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    In order "To seduce the females!" I`ve started this topic. I`d like to show a map that I´ve been workin on.. SQUAD map that I am working on in my spare time. You might have seen something about this on the Wrench or the Squad monthly recap, or on YT videos by other authors. This map started from topography of one of many pacific islands. I manipulated the landscape, and I am using a modified version of the FoolsRoad landscape material. Foliage is mostly SQUAD SDK official foliage and DOKYOS Lowpoly-Rainforest assets. Game-modes will be Insurgency and AAS - probably a day and night version, depending on the game mode. Framerate is just about fine - I might find ways to optimize it tho. Capzones are mostly abandoned ruins in the jungle - doesn´t make much sense, I get it. Since there are no roads on the map (currently), It will be an INFANTRY-only map. I still have to work out proper SFX to make the whole thing appear more bearable - currently its like the lord of the crickets is holding a concert. Full moon is custom made, - there is a good tutorial on YT for that. The water material is translucent, and eating up a lot of shader complexity. Oh, did I mention that the map comes with custom player textures for the RU faction ? Russians will look somewhat 2006-2009ish, with oldskool wooden furniture AK74S and stuff. Anyhow, here´s a bunch of screenshots:
  2. Community content WIP thread!

    @ MikeDude just fine. needs some work when we get workshop support. But its no problem to get it playable I guess.
  3. [WORK IN PROGRESS. Everything is pretty much in an early stage of development] A Jungle map! Style: Dense jungle terrain, swamps, ruins of ancient civilizations temples, several villages and some local agriculture ("rice paddys") and some open areas. Very high humidity resulting in a ever-present fog (wich enables this map to have a low draw distance, resulting in better FpS while showing a lot of assets/props/foliage close up) Size: Medium sized map. The map is an early work in progress. So far I´ve experimented with the layout and folage, and I´ve added some points of interest. In a matter of weeks I should be able to add roads and a clear concept. If the map reaches a late stage, I´d love to tinker with the idea of having a custom "jungle"-related Insurgent faction to fight against. I guess there is a lot of room for creativity in UE4 and Squad. So, here is a teaser screenshot of the Ruins that I´ve been working on - one of the points of Interest so far: And some little village in the middle of nowhere: Todo: -Roads -Capzones -Main bases -fps tweaks -experimenting with weather FX (rain) -requests for custom models (maybe Punji-pits and stuff) -requests for custom insurgent faction (I have an early concept waiting) -a lot of playtesting and optimization -request for a name for that map. It currently has no name. Wanna suggest something ?
  4. Community content WIP thread!

    This is a possibility.
  5. The Wrench - October Edition

    Factions will include US, USSR, DDR (East Germany) and BundesWehr (West Germany).
  6. The Wrench - October Edition

    Great modding news! Its good to know that so many soups are cooking
  7. Hello fellow SQUAD-players and modders Together with a few good guys we are working on a mod for Squad on the UE4 engine. The concept of the mod is not supposed to be revealed by now, therefore I would like to not have anyone guessing or asking in this thread. So here's the "Recruitment Advertisement": If you choose to support us with your skills, you will get access to our workflow documents and you get the chance to add your opinion and make suggestions, as part of a team. Access to our invisible discord channel on the Squad modding hub will also be granted. Be aware that you should have some references, and be motivated to work as a team. We don´t go through much hassle at the moment as the Squad DEV´s are giving us good support so far. You will work in no-pressure, no-deadlines environment if you apply. Be aware that the content of the mod is not to be disclosed until an official media release somewhat later this year. Right now we are looking for: - 3D character designer (concepts are ready, mesh-work needs to be done, player models) - 3D architectural designers(mapping props/assets) - 3D prop/assets/weapons designer (concepts are ready, Weapons, Equipment, Vehicles) - 2D artist (textures, custom requests) - 3D character animators - Mappers (non geo-specific limitations) - SFX designer (concepts are ready) If you are interested in contributing to a modification that will increase the fanbase of Squad, and give you the opportunity to be content creator, I´d kindly like to invite you to write me a message (PM) on the forums, or to hit me up on the Squad modding discord. kindest regards, Marvin - creative director
  8. Community content WIP thread!

    are those nettles going to be a commercial product, or not ?
  9. IKinema for UE4

    I don´t want to talk the devs into implementing this - I Just want to know if they have seen this topic and if they did, they will probably be in touch with @SimonIKinema allready
  10. korengal valley in squad

    its a work-in-progress right now.
  11. Hey guys; thanks a lot for responding to this topic. Our ranks have filled up to a point where we can get some progress done. What we are working on will not be revealed any time soon - but given the fact that we´ve got some good people in our ranks, I can tell you that we will be very busy providing something awesome @everyone who Messaged me: I´ve responded to your messages and you should find my answer in your PM Inbox. Thanks for getting in touch with us! @ Topic: -> Right now we are especially looking for animators and 3d character model designers.
  12. America's Army mod?

    please elaborate.
  13. Sky rainbow-flickering - what's the cause?

    did you bump within just 5 hours, givin you 3 posts in a row 16hrs total? reinstall squad, try a different AA method, check monitor screen ratio, activate some framesynch if that is possible.
  14. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    hey that looks good! Kepp it up!
  15. we are working towards a media release - prior to that I would not want to tell what exactly we are working on, unless someone is interested. Once the whole thing goes public, recruitment will not be done from the shadows
  16. Community content WIP thread!

