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  1. One of the things that squad should aim for is to make teamwork easy between strangers, movement speeds can be a great way to balance classes in games like say TF2, the scout is the fastest class and that is because his role is to flank and harass the opponent as well as to capture flags in ctf, he doesnt need to worry about his teammates keeping up because hes generally alone. In squad however you need to always maintain squad cohesion and that will be much more difficult if you decrease some classes movement speed cause they would be "op" otherwise. individual balance isnt really relevant in squad where the objective is to leverage your entire squads strengths to best the enemy. Heavier classes would be consistently left behind as people run ahead to get to the next fight then they complain in squadchat when they got totally destroyed by a full squad cause they were just 3 riflemen and their grenadier, AR, medic and Designated marksman were lagging behind.
  2. Lower time limit on insurgency

    Theres way less players tho, a 50v50 match would work the tickets down faster than 25v25
  3. Dog Handler?

    Sure, can i play the dog? :D
  4. 2 V 1 Faction Gamemodes

    Cant say i like this, it splits the team making it harder to stay organized, *US trans helis are dead, so the commanders coordinate for the British trans squad to help transport+supply US infantry You do realise that introducing another faction to a team wont double the player numbers, many PR maps only have one Chopper and adding another but not having them in the same squad is just going to make organizing trans harder, for both the transsquad themselves as anyone in need of their services. *British forces need reinforcements at a position and a friendly US squad is nearby Or just have one faction and request aid from the british squad nearby. splitting a team into two factions doesnt really add anything to this. *A Cache is particularly difficult and you need help killing it Once again how is this a good argument for splitting the team into two factions. *a squad from another faction went down nearby and needs medics to revive them yeah u know the drill by now. Furthermore this adds another barrier for new players to get over, they can no longer look at their squad members and available assets upon spawning in Mother base and say "ok this is my friendlys, anything that doesnt look like any of that i need to shoot at" Cause now they upon just starting the game for the first time have to learn the recognizable markers of double the uniforms, weapons and assets and this without even being sure what the enemy team will look like.
  5. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Well it kind of defeats the point of a community if you cant communicate with the members =D do please reapply however.
  6. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Jodå, jag glider in i engelskan bra ofta men man vänjer sig, kan vara skönt att snacka svenska också när man spelar vilket är en av anledningarna att vi bildade denna gruppen =D
  7. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Hey Mornoicacid, we kicked you cause your profile said you were american (any nationality is accepted but you have to speak Swedish and be social within the group) and you wouldnt accept a friend request from me and did not have any other friends in the group. If this was in error then please reapply, and do please add at least me and torsman and for preference all other members as this makes it easier for us to keep in contact with you.
  8. You Want A Map With A Little Bit Of Everything?

    Swedish theatre, think of all the beautiful...uhm...ehm..... on second thought dont make a swedish theatre.
  9. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Careful now, Swedes easily scare, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.
  10. Grenade Power Meter

    This, no ui clutter but additional control is the perfect way.
  11. ACOG available for others kits ?

    im sort of on the fence about this, it doesnt really make sense to go "ok u got a grenade launcher, you have to use iron sights" to a soldier, but having something that makes the rifleman class actually better than other classes at something would be nice. I always go "shit" in my mind everytime i ask the SL in Project Reality what class he wants me as and i am told to go Rifleman, to me the least interesting class, the ammobag being the sole class specific equipment is used only once to refill the LAT rockets or Medic needles, compared to the medic which is almost always in demand and necessary to the squads survival. But i suppose that would be rendered moot when a Designated marksman role is added.
  12. Quality of the Playing Community

    Be the SL you want to see in the world =D
  13. PR Maps

    Fools road will also be remade in squad
  14. Air break

    also assuming that there will be jets, devs are still undecided on this.
  15. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    vrf inte gå med också? =D