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  1. I think that it's nearly time to stop comparing PR to Squad. Squad has a far superior "look" to it. Nothing against PR. The engine is probably older than some of the folks in these forums! I am a PR lifer and it is the only reason I ever signed up for Squad. I think you had longer firefights in PR exactly because of the deviation. Three PR mags is = 5 rounds in Squad. It's a lot easier to put the hurt on someone in Squad. The animations are really nice and improve immersion, in my opinion. It looks like I'm doing something as a medic instead of just holding up a magic bag to make everyone 100% again. Gone are the days of popping a smoke and rev'ing everyone within the smoke's radius. You have to clear and cover or takes your chances. The vaulting is beautiful. Stacking up and watching the squad go over an obstacle is a thing of beauty. I'm not trying to discount anyone else's opinion or experience, but mine is that the game is heading in a great direction. Still my favorite FPS game.
  2. Do mortars suck?

    I think the biggest question to ask is are the people using them having fun? If so, then I think it's a good addition. Things can always be tweaked, but if people are enjoying them, have at it.
  3. In my experience, nobody really wants to build a super FOB. There is little to no incentive to do so. Perhaps when we get mortars or some other team based capability that requires a force to stay and maintain a fob there will be that incentive to do so. Right now, the tempo is pretty fast. You either roll over them or get rolled over.
  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I played the initial beta when it came out several months ago and wasn't very enthusiastic about the game. However, this 6th iteration has really seen some polish from the devs. It's definitely a faster pace, but than Squad, but it still has the same feel because the engagements happen at longer range. Semi-auto is the way to go, and you really need to control your bursts if using a full auto. The audio is fantastic. Very immersive when a variety of helos, spooky gunships and scout planes are flying overhead, all while artillery bombardments and F4 Phantoms are doing a napalm run! It gets a little intense. They really could use some upgraded VOIP tech in the game though. You can talk directly to your squad or the entire team. So you will here comms the whole round, whether or not they are relevant to your situation. I played last night as a radio man for the commander and just followed him around wherever he went. He was able to use my radio to set markers and call in specific attacks. Very cool gameplay.
  5. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    Real snipers spend days just getting into position and often don't even fire a shot. Rather, they provide intel on enemy movement and report on high-priority targets, such as a single individual. This depends on the theater and mission of course, but it goes without saying that this type of mission is hardly conducive to a fun, multiplayer FPS experience. It's like watching paint dry except you have to piss in your pants. There are plenty of lone-wolfers that grab a marksman kit and go off by themselves to fit the sniper role typically played in an FPS. Camping.
  6. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    This game is constantly evolving, growing, improving, and providing endless hours of fun. To be honest, if they simply released a complete game with nothing more to add, the game would be dead within a year at best. Just see every other EA game, and you can hardly call those complete. Lately, Squad has felt increasingly more like PR and has garnered nearly all of my limited game time. PR was a game that was never the same and always offered a different challenge. Squad is aspiring to this, and I believe they are on the right track to achieve it. This game would have died like so many others had they simply tried to dump unfinished content on the masses and hoped for the best. I for one am content with the schedule that they have laid out, and for the most part, I believe they have stuck to and or exceeded. How many games have you shelled out good money for only to find out that whatever you bought was an unfinished, final product? Too many, I'm sure. This is long ball. These guys are dedicated to the community because the community is dedicated to them. Neither one would exist without the other.
  7. Trouble Selecting Primary Weapon

    I didn't even know you could scroll through the options, though I've tried. My 1 key does appear to be messed up, but only with Squad. The U key was also assigned by default as the secondary key, but it also fails to work sporadically. I haven't tried setting everything back to default yet, but honestly, I only change my comm keys from default, so I'm not sure what good that will do, but it's only rebinding 2 keys.
  8. I did some cursory searching but found nothing on this subject, so my apologies if this has been covered. I have also asked many different people while in squads if they have also had this problem to no avail. My problem is that when I select a different piece of kit, i.e., pistol, grenade launcher, AT, med patch, etc., I am unable to switch back to my primary weapon (Default = 1). This has caused me countless deaths as I am facing an enemy with something quite useless while I pound away on the number 1 key. It doesn't happen all the time, and I haven't noticed any patterns whereby it happens only while using one kit versus another, or whatever else. It seems random, but often enough that it bugs the hell out of me. Has anybody else experienced this or have a solution if they have?
  9. I didn't lol so hard. Maybe I'm not looking at the right kickstarter projects? Aside from Squad, the only other kickstarter I have backed is SlideBelt, which I love. Spend the very small amount of cash it takes to get one. They're fucking awesome. If all kickstarter campaigns are this awesome, then kickstarter wins.
  10. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Is vehicles Part 2 coming soon?
  11. Picking up kits

    I for one would like to see the kit pick-up make its way into Squad. Ignoring the medic for one moment, I would still like to scavenge bodies for ammo and supplies. If my squad wipes an enemy unit, I enjoy looting them for spoils. I'm not saying we should get to use their weapons, but certainly their ammo, grenades, patches, etc. I also liked switching kits while in the field. As an SL in PR, if I had to leave the game, I could give my SL kit to the next in charge, wish him luck, and go tend to my RL duties. That said, it's not a deal breaker for me, and we'll just have to see how it works itself out.
  12. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I'm sure the lead buyer received the keys. He needs to get off the stick.
  13. If they have fire superiority, disengage. Fall back, and move to a flank, preferably a flank towards a friendly unit thereby giving you a stronger front line. Avoid getting caught out in the open. Roads are for moving on or across, unless you have good cover at your back and flanks and want to make a statement to the enemy with your FOB. In your video, your backside is completely exposed to 180 degrees of fire. In my opinion, your tactic could work, so long as it is temporary and only meant to provide a base of cover while other elements flank the enemy that you are engaging.
  14. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I am also clan package owner, and mine worked. Check your spam folder for the email regarding the Soundtrack downloads. It contains all the keys for your clan. Each key will enable all of the perks, including the soundtrack and the founder tags in forums. Once you redeem the key in Steam, come back to joinsquad.com, and link your steam account via the link to the upper left, just below the header. Then you will be good to go and will get your founder tag. Next, go to your profile on the forums, edit, scroll down, and enter whatever name you want as your credits name when the game is released. Just make sure that it's "family friendly" and they include it in the credits.