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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    I missed the first deadline due to a death in the family so thank you guys so much for doing a second round of this. Your Awesome!!!
  2. FOB/HAB Question

    Thinking about it some more. Removing all passive generation from the radios would be the easiest and most effective solution to promoting the use of logistical trucks. Otherwise people can still place random radios all over and then eventually come back later to build HAB's with the passive points they have gained. At least with no passive generation a team would have to risk getting logistics across the map to supply that radio. Giving the other team a chance to intercept and destroy those incoming supplies. Encouraging ambushes on roads. Which could in return lead into having to have protection detail of some form for logistical trucks to help them safely bring supplies to really far distanced FOBs. Effectively creating some kind of a convoy aspect.
  3. FOB/HAB Question

    I'm not so sure I would like to see it completely removed. But, I definitely would like to see it slowed down significantly though. Maybe to a fourth of what it is now. Logistics need to have a much more critical role to where delivering supplies is a must for each team to be doing. The way it is now you only need to do logistical runs if your going all out building a base.
  4. ban mechanics

    The clan I'm in has a server that jorgethestarcitizen did the same same thing too. No matter how many times we tried to ban him or kick him from the server he kept coming back. For anyone who reads this you seriously need to ban him from your server(s). He didn't just kill one, two or a dozen guys. He literally team killed dozens and dozens for nearly 3 hours. As long as we have admins active we will always kick him from the server. So for anyone that comes across this guy. This is your warning of him.