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  1. So I've already begun to notice a lot of suggestions that overlap or are duplicates of earlier threads here on the forums and decided to make this post based off a similar post on the old Project Reality Suggestion forum to give first-timers and veterans alike a guide on the thought process you should be using when making a suggestion here on the Squad Forums. Try asking yourself these questions before you post. I. Has your suggestion already been made? The game is young yet, but there have already been many suggestions including at least 4 separate threads on A.I. Sicilians and character/weapon customization! Use the Search Function to check whether or not your suggestion has been covered in the Discussion or Suggestion Forums. Here's an easy link for you: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?app=core&module=search II. Is your suggestion worth the effort to make it a reality? The developers are working full time to make this a great game and in some cases it would be cool to have a certain feature, but that feature may not really add that much to the game on the whole. Try to really think your suggestion through, get over the "cool factor" and ask yourself whether it is really worth the time and money of the developers to add this feature in. III. Is your suggestion already in-game or confirmed to be added to the game in future? Your suggestion might pass the first two questions and be a great idea for the game. So great, in fact, that the developers have already instituted it as a feature. The developers have listened to lots of great community feedback over the years as well as brainstorming for their own unique ideas. Keep an eye on the news updates on the front page for development updates and articles on the latest progress. When in doubt, use the Search Function linked above! IV. Does your suggestion fit with the goals that Squad is trying to achieve? Remember that squad is a unique game seeking to fill a unique genre, bridging the gap between games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Insurgency with more mil-sim games like the Arma series, landing somewhere near the Project Reality mod that inspired it. At the forefront, this means that Squad is looking to promote teamwork and communication on a large, combined-arms scale with a basis of realism and without room for the run n' gun tactics so prevalent in many modern shooters. Squad is also not based on Special Forces units but instead on the infantry and armoured units commonly seen on the frontlines. Keep this in mind when making your suggestion! If your suggestion has passed all four of these stages then you're likely good to go, suggest away! If you can, try and make your post well-reasoned, well-explained and with a title that makes it clear what you're suggesting. A one-sentence or poorly-titled post might not get your full point across and undeservedly affect how popular your suggestion is. You should also try to keep the tone of your post suggestive and not demanding, it'll go a long way to getting your voice heard. Please also note that this section is not for bug reports, unless specified. Thank you for reading this guide and spending the time trying to make a worthy contribution to Squad's development. Quick Links: Search Function: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?app=core&module=search Suggesting a faction? Post here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/123-factions-you-would-like-to-play-as-or-against/ Suggesting a weapon? Post here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1661-the-weapons-thread/
  2. British army

    Which is totally something I'm alright with too, really, but I'm really just hoping for some 3rd party prominent conventional factions really. (Excuse my lateness )
  3. British army

    ^ (Click on that)
  4. British army

    Really hoping a MEC-esque faction from PR ends up in the game.
  5. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    I like the darker better. I also think that gold, black, and white is a super winning combination. I don't know that the blue really fits in there.
  6. Had a great time at the PW Night yesterday, can't wait for the next one!
  7. Signed up for the internal scrim, can't wait to play. The scrims on the old PR server were great, I expect this to be just as awesome!
  8. Updated January 21st: In response to: Changed two sentences to read: "If you can, try and make your post well-reasoned, well-explained and with a title that makes it clear what you're suggesting. A one-sentence or poorly-titled post might not get your full point across and undeservedly affect how popular your suggestion is." In response to: While this is true, I'm going to refrain from adding this for now as it might result in people posting general suggestions for mods that could range anywhere from a Free-For-All game-mode to a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover full mod and I don't think the moderators will be too happy about that :P
  9. Where are all the knives?