    @Rusty Cohle as soon as workshop or custom map support comes up, I am going to look into it. The map is pretty much good to go.
  17. first of all, I would like to apologize that this topic is not directly related to SQUAD. Yet I am a member of this community, and I am asking you guys, as some of you seem to be real smart when it comes to computers and whatever else you do in your mothers basements. So, here´s whats happening more and more often: While booting, the HDD with my OS is not being detected (*1). It usually tells me to insert a OS repair disc Windows7) to fix the issue wich OFC is bullcrap. Usually after a second or third reboot the computer detects the HDD and the OS starts properly (*2). Inside the OS, I get wiered reboots while browsing forums or playing games. Often it states that the "driver has just died and needs to reboot" (*3). I am running a midclass PSU (*4).. and all my HDD´s are in permanent use for years (*2). So, here are my guesses: *1= Mainboard SATA/IDE/Whatever slot is dying ; Solution: new mainboard *2= HDD is dying (wich is likely and the cheapest fix); Solution: new HDD. *3= my NVidia Geforce 970 is about to die; Solution:new GFx card would be 1070 *4= PSU is about to die - or for some reason underpowered by now (?); Solution: new PSU. Now heres where you cold help me: What technical issue do you guys expect it to be ? what replacement parts can you suggest? Do you think a dying GFX card is likely ? (I doubt that). Do you believe it would be smartest, do go for a new HDD first? Would you run anything to make sure whats going on ? Do you require more information ? If so, wich information? Here are my TechStats: CPU (windows rating: 7.5): Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz RAM (windows rating: 7.5): 8GB RAM (dont tease me here, OK ?) GFX CARD (windows rating: 7.9): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 HDDS ( windows rating: 7.9) : - KINGSTON SV300S3 scsi device 128 GB SSD (OS) - KINGSTON SV300S3 scsi device 128 GB SSD (Videogames) - WDC WD500HHTZ-04N21 scsi 500GB HDD (porn) PSU: - XILENCE 550watts superduper PSU Mainboard: No idea how to figure that out ?!
  18. Pisky (WIP)

    there is a tutorial for splines by irontaxi on the discord.
  19. thank you very much. Im gonna try that. Much appreciated!

    You will not need to adjust your gamma, and you probably wont need NVG´s. Full Moon w. proper lighting makes things OK. Also I made sure that the players eye adjusts to the darkness within seconds (yep, thats a feature). Will try to have em (NVG´s) in there anyhow
  21. An Epic Presentation

    if you are using windows movie maker, I suggest that you use the "blend" feature to switch between movie segments

    *Sniffs them euphroic* , *tastes the endorsement* I might need some help with some stuff that I can´t come up with myself. I will outsource some work as REQUESTS for models and blueprints.. What I am currently thinking of: - (Modeller + Coder request) Boats (civilian, military, whatever) with proper blueprints/coding to make em swim on the physMaterial called "water" wich is a minor ingredient of Beer. - (Modeller request) CoConuts and Bananas with proper LOD`s and Materials (.fbx) - (Modeller request) Beerbottles, Beercans - proper LOD´s, Materials.. you know - Signal/illumination flares + blueprint to make em light up the sky whenever a capzone gets neutralized. anyone in for such a request? - Military and Civilian tents.. and a civilian Kayak (or whatever those hipster vegan boats are called). - (Modeller request) Proper WW2 japanese (or fictional) wrecks of vehicles, Cannons, planes... very rusty... - license free night time atmospherig/generic soundFX - (Modeller + animator +2D artist request) a fictional Guerilla/Army with the G3 as their standard armament - A hint on where exactly to switch the rounds from normal to tracer in the blueprints - (Modeller request) A Shipwreck of some kind, or several parts of a ship that hit the coast some time ago,... Once I go for any of these, I might start a seperate Requests topic.. lets see
  23. Modding General Discussion

    As it has been said 100times and more on the discord and probably on the forums: First time running the squad SDK takes about 6 to 8 hours on a Pentium II 433MHZ.
  24. Community content WIP thread!

    a simple retexture..