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    Are there plans to eventually add Zodiac / RHIB boats to the game ? Obviously this would be after water physics were changed from the quicksand mode currently in place. Wait...I hope the current water physics are just a placeholder. Please tell me that water will eventually be "swimable" or at least "boatable". I know they're trying to keep it realistic & "soldiers in full gear cant swim" but this is a perfect example of a situation where fun & awesome gameplay features should trump realism. Players in PR can swim & I don't think it detracts from gameplay/immersion at all. On the contrary it makes for some amazing amphibious assaults & some of Squads maps would be perfect for marine infiltration missions in RHIB's (Narva, Al Basrah & the upcoming Fallujah come to mind).
  2. PR Vets, vote here.

    +1 Kashan is a map geared towards tanks & aircraft, neither of which are even in the game yet. It will just be a walking simulator. Start working on Muttrah City
  3. Keybind - RMB Issue

    I think its bugged. I've been trying to bind my RMB to "Turret Optic Zoom" but it doesn't work. Already filed a bug report. Hopefully the devs will fix it soon.
  4. Jets in the future?

    Z-Troopers post from a couple years ago states that ground attack aircraft being introduced into the game would be largely based on sales. That seems to suggest that the devs felt it was technologically feasible as long as the financial resources were there & if that's the case it should be a strong possibility based on how well the game has done. I wish we could get an update on the progress of flight physics/aircraft development because I'm getting tired of listening to naysayers telling us it cant be done/it's not going to be done. I'm no developer (so please feel free to correct any technical/info errors) but can anyone please explain how Project Reality's Refractor 2 (?) engine (surely ancient by today's standards) can run fixed wing aircraft but much newer & more capable (by most accounts) engines like Unreal & CryEngine can't ? From what I've read map size & view distance are the two major issues. At the time PR was developed the aircraft maps were about as large as they could be & still have the average gamer's system be able to run them but about as small as you could have & still practically support aircraft. Constant circling & having to bank hard immediately after each strafing run etc. But with practice pilots got used to it & even good at it. It was a little cramped but still easily worth the effort to have them in the game as it simply isn't the same without them. Surely with these newer engines & optimization we should be able to run maps the size of PR's largest maps or slightly larger ? They don't have to be the size of Arma maps in order to have good aircraft game play. I really don't understand how view distance works. All I know is what I see in game. From what I understand the resources required to render all the objects that you see in game especially when traveling at aircraft speed is hugely demanding on systems. This is why the "fog effect" is implemented in some games to obscure objects in the far distance in order to keep your system from having to render so many objects simultaneously ? Even if there were simply no other way to integrate aircraft into squad than to implement this "fog effect" system, I for one would be willing to accept that trade off. Of course it would be nice if we didn't have to have it but we shouldn't let it keep us from having aircraft in the game. I mean what am I missing here ? Between the advances in hardware/software technology, programmer skills/techniques & the quality/power of the average gamers rig over the last 10 years, shouldn't it be possible for us to accomplish what a game developed over 10 years ago accomplished ? Just sayin
  5. Will we see jets in the future?

    First of all I would just like to say that the Squad devs have done an amazing job to date & all their countless hours of hard work & passion have produced an amazing game. I don't think there are many out there who would disagree (haters & trolls excluded). It is all very much appreciated guys. That being said please understand that some people are looking for a combined arms game that includes aircraft specifically. I already have several games without aircraft & didn't really want another one. Posts like the older graphic above & assurances from the devs that the game would be a "Combined Arms" game & would eventually include aircraft are the only reason I bought in at the squad leader tier way back in the beginning. I understand a game not having aircraft isn't a dealbreaker for everyone but for myself & the guys I play with (& I'm sure we're not the only ones) it is. I have waited patiently & watched the development progress into a great game (especially for one that is still alpha) but keep hearing some say that aircraft incorporation (fixed wing especially) has been scrapped due to engine/compatibility issues. If this is true & incorporating aircraft isn't going to be feasible would you please let us know now. Even if more testing is needed to know for sure some sort of communication to that effect would be appreciated. Not to sound rude but it would be nice if we could get some sort of comment on this from a dev & not one of the community members (no names) who likes to seem like they have an inside track but are actually just guessing & posting their own personal opinions as fact. This happens all too often on the forums & then the original question just sort of dies without ever getting an "official" response from a dev who actually knows the answer. Just hoping for a little clarity.
  6. January 2018 Recap

