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  1. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    Are you a new shooter? If so I would recommend buying a nice semi auto or revolver chambered in 22lr, very cheap to shoot and practice with, I shoot thousands of rounds a month through my various 22lr pistols. If you tried to do this with even 9mm you would drain your funds in no time flat and you would end up with a gun that just sits in the safe. If you want to become a good pistol shooter you really need to shoot a lot. Get yourself a nice 22 and just wear that thing out, you get that good solid foundation built you will be able to pick up any pistol and shoot well. The semi autos can be had much cheaper then nice da revolvers, SA revolver can be had for closer to what a semi auto would cost, most semi autos by design are more accurate being there is only 1 chamber matched up to a barrel vs having multiple chambers in the revolver all could have slightly different specs, overall you would never notice the difference during regular target shooting as all these guns are extremely accurate, We are talking the only way to tell the difference is shooting from a rest with optics installed.I do not recommend buying a revolver sight unseen as there is some things you need to check out first, there is a lot more machining in revolvers and a lot of things that need to all work/fit together correctly, a nice semi auto is a safer buy if you will be ordering the gun. Here are some good 22lr pistols I recommend - Semi Auto's Ruger mk iv 22/45 Ruger SR22 Browning Buckmark Smith and Wesson m&p 22 Smith and Wesson Victory Beretta neos - DA Revolvers Smith and Wesson 617 Smith and Wesson 63 Ruger gp100 Ruger sp101 - SA Revolvers Ruger single Six Ruger single 10 Ruger Bearcat
  2. Realistic weapon sound

    It almost seems like in the recent builds of Squad the audio quality for gun shots has kind of been sacrificed a bit. I thought earlier builds had much better sounding weapons. Audio is a huge thing for me in games, I may even go as far to say that I prefer amazing audio and attention to detail over cutting edge graphics. I would love to see more attention focused on weapon sounds, directional audio,ambient sounds, footsteps,gear rattle while moving ect ect I have never been too hung up on the 100 man server thing, it would be cool and all to see but if it will come at the cost of things having to be sacrificed across the board and forcing the devs to make a mediocre game to squeeze out playable performance it just doesn't not seem worth it.50v50 is not need to make an absolutely amazing war game. I kind of wish they would of not locked themselves into 50v50 and could of just let the chips fall where they may leaving more room for improved audio,graphics,features ect. I will always prefer quality over just trying to squeeze as many ppl into one server as possible. I don't know squat about game development but it just seems like 50v50 will not come without restrictions in a lot of areas. Sorry for the rant
  3. gtx 1060 poor performance

    I agree with kula you should have prolly just kept your gpu and upgraded to a skylake cpu,however your new rig is deff a decent set up man. hold out on any upgrades,let the devs do their thing, I would think you will have no trouble playing squad with a much higher fps in the future , it is ea so some updates will be better then others for performance. I am sure your rig does very well with finished optimized games at 1080p.
  4. Battlefield 1

    60 for the standard edition and 80 for the deluxe.
  5. Battlefield 1

    Looks awesome, glad they decided to go WW1 rather then modern/future. They have deff got me interested , excited to see some real gameplay in the coming months.
  6. Please more max 50 player servers!!

    There is deff some issues with servers over 50 pop, I can get 70-100 fps in 64-72 man servers which is much better then when it first released on steam but the game play is nowhere near as fluid or solid as 50 and lower pop servers.There is just a big falloff in fluidity and reliability once you push past 50,you get a lot of weird stuff going on with hit detection and other strange things at times, I am sure with the coming updates this will get way better but I really wish the would have capped the pop at 50 max in till the animation system got redone and they had time to optimize things a bit more. This would have saved quite a few of the negative reviews for performance on steam, even a lot of the amd guys can have playable frame rates on the lower pop servers. I hope when it is all said and done we have 100 pop servers that play as smooth as 50 pops do now.
  7. A new Levelcap Video on a New Build

