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  1. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Okay so first off changing the dead dead mechanic and creating buddy rallies back in alpha 13 with little explanation as to what was trying to be accomplished was just terrible. That and the fact that dead dead had no thought put into it and was just completely removed. The buddy rally system felt the same way to me with no thought and just a simple mechanic added. Then there was very little communication from the devs about it especially when so many community members were not happy with the change; the whole ordeal in my opinion was just poorly handled and executed. Now this update here is a whole other story. This is good. The dead dead mechanic is being more thought out and expanded. While changes can still be made this is definitely the right step in trying something new to make the overall experience better. I absolutely love the detailed post about how the mechanic works and how eventually you all want to expand upon it to provide better feedback to the player on what just occurred when dying. I love how the new mechanic isn't just a simple barely thought out feature. It feels really good and I really love the effort you all put in to truly improve upon it. Hopefully after some testing and maybe some changes we will get something really well put together. Also I really appreciate a more detailed explanation about the buddy system and what we are trying accommodate for. There are definitely some things to try about reclaiming/respawning those vehicles. For now the buddy rally system doesn't feel so bad for a short term way until figuring out something better. As far as eventually being an exclusive feature just for the insurgents. I kinda like that for the unconventional forces. It really could add to the fear factor to fight against them and give them a more fighting chance being the under dogs. Good work OWI. Love the communication!
  2. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Well this is disappointing to see. I guess OWI cares more about catering to the masses and push towards a more casual game. This survey should have been only done by the founders through kickstater. It's your founders that supported you and granted you the money to build a game based off a similar vision. Now that vision is changing and it seems like the greed for more money is what is pushing this game to become more casual for a wider audience. I get it from a business point of view, but as someone who is one of the original founders and gave a $100 pledge. I have lost faith in OWI and what they originally set out to do. There is no more trust with this company for me and the future of what squad is to become to me personally looks bleak. I'm sorry, but I feel like more changes like this to make the game less punishing and faster pace to cater to the wider audience will happen in the future. PS. I cant help but feel like these numbers are rigged to support what the devs want. After all they have been very silent about it and never once tried to explain the changes and what they are trying to accomplish through them. Changes happen for a reason and in the past the devs have been vocal about them. Here they are completely quiet so to me it looks bad.
  3. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    I missed the first deadline due to a death in the family so thank you guys so much for doing a second round of this. Your Awesome!!!
  4. FOB/HAB Question

    Thinking about it some more. Removing all passive generation from the radios would be the easiest and most effective solution to promoting the use of logistical trucks. Otherwise people can still place random radios all over and then eventually come back later to build HAB's with the passive points they have gained. At least with no passive generation a team would have to risk getting logistics across the map to supply that radio. Giving the other team a chance to intercept and destroy those incoming supplies. Encouraging ambushes on roads. Which could in return lead into having to have protection detail of some form for logistical trucks to help them safely bring supplies to really far distanced FOBs. Effectively creating some kind of a convoy aspect.
  5. FOB/HAB Question

    I'm not so sure I would like to see it completely removed. But, I definitely would like to see it slowed down significantly though. Maybe to a fourth of what it is now. Logistics need to have a much more critical role to where delivering supplies is a must for each team to be doing. The way it is now you only need to do logistical runs if your going all out building a base.
  6. ban mechanics

    The clan I'm in has a server that jorgethestarcitizen did the same same thing too. No matter how many times we tried to ban him or kick him from the server he kept coming back. For anyone who reads this you seriously need to ban him from your server(s). He didn't just kill one, two or a dozen guys. He literally team killed dozens and dozens for nearly 3 hours. As long as we have admins active we will always kick him from the server. So for anyone that comes across this guy. This is your warning of him.