    +1 Muttrah City is was & always will be one of the best, most well balanced maps in PR. Had uncountable epic battles on Muttrah over the years. Only problem is whenever you say you like it you get shouted down by people who say it's overplayed. But the reason its run so often is because A: admins know its a good map & needs to be in the rotation & B: very often it still consistently continues to win in-game map votes. I would personally like to see it brought to Squad more than any other map. I was very surprised to see that other map (Fallujah I think it was) win the vote on what map Squad players wanted added to Squad (although I have to admit the screenshot teasers of that map look amazing). Oh well, they say it's a WIP so hopefully Muttrah City will be converted in the future.
  7. I would really like my RMB to be the "zoom" key for my weapon while gunning in vehicles but for some reason it wont let me bind that key to that function. Is there a reason why & if not could anything be done to make this possible ?
  8. Logi V10

    Lovin v10 Dev's, keep up the good work. Any chance you could swap the Ammo icon & the Build Supplies icon on the HUD widget or swap the keys that activate them (1 & 2 by default) when in a logi near a radio or main base ? The Build Supplies icon is on the right but the Select Build Supplies key (1) is on the left & vice-versa. It just doesn't seem to make sense when the other Select Item keys (weapon select & vehicle seat select) always start on the left & go right. That 1-2 seconds of confusion trying to remember this can mean the difference between getting enough supplies dropped or not when you're getting lit up trying to drop your team mates supplies in the heat of battle. I've talked with a few other guys in game & it appears I'm not the only one who feels this way or I wouldn't waste your time asking about it.
  9. Replace LAW with AT4

    Hopefully in v10 they will replace the LAW which is outdated with more modern AT like in PR. I actually hope they limit the AT kits to one per squad as all squads having 2 AT loadouts is unrealistic. We would have one shot kills but less frequently. This would also cut down on teams losing an armor piece like every 5 minutes which is also unrealistic. It's a little bit ridiculous now when you have like 8 RPG's on a 36 man team hiding around every corner especially on small maps like Sumari & Chora.
  10. Cant Change Resolution

    After changing my resolution in settings, only a fraction of the game's screen is displayed. Part of the screen that is no longer displayed is the part that contains the "Apply" button so clicking on a different resolution then clicking apply to revert isn't possible. Stuck seeing only half the screen...
  11. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    "Just"...getting Netmove & vehicle physics working together...lol
  12. squad clan tags

    No, I meant founder tags...the ones we were promised if we purchased early. (Not to mention a digital copy of the soundtrack & some other gobbely-gook)
  13. squad clan tags

    we're still waiting on founder tags...
  14. Rally recharge timer on squadleader HUD

    I prefer the minimalist approach when it comes to the HUD but the compass is an exception. Probably my single favorite thing about PR's UI over arma's is not having to get out my compass every time just to see what direction I'm facing.
  15. Won't modding turn Squad into an ArmA3 nightmare?

