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  1. Alpha 11 Released

    Hmm, I think it doesn't even require a crewman kit to drive the vehicle. You just can't switch to gunner seat.
  2. Alpha 11 Released

    Kudos devs! Combat feels more responsive to input now and surprisingly I'm having better performance.
  3. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Mix teenagers, cheap booze, Counter-strike 1.6 and speedhacks - and you'll never be let off the hook.
  4. Ah Gatzby, all that is good to know! I agree, this one is very difficult to get just right, but I'd say it's also one of the most important ones. I wouldn't be so concerned about creating super soldiers, because two bullets will still drop you. Like I mentioned before, I think that maneuverability and better general game responsiveness could ironically prolong firefights (not to mention make the whole thing more enjoyable), because people will not be caught out in the open as much due to slowed down game mechanics. More two-way engagements sounds like a win to me.
  5. RIP Project Reality

    I don't see that article on PR website. I'm glad. There's something reassuring about people still playing that legend of a game.
  6. I quite like it that the maps are so different. Some are more realistic, some are more balanced to serve gameplay. I don't go looking for perfect real world representations - as long as it feels right, it's good with me. Personally I find big urban maps the weakest, e.g Narva. It just looks soulless and empty. Box after box. I imagine adding a lot of detail would probably increase FPS issues though.
  7. For what you're aiming at, that MSI model looks good! I'm actually surprised it's so cheap, they go for much more in the EU. I play Squad on a MSI laptop, it's about 4 years old and it still manages Squad 30-50 FPS on low, most of the time. I do feel like I want an upgrade though.
  8. I would go as far as saying that Squad has been artificially/aggressively slowed down to the point that combat is ridiculous (especially when in close quarters). I think the following video (5:00-5:40) demonstrates what I mean. While the first example in the video is probably too fast (Insurgency), the following clip shows how slow even the basic movements are in Squad, comparatively. It's like the hands wanna go, but the feet are tied. If you observe closely in-game, you'll see that character movement doesn't match up with animation speed. Soliders are more like slowly floating around. I know that one of the goals of the devs is to promote prolonged firefights. I think speeding things up a little would go a long way, because a lot of the firefights happen from a distance and currently well... everyone moves like the elderly.
  9. There it is, finally someone brought up Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Great stuff! It makes sense to speed up things in a game for the sake of replayability. Especially if it's some mundane action that contributes little in a way of fun. You wouldn't want to load cargo into a truck for X hours right? Or deal with a weapon jam for X minutes? I think animations work the same way, just on a minuscule scale. It's these small actions you have to repeat all the time and if they're just slow for the sake of realism, they get bothersome. Extreme realism is incredibly boring, we play games for a reason. There needs to be balance, and in this case, I believe speeding up the animations a little bit, would make the game feel much more responsive. I expected as much that the general consensus in the ACTIVE community is that the animations are good enough. After all, you are still playing Squad. However, I'm sure that if the devs sent out a mass survey to those who have purchased the game, but weren't actively playing it, they would get a very different response. I dare ya.
  10. Squad is nearly 3 years in the making. Some people want new toys and features, some people like myself, would rather have everything currently in the game to be GREAT - polished and intuitive. It's a little naive to think that upcoming new features are going to affect the playerbase in a major way. In fact previous updates have more or less proven that. Some 600 000 players have purchased this game, but we usually have 700 to 2000 concurrent players. To me, this means that MANY people were interested in the teamwork aspect of the game, but the game mechanics didn't live up to the expectations. Aside from performance and clunky movement, it's hard to imagine what would turn them away. Thus these are exactly the things that need to be addressed for the longevity of this game. So no, I don't think it's early at all to talk about these matters.
  11. Does anyone else feel like the developers have gone a little cuckoo with the animations? Don't get me wrong, in the early days it was much worse. But even now, with Alpha 10 and these crazy mocap sessions, the game isn't progressing much in the right direction. If anything, it's getting more complex. Much older games with more basic animations (e.g. PR) have more fluid combat/gameplay. It guts me, that after all this time, the game still feels like the ArmA series. It's so clunky, that you start avoiding pressing buttons to get stuck in animation sequences. And honestly, when infantry combat isn't right - the whole game is broken. Personally I believe this one of the biggest reasons why a lot more people are not actively playing Squad. It certainly is the case with me and my friends. The clunky movement greatly affects the OVERALL FEEL of the game, and simply drives people away after a while. Have you tried playing a medic? Going prone, throwing smokes, patching someone? Or switching between RPG ammo types? Those are just random examples. In Squad it always feels like you're stuck in some forced and lengthy animation. And that's when you get killed. I understand that a lot of this is done for greater realism, but damn, where do you draw the line? Press Q to breathe in, press E to exhale. Needs better balance in my opinion. Less is definitely more in this case.
  12. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Uhh, Squad just got much better
  13. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    In hindsight this weekend was not a very good time to make a comeback and to introduce this game to my friends. It was mostly mayhem, a slow-paced free for all due to all the new players. Underwhelming experience unfortunately - overall the game felt very rough, more so than a year ago. I couldn't help but feel that I'm playing Arma, everything was sort of clunky. Being stuck behind low walls, hitting invisible corners, no joining queues or favorites, vehicle claiming system, et cetera all contributed to that. I know devs are working their butts off, but I'm not sure this free weekend was a very good idea at this stage. It's much easier to make a solid first impression, than it is to make people give it another shot later on in the future.
  14. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Great! Sounds like a perfect time to make my return to Squad and introduce it to my friends.
  15. Hi! Just stepping in to say hello and that I'm back! Around last Christmas I unexpectedly stopped playing Squad. Unexpectedly, because I was hooked, I probably poured hundreds of hours into this game during closed Alpha. Just when it hit Steam and things got interesting, I stopped. In hindsight I think I just overplayed the game at an early stage. However, as it's one of my favorite games, it was just a matter of time when I got back into it. And I guess the time is now. So much catching up to do. I hope that cool groups like Redcoats are still going strong. I'll see you in-game soon!