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  1. June 2018 Recap

    Liking everything except everyone being able to resuscitate people. Why even have medics anymore? (even to "fully heal" after the fact is just silly, not to mention unrealistic). Also removing the only area on Yehorivka that was actually fun to play in & replace it with more of the boring "villages" that make up the rest of the map is a mistake in my opinion.
  2. Ya, same error message here. I never even get in game, server kicks me as soon as the map starts loading every time now since the latest update. Good times. BTW just spending the time it took you to compile the most detailed spec sheet I've ever seen & still not getting any help from the people who asked for it would've prolly made me bail too. Sorry to see you go.
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    I've never used used Steams "Gift" feature before but is it possible to gift my Post Scriptum key to my son's Steam account because I wont use it ?
  4. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    M203's take motorbikes out in one shot, I do it all the time. If you want to destroy one have your grenadier take it out then move on...

    IMHO the whole FOB/HAB concept just seems unnecessary, awkward, redundant & unstreamlined. The radio seems to have been added unnecessarily to accommodate the whole logistical build/point system when the HAB could have accomplished that goal. I think it would be better if squad leaders placed a HAB (still requiring 2 team mates nearby & shovels to dig it the same as it does now.) The HAB would physically appear once it was shoveled & the HAB symbol would appear on the map but wouldn't become spawnable until supplies were delivered by a logi just as they are now. Ammo & build points would be held by the HAB not the radio. No more running around for 5 mins trying to find separate places for your FOB & your HAB. No more new guys saying "Wait, what's the difference between a FOB & a HAB & why do we need both ?" If the HAB is un-dug by enemies all accompanying emplacements are lost as well or they could all have to be un-dug individually (losing all your emplacements to a single guy who stumbled across your radio always seemed a little harsh to me). The current radio & sounds integrated into the inside of the HAB would be a cool visual just like in Project Reality's FOB's. I just don't see the need for two separate entities when one easily serves the purpose. we should be making things simpler not more complicated.

    No I commented in an earlier post in this forum that I thought it was too severe a consequence. How could I possibly know in advance during the game that it was going to be found & destroyed ? I wasn't the SL & he made it perfectly clear I had no say in where he placed his FOB, HAB or emplacements anyway. The point of the post is eliminating the FOB altogether so haw far apart you place your FOB & HAB aren't even relevant to what we're discussing here.
  7. I would really like my RMB to be the "zoom" key for my weapon while gunning in vehicles but for some reason it wont let me bind that key to that function. Is there a reason why & if not could anything be done to make this possible ?

    How is losing all your emplacements if the HAB is taken down any less realistic than losing all you emplacements if your FOB is taken down ? I don't like either idea. I commented before that losing all constructed assets connected to a FOB because of 1 lucky enemy who happens across your radio is far to great a punishment after a whole squad spent a great deal of time, effort & resources constructing said base. But you're missing the point. I'm simply saying the HAB alone could do the same job the FOB/HAB do now. Minimum distances between HAB's & maximum distances assets can be built from HAB's can always be adjusted by the devs for good balance. And to the posts that FOB's & HAB's need to be separate so squads can build mortars & such, I have rarely if ever seen a squad build a FOB just to build mortars & not build a HAB nearby as well. Why would you ? HAB's are the most important deployable asset & should be the first thing built whenever assets are being built. Example: I was in a squad the other day where the SL had one of his squad members bring him 2000 build points. He placed a radio & ordered us all to dig an HMG bunker, a repair station, hesco walls & a buttload of sandbags. Seeing our build points dwindle & noticing he still hadn't placed a HAB I said "um, SL do you think we should build a HAB ?" He said I know what I'm diong ! Not 30 seconds later our squad was attacked & wiped & because he never built a HAB we had no way of respawning & defending his glorious sandbag castle. The enemy destroyed everything & I laughed my ass off as I left his squad. I just think in order to be destroyed every asset (including the HAB) should have to be individually un-dug (deconstructed) & take the same amount of time to be un-dug (deconstructed) as it took to build it. If the devs want deployables to be destructible by vehicles and/or explosives that's a whole separate conversation. I'm just saying the current system seems clunky but I know It's still alpha so there may well be changes in the works. We'll just have to wait & see.
  9. Can't Bind Vehicle Turret Zoom To RMB

    Ya I figured since I didn't know what .ini files were then I probably shouldn't be altering them & I've never used macros before. My son used them in World of Warcraft & that was enough to keep me away from them lol. I'll take a quick youtube macro lesson & try to bind one of my mouse keys like you suggested. Question: so using the macro method should I be able to bind it to my RMB like I wanted or will it only work on the other "non-conflicting" mouse buttons ?

    I understand why HAB's were implemented. I never suggested any physical changes to the HAB. I'm simply saying HAB's could serve the exact same purpose without the radios. Radio's are completely unnecessary & do nothing but add more steps to a process that should be simple.
  11. Can't Bind Vehicle Turret Zoom To RMB

    In the Settings/Controls/General section of the dashboard there is the "Zoom/Alt Use" key. This is the default key to ADS or utilize your rifle scope if you have one. As long as your RMB is mapped as the primary key for this function you can not map another key as the alternative key for this function. Additionally in the Settings/Controls/Vehicle section of the dashboard there is the "Turret Optic Zoom" key. If you map your RMB as the primary key for this function then try to map your "Q" key as the alternative key for this function it automatically swaps the two. There is obviously some sort of conflict going on here between infantry controls & vehicle controls which prevents you from mapping your RMB as your "Turret Optic Zoom" key. This is extremely frustrating for not only me but several other players I've talked to who want our RMB to be our zoom key when gunning in vehicles. Obviously this isn't a high priority bug but it seems that it should be a fairly simple fix for whichever dev is in charge of key mapping but I don't know. Is this not the case ? Is there some reason we can't get this fixed in one of the updates ?
  12. Founder Weapon Skins

    Ya, with a pink stock, a camo silencer & a pokemon sticker on the mag right ?
  13. Any admin command to test FOB/HUP building in firing range?

    So when you say disable would that be the AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 1 or 0 command ? If AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 0 is the default setting then we would need to activate AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 1 in order to turn off the in game restrictions & build freely right ?
  14. Any admin command to test FOB/HUP building in firing range?

    Thanks Nimbus. I thought since they were "Admin" commands that those only worked if you were on a server that you or your clan or group rented & you had admin rights on. I'm just opening the game on my PC, going to the firing range & loading a different map to practice on.
  15. Any admin command to test FOB/HUP building in firing range?

    Ya the staging timer is still there, just wait a couple minutes then you can travel out of main. But my gripe is whats the point if you cant use any vehicles or build any deployables ?
  16. Any admin command to test FOB/HUP building in firing range?

    I tried searching for a thread on this topic & couldn't find one. I'm trying to load a map from Firing Range or practice mode for lack of a better term (Al Basrah in this case) to practice building HAB's inside buildings. As most of us know this map is very limited as to where you safely can place HAB's unless you want it sitting out in the middle of the open desert (bad idea). So usually inside a building is your best bet. I found that once you load a map, spawn & try to build deployables you are prevented from doing so by the same requirements as when you are in game: Can't get in a logi without at least 2 members in your squad, Can't place a radio without two additional squad members nearby. I tried using the AdminCreateVehicle command thinking maybe a created vehicle would allow me access but apparently that command no longer works. My question is : Is there any way to practice building deployables on maps other than Firing Range ? I saw this post but couldn't get the command to work. Is this no longer a working command or am I just not entering it right & if it's the latter could someone please describe it in a little more detail for those of us without much console command experience ? The actual command reads something like AdminAlwaysValidPