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  1. Cameraman Mode

    This is a weird one, There are two very senior Admins with access to all commands and a tiered system down the line. With cameraman mode some of our lower level admins get a menu when 0 is pressed, our senior admins do not. We have tried re creating the group, using a different config file, changing the case of the group name, changing the name and even using the group defined by the global admins file to no avail. Any ideas?
  2. Squad Server Files Released!

    Got it all working, eventually. Can now run the server on my box and run the game at the same time, I have a big box so to speak. All is well! :-)
  3. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    Good post Blitz. I too think the medic system has gone a bit too far. I remember discussions on the forum about people wanting markers etc and thought why? A grid reference to get you in the area and then the icons on the hud kick in and voila!! So I was extremely disappointed to see such things creep in which is sort of making it a bit more like A. N Other game. Squad is good, it was different, further on down the road it may merge into the same game as so many others seem to be. I like hardcore, I don't need icons as we have now as I communicate with my squad and squad leaders as I am sure may others do. Anyhow, its still good but what next?
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    @Bltz... Hey matey, I don't think there was any taken. Got a bit confusing but it was way too popular (in a good way). We tried to leave to let some of our other players in when it became ltd, but found they couldn't get in, then after restart all the wrong people were in , so it was easier to step back a bit, I think there were plenty to play. However, I think they have sorted stuff out now. Mind you if you up for an 18 x 18 anytime let us know ;-)
  5. Evening the odds.

    What imbalance? an AK47 on single shot with a very slow mouse DPI works well on snipers, you just need a spotter (SL or MEDIC) to find the target...
  6. Base Raping

    On our server we do not allow for base raping and make requests, give warnings then kick if required.... but thats OUR server. It may be that on a different server they allow the enemy to base rape once all points are capped, yes its no fun, yes it will empty servers but if its their server then its their rules....it might not be popular but ....
  7. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    Used in conjunction with the map grid ref the current system works fine. The injured party should inspect the map, give a ref including KPAD which should get the medic to the right area to enable the coloured dot system. Also, its the job of the SL to make a request to another SL for medical help in the vicinty if both medics are down. Communication, education.... you cant beat it. Mell
  8. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    Whenever we start a squad we introduce the Sl and then the medics.... it goes something like this..... Hi I am mell one of your medics, the other medic is...pause for shout out. We are second in command, you do not give up, the medics will get you. We may give you permission to respawn on the condition that both medics are dead, there are no other medics around, the medics cannot spawn at any fob or rp close enough to get you, only then will we give you permission to respawn. Thanks Sometimes I add in how we have won by 1 or two tickets so pay attention. This usually works and it sets a level of expectation, tbh it also gives members the knowledge that we will make every effort to get them. Mell
  9. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    I would go with it depends on the game/map. Usually a FOB is placed off track as a fall back with RP's as the fwd spawn pint. Sometimes a FOB in a base can be good with some protection, but then it needs to be removed at some point so its not capped and the points lost. Very often its the removal thats the issue, they are placed and left denying others from protecting other strageic defenses (note not super fobs).
  10. Overly complex medical system

    As a medic, in a friendly the other week we had 16 deaths in one round and 17 in another. In a different game we had '2', yeh just two, due to the medics doing their job. This was of course on a clan based server and we also teach people how to do the job too if needed hopefully adding to the medic gene pool. I like it as it is currently and dont mind more depth if it goes that way, it will make the medic role even more satisfying. Mell BVAR
  11. Squad is about teamwork, not K/D

    I mostly play as a medic, usually for me to get any kills at all is rare when in that role and so it should be, but as a squad leader I want to know who on the attacking elements of my squad are pulling their weight. How many deaths is an indicator of many things but can also let me know that either the MEDICS are not doing their job, the squad isnt cohesive enough or the other team are just all over you. I have played games where the number of kills has been as low as 2 for the squad and as high as 90. I can also tell what sort of area we are efficient in and what needs to improve. Now, if we just had scores then that would tell me sweet fanny adams. I once spent a game lying in a field within a cap zone, not contributing to anything and walked away with some 7K + points. As a squad we played a minecraft game once, gained phenomal points , lost the game but from the overall scores I gained no 'analysis'. So, to me the KD helps both at an individual level, squad level and team level. I think that they have it just about right... Mell BVAR
  12. automated messages/ads for server ?

    We just type it, or use a macro with the keyboard utilities.
  13. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Indeed, the gameplay was so different although pubs are catching on...
  14. Global Ban List Spreadsheet *WIP*

    The thing is as has been said some servers may be stricter than others. Hacking is insta ban as far as I am concerned, other infringements are likely to be a kick. I have one case where a squad of 3 just tried to disrupt the whole game by TK ing everybody, I banned them but would leave it to individual admins to ban off their server as they may behave elsewhere. Its nice to use the spreadsheet as a xref to confirm 'any not so sures'. So with that in mind I am happy to share hackers with you all so please update me /give access to spreadsheet. cheers BVAR
  15. Global Ban List Spreadsheet *WIP*

    Guys, not using your spreadsheet yet... here is a speed hacker from last night on the BVAR server to add to your list: Bush423 UserID: 76561198133729755