    Seemed like a pretty good video, he covered some basic stuff and made a few good points from a casual players perspective. I know a lot of guys on the forums are asking for more hardcore features and having realism pushed even further but If you want Squad to grow you need guys like Levelcap giving it good reviews,The game has really got to be enjoyable and accessible to the casual player. My only gripe with Levelcap and them guys was they were not using the voip at all and just sitting in ts, he stated in the video he has been joining random Squads and using voip more so that is awesome and I am happy to see him posting Squad videos, He has like almost 1.4 millions subs,every video he post gets more and more people aware of Squad. If he really dove into Squad and played it tons I am sure he could put out some really good stuff, I don't know if he will ever get really deep into it just for the simple fact youtube is his job and he will make a lot more money producing content for bigger games like the coming BF5 and such but a video here and there for Squad is deff a very good thing for the game.
  8. A lot of these things sound good to me but my only fear going even more hardcore then it is and now almost leaning more towards Arma will push away a lot of players. You can make the most realistic game ever but if it is not fun and starts to become frustrating and a burden to play for the average player people just wont play it. You can see it now with Arma, EUTW is about the best pvp to be had in Arma 3 right now, They have a great mission made that runs smooth,takes a lot of team work and planning but its hardcore, you don't just get the best weapons right away, first person,long respawn timers and sometimes a very long trip back to a flag if your spawn truck is destroyed,plus you have Arma's super slow movement speed and brutal stamina / sway system. In the end you have only one server populated and only at certain times. Same with tacbf mod. There is just kind of a fine line between being casual and fun enough to keep people playing yet being hardcore enough to please the serious players. Where the line is drawn I am not sure as I like the hardcore but I know it would absolutely hurt the player base if pushed too far.
  9. Gtx 970 SLI vs Gtx 980ti

    980ti for sure, more vram,less hassle and headache,works fine with every game. 980ti will absolutely crush games at 1080 for a very long time and when the new Nvidia cards come out you can always throw the TI on ebay and upgrade if you think you really need it.
  10. Looks like a lot of fun, think I'm going to have to get in on that.
  11. FOV / Aiming Down sights Issue

    If you change your FOV in the Arma 3's ini files you do not have the default fov for ads and it also throws the scopes off, this have been a problem in Arma forever now. I really think you should only be able to access the fov slider while not in game, people changing their fov on the fly is kind of cheap, you could run the acog throw it down to 80 pick guys off at distance, then move into a compound and cranker er up to 110 turning your acog into pretty much a red dot. little bit of an exploit imo. ​From a competitive pov I do in a way wish every body ran the same fov and for the most part seen the same things while aiming down sights and not aiming down sights, the more level across the board the game can be the better imo.you can really only do so much for that though, this is pc gaming so some people have better rigs,higher res monitors ect ect.
  12. Headsets

    PC 363d's are very good Clinch, prolly the best gaming headset you can get right there with the MMX 300. If you really just want a headset with a mic built in either of these two would do you very well.
  13. Battlefield 1

    I mean just because a game does not fit your play style does not make it a bad game. ​Let's see what BF4 improved on over BF3 ​Graphics - Much much better then BF3 some of the best I have seen in a shooter ​Optimization - Runs like a top and as good or better then BF3 while having better graphics and more content, I would say that is a win ​Weapons - lots more weapons/attachments and much more balanced then BF3 ​Hit detection - Again much better on BF4 with the 60hz,120hz and 144hz servers ​Voip - BF3 no in game voip, BF4 pretty good in game voip ​That's just a few things off the top of my head, I am sure if you really broke it down the list of improvements would be pages long. I get it a lot of people do not like how BF became more of a faster paced action shooter but to say they do not make great games is just silly. I personally love having all these awesome shooters to play depending on my mood, BF4, Arma 3 / Arma 2 , Squad all great games in their own way. If a game does not appeal to you just do not play it, don't waste your energy hating and pointing out every little flaw that does not fit into what you think the game should be. ​Like Counter Strike I am not really a fan of it but I can clearly see why ppl are drawn to it and the high level of skill it takes to become a good player. I do not waste my time trying to convince people it is a bad game and they should not enjoy it. I do believe the BF and CS communities are a bit toxic but that is to be expected with games this large , you already see a few bad apples in the Squad community while yeah it has gotten bigger since the steam release it is still tiny in comparison to Battlefield or Counter Strike.
  14. Battlefield 1

    BF4 is a very good game for what it is, the game runs and looks awesome, now with a lot of the weapons balanced out and 60 hz ,120 hz and 144 hz servers hit detection is great. I play a lot of the hardcore SQDM on the 120hz servers. in game voip really isn't half bad either.
  15. DayZ Epoch mod server assistance

    Arma 3 is a good game and I have played the absolute heck out of it and still play it , I just kind of find I tend to have more fun with Arma 2, I like the setting,sounds,gun,vehicles, gameplay a lot more. Of course a lot of this can be had with Arma 3 at the cost of running multiple mods which becomes a pain and most people can not be bothered downloading 5 different mods to play a server. Side note - I did see Arma 3 put the pre order up on their website for the Apex expansion. Kind of interested what the new map,guns and vehicles will be like. They are also supposed to be implementing some sort of new shader and graphical improvements.