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  1. British army

    Which is totally something I'm alright with too, really, but I'm really just hoping for some 3rd party prominent conventional factions really. (Excuse my lateness )
  2. British army

    ^ (Click on that)
  3. British army

    Really hoping a MEC-esque faction from PR ends up in the game.
  4. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    I like the darker better. I also think that gold, black, and white is a super winning combination. I don't know that the blue really fits in there.
  5. Had a great time at the PW Night yesterday, can't wait for the next one!
  6. Signed up for the internal scrim, can't wait to play. The scrims on the old PR server were great, I expect this to be just as awesome!
  7. Updated January 21st: In response to: Changed two sentences to read: "If you can, try and make your post well-reasoned, well-explained and with a title that makes it clear what you're suggesting. A one-sentence or poorly-titled post might not get your full point across and undeservedly affect how popular your suggestion is." In response to: While this is true, I'm going to refrain from adding this for now as it might result in people posting general suggestions for mods that could range anywhere from a Free-For-All game-mode to a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover full mod and I don't think the moderators will be too happy about that :P
  8. Where are all the knives?

    I imagine that their intention is to add melee eventually, but I also imagine that it's rather low on their list past getting vehicles and more logistics into the game. If I had to take a guess I'd say they're probably going to do it when they go about improving/re-doing the animations and such eventually.
  9. Loving the server so far, definitely the place to be.
  10. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    In the distance I heard the call of my fellow Canadians. "Sorry, eh?" And so I journeyed, day and night and arrived upon this thread to form...
  11. Increase Mumble Range

    I'll agree with this suggestion, it feels less useful than PR.
  12. Comedy's a bit of a troll, don't take it to heart
  13. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    That video is an interesting one for ideas of unconventional weapons that an Insurgent type force could be using in addition to the now extremely familiar AK series. Might be something refreshing to step a small step aside from every other shooter.