    Imo the main thing that keeps a game exciting, fun & me wanting to continue to play it is new maps. You can only play a map so many hundred times before you just cant bear to play it again no matter how good of a map it is. The Squad devs have already created awesome weapons & vehicles & a handful of great maps but maps take a long time to create, debug & test to be ready for final release so even if mods aren't implemented, letting the community create & submit new maps too seems like a great way to A: allow the devs to concentrate on all the things they're trying to deal with besides creating new maps B: get a lot of pro-bono work done on the game c: vastly increase the games content/playability/enjoyment. There are some very talented mappers out there who are willing & able to do some of the most tedious work involved in creating new maps free of charge or just a token mention on the forums at least. Obviously there would be a submission for dev approval process before being added to the game but new maps being added more often would increase playability & reduce that "oh god not Muttrah again" feeling. (Obviously using PR as an example here) There are those who will argue that there are already a lot of maps in PR & that's true but only a handful of them are actually rotated on the consistently populated servers because there just aren't that many people who want to play the others. with newer potentially better community created maps coming in for consideration on a regular basis some of the older less popular maps could be "retired" to keep the size of the base game download from becoming like 50 gigs or something ridiculous. Idk how many ppl are actually involved in the visualization, creation & final approval/denial of suggested maps for the game but just imagine the variety & possibilities of the devs having many times that many complete or near completed maps coming in for their approval or improvement & approval (or rejection) on a regular basis. Seems like a win win to me
  16. Some ideas

    Agreed, new maps are the best thing to keep a game fun & players interested but I'm not sure why we would have to have less choice of guns in order to have new maps. Why cant we have both ?
  17. Open Squad Without Steam

    Is there a way to open Squad without using steam ? Stream causes issues with my system somehow causing me to not be able to minimize squad, my system not responding to commands, resource issues & just general bugginess when Steam is running. Don't know exactly why but I've always had this issue. I know steam is now the standard way to acquire Squad but does it always have to be running in the background when we play ? Can Squad be started without opening Steam ?
  18. Some ideas

    The problem is everyone's idea of exactly how the different factions should be armed is different. You're always gonna have the guys who want the more arcadey or fun but less realistic weapons & the hardcore reality guys who only want what is used in real life. Games where 90% of the team has either a sniper rifle or some sort of rocket launcher are garbage & unplayable...imho but games that focus too much on the realism aspect & only allow something like 1 sniper per team & the other 90% of the team is relegated to standard rifleman kits is too harsh as well & I for one wont purchase titles that are too 'run & gun' focused or infantry only. I think PR had it just about right, a good variation of weapon classes to keep gameplay interesting & fun without becoming too unrealistic. I think the devs are aiming for some sort of happy medium in this respect but we'll just have to wait & see. Fingers crossed...
  19. Some ideas

    I don't think anyone's suggesting we have as many ridiculous variants, attachments & skins as cod or anything but we at least need a few different weapons to keep things interesting & dare I speak the "F" word...fun. Seems like every time I join a squad someone already has the only couple "good" weapons & so once again I'm stuck with a rusty, bone stock, iron sight AK. Seriously it's so frustrating I usually just end up playing PR instead. I'm sure the dev's still have a lot up their sleeves. Waiting anxiously.
  20. New Version Download Link Hard To Find

    Maybe its just me & I'm sure someone will reply with instructions that make it look easy but unless you're on here every day & have the individual forum pages memorized, it can be difficult to remember how to get to the link that takes you to the page where you download the latest update. I realize that will be easier soon with the Steam release but shouldn't there be a sticky topic with a very simply labeled title like "Get the latest update here" or something? All the ones I click on now may sound like they'll take you to the latest version download page but just take you to the monthly recap or latest weapon pics.
  21. Vehicles in Steam Release ?

    Didn't find the answer to this anywhere else & don't think its like classified info or anything so, barring any unforeseen setbacks will there be any vehicles included in the Steam release version & if so which ones ?
  22. Vehicles in Steam Release ?

    Not very but the search bar function is pretty much garbage so...I've searched for the exact title of a thread before & got 0 results...go figure
  23. Permanent damage

    1 : Purchase Game 2 : Insert Constructive Criticism
  24. Question regarding vehicles

    Modern military vehicles are some of the most rugged, durable vehicles ever built, specifically so they don't have to stick to smooth terrain & paved roads. If you've played PR you know if the climb angle gets too steep the vehicle won't navigate it & you have to find another way. Obviously we don't want deuce & a half's climbing walls but off-roading is one of the staples of the game & if it were removed every round would just result in an ambush at whatever road vehicles were forced to travel on.