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  1. I wont attempt any shots over 30 meters.

    Sorry to ask but I have trouble understanding some of what is being talked about here: what is a TRUE first person controller and why is it a problem integrating weapon sway in/with it? Because for a non-programmer I could - in a matter of seconds - name half a dozen games that are first person and have weapon sway!? Please enlighten me
  2. Same hotmail problem here...
  3. Pre-Alpha Code not arived yet?

    Anyone still waiting for their keys? Buddy and me still do :/
  4. *sigh* Did you actually read what I posted?
  5. Suggestion: I guess many people don't want this in the game since it would break the realism, just spawning near the front because there is a vehicle. I can completely understand that, and I, myself, don't want that. But I see one issue everybody encountered once in a while when NOT being able to spawn inside a vehicle. Imagine you just spawned in base and you want to head out to the front as fast as can be, and just at that moment you turn to find that the last transporter is just 100m out of the base and forever out of your range. So you either have to run all the way on foot until you get to the front or you wait for the next transport, which could even be a longer waiting time. So....! Why not have a radius around the base, or wherever vehicles spawn, of like 200m (exact distance is debatable of course) and as long as they stay inside this radius people are being able to spawn in the vehicle. This doesn't really break the immersion since it is still far away from any battle and it simply deletes those frustrating moments I depicted above. Opinions?
  6. What Headset Do You Use?

    Logitech G930, pretty good. But 90% of the time I play with speakers and a directional mic so that there is no echo or anything
  7. Getting knocked out from an explosion.

    Already posted an explanation to barotrauma, just look at page 1 of this thread
  8. Names above players heads

    I'm with this here. If you are with your unit you immediately recognize their faces, no need to look at them for like 3 seconds. This hasn't to do with "not talking to each other" or "CoD-like". I can easily recognize my mates from my unit like 20+m away, and to simulate this there should be nametags visible at a certain distance without any "mouse over" or stuff like that.
  9. Getting knocked out from an explosion.

    B2T: just... no. If you want to go realistic with blast waves and all that, just read up on the topic of barotrauma in combat by explosive blasts. This barotruama wreaks havoc on your innards, especially air-filled organs like your lungs or stomach, as well as at joints and ligaments. Oftentimes this will result in internal bleeding, in some cases even organ rupture. The brain is not much better off, just imagine squeezing a tube of toothpaste; blood and bodily fluids are forced into your brain and skull, resulting in edema. Then there is the thing with flying debris and other projectiles, seldom people are killed by the direct explosion but shrapnels cutting into them. Bottom line: if you want to have effects that need medical attention: no If you want a blurry screen and sound effects, I'm quite ok with it as long as it doesn't get annoying.
  10. Realism in insurgent tire wall?

    You don't need to fill the tires themselves, just the holes -> problem solved.
  11. Local Transmit Always.

    Just have the local transmit for your own squad and not for other "bystanders". Problem solved
  12. Local Transmit Always.

    Maybe have some radio static (I know, digital radios don't have static ) transmitting for squadmembers so they can distinguish SL/COM radio from Squad radio
  13. Yeah, I do like it, too; always reading just half of someone's post and answering to only that half, regardless of how much would be explained in the second half. It makes complete sense. Since people tend to not be productive anymore, I suggest mods close this thread now, thank you.
  14. Koschilein already pointed out that testers used to get paid not so long ago. I was among that lot on different games already. Still, I alredy pointed out that I see it as a benefit in this case, so I honestly don't know where you are coming from...