issue to the communities website.
  6. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    ** Locking this thread - please send me a PM ** Thread unlocked, please re-frame from excessive spamming.
  7. The 20th Regiment of Foot - SQUAD RECRUITMENT EU/UK

    Speak with MVPiet - we have already spoken about this subject.
  8. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    WARNING: Please do not excessively re-post in your own thread, this can be considered as spamming and is not allowed on these forums.
  9. The 20th Regiment of Foot - SQUAD RECRUITMENT EU/UK

    Warning: This thread is about clan recruitment and not a general clan activity thread for posting match results. You have also posted 5 times in just 5 days which could be considered as excessive spamming of a thread according to this forum sub-rule.
  10. Warning: Please re-frame from repeated "bumping" of a post, new posts should contain useful information about events/activity etc.
  11. aR | Armed and Ready

    Repeated thread - see here.. ** Locking this thread **
  12. Im looking to join a squad clan!

    Please use this thread for looking for clans/communities ** Locking this thread **
  13. Looking for any MilSim teams

    Please use this thread for looking for clans/communities... ** Locking this thread **
  14. As above mentioned, please use this post when looking for a team.. I will be locking this thread..
  15. Looking for a UK Clan

    Please keep all "looking for" post in this thread.. Locking this one..