    I imagine that their intention is to add melee eventually, but I also imagine that it's rather low on their list past getting vehicles and more logistics into the game. If I had to take a guess I'd say they're probably going to do it when they go about improving/re-doing the animations and such eventually.
  10. Loving the server so far, definitely the place to be.
  11. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    In the distance I heard the call of my fellow Canadians. "Sorry, eh?" And so I journeyed, day and night and arrived upon this thread to form...
  12. Increase Mumble Range

    I'll agree with this suggestion, it feels less useful than PR.
  13. Comedy's a bit of a troll, don't take it to heart
  14. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    That video is an interesting one for ideas of unconventional weapons that an Insurgent type force could be using in addition to the now extremely familiar AK series. Might be something refreshing to step a small step aside from every other shooter.
  15. Now that the clan packs have been released into the game expect to see a bunch of TG guys playing, keep an eye out for the |TG| or |TG-(Number)| tags!
  16. Lol, no problem, I just happened to notice it, here's the exact link for you if it doesn't show up in the search: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/839-thinking-of-making-a-suggestion-read-first/
  17. Are these upgrades part of the reason my "Thinking of Making A Suggestion, Read First!" thread was unpinned?

    To be fair, I'll admit that this would add a nice little visual to the game. A little bit of reasonable variety (assuming the time length of the reload was the same) would be interesting. Having said that, I don't believe it's something worth as much of the developers time as it would take to implement. It would be a purely cosmetic improvement that wouldn't affect gameplay in any way. There's almost certainly animations that are more urgently required or that would affect the player's experience more that needs to be done, and I imagine such will be the case for most or all of the game's development. TLDR; I like it, but it's too much of a luxury I think.
  19. Canadian signing in

    Welcome! PR is free so you can try it out if you like to get a taste of Squad's predecessor. I'm also Canadian, and there is a surprisingly large amount of us around lol
  20. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Hey! I'm Yrkidding. Been playing PR since 0.7 which would be in 2008. You might know me as a member of [3dAC] or TacticalGamer. I used to frequent TG when it was up as a server and since it's been down I've played on [NEW]. I've played in a bunch of one off events and random tourneys through the years including the old PR World Cup as a member of Team Canada for both years it was around, one TART tournament, SL'd in a couple of the War Of The Factions events when they were still one off battles, and most recently NCO'd a squad in the official Project Reality Tournament (PRT) Campaign 10 (C10).
  21. Other vehicles we would want to see.

    I'd love to see some basic old cars and trucks for the Insurgents as well, an old Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 maybe, a station wagon, sedan, and Honda Civic hatchback here and there. Probably a bit easier to make and find references for than the big military trucks while giving some variation to the INS vehicle line-up. Maybe an improvised armoured car such that has been produced by various rebel groups would be cool as well. I'd like to see the return of the T-62 for these kind of rebel groups too. (Also every vehicle used by the Canadian Forces *cough *cough*)
  22. Arma 3 Movement System

    Of course, I'm sorry my post was probably longer and wordier than I hoped for it to be, just an old opinion that part of me has been itching to say for a long time lol I still have full faith in you guys, the system you mention there sounds promising
  23. Arma 3 Movement System

    One of the simplest things I can think of is making sure that the windows on buildings (for one example) are at heights that happen to correspond to the stances and the height that the player shoots at in each stance (but obviously still look reasonable relative to the building) or making sure the windows are notably high or low enough to not be that annoying "just unable to shoot out of it properly" height. The biggest bane of my existence in PR (and for that matter in closed testing prior to the release of the pre-alpha of Squad) was trying to shoot out a window and hitting the window sill in front of me or similar whereby I could not shoot out of a window properly and an enemy had a relatively clear shot. Another thing that got to me was having a lowish wall where the cover was either such that you could crouch and not shoot over whatsoever or stand and have half your body be exposed rendering this cover extremely less useful than it otherwise might be, and risking changing the flow of an area of the map entirely contrary to the level designer's wishes. An extremely complicated stance system slows down the immersion of combat significantly and it will annoy the hell out of people when they press the wrong button, etc. etc. A simpler system will keep the flow going and make the player (especially those new to the game) feel more in control. The solution instead may lie in simply ensuring that the modelers create buildings, walls, fences, wrecks, etc. while keeping in mind that the heights of these objects and or the portholes looking out of them are just as (if not more) important to game-play as how they look. I hope that you guys can come up with something of course, but the modelers are equally involved with making the stance system work and I certainly hope that they're not overlooking that step.