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  1. Community content WIP thread!

    @ MikeDude just fine. needs some work when we get workshop support. But its no problem to get it playable I guess.
  2. Community content WIP thread!

    This is a possibility.
  3. The Wrench - October Edition

    Factions will include US, USSR, DDR (East Germany) and BundesWehr (West Germany).
  4. The Wrench - October Edition

    Great modding news! Its good to know that so many soups are cooking
  5. Community content WIP thread!

    are those nettles going to be a commercial product, or not ?
  6. IKinema for UE4

    I don´t want to talk the devs into implementing this - I Just want to know if they have seen this topic and if they did, they will probably be in touch with @SimonIKinema allready
  7. korengal valley in squad

    its a work-in-progress right now.
  8. Hey guys; thanks a lot for responding to this topic. Our ranks have filled up to a point where we can get some progress done. What we are working on will not be revealed any time soon - but given the fact that we´ve got some good people in our ranks, I can tell you that we will be very busy providing something awesome @everyone who Messaged me: I´ve responded to your messages and you should find my answer in your PM Inbox. Thanks for getting in touch with us! @ Topic: -> Right now we are especially looking for animators and 3d character model designers.
  9. America's Army mod?

    please elaborate.
  10. Sky rainbow-flickering - what's the cause?

    did you bump within just 5 hours, givin you 3 posts in a row 16hrs total? reinstall squad, try a different AA method, check monitor screen ratio, activate some framesynch if that is possible.
  11. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    hey that looks good! Kepp it up!
  12. we are working towards a media release - prior to that I would not want to tell what exactly we are working on, unless someone is interested. Once the whole thing goes public, recruitment will not be done from the shadows
  13. Community content WIP thread!

    @Rusty Cohle as soon as workshop or custom map support comes up, I am going to look into it. The map is pretty much good to go.
  14. Hello fellow SQUAD-players and modders Together with a few good guys we are working on a mod for Squad on the UE4 engine. The concept of the mod is not supposed to be revealed by now, therefore I would like to not have anyone guessing or asking in this thread. So here's the "Recruitment Advertisement": If you choose to support us with your skills, you will get access to our workflow documents and you get the chance to add your opinion and make suggestions, as part of a team. Access to our invisible discord channel on the Squad modding hub will also be granted. Be aware that you should have some references, and be motivated to work as a team. We don´t go through much hassle at the moment as the Squad DEV´s are giving us good support so far. You will work in no-pressure, no-deadlines environment if you apply. Be aware that the content of the mod is not to be disclosed until an official media release somewhat later this year. Right now we are looking for: - 3D character designer (concepts are ready, mesh-work needs to be done, player models) - 3D architectural designers(mapping props/assets) - 3D prop/assets/weapons designer (concepts are ready, Weapons, Equipment, Vehicles) - 2D artist (textures, custom requests) - 3D character animators - Mappers (non geo-specific limitations) - SFX designer (concepts are ready) If you are interested in contributing to a modification that will increase the fanbase of Squad, and give you the opportunity to be content creator, I´d kindly like to invite you to write me a message (PM) on the forums, or to hit me up on the Squad modding discord. kindest regards, Marvin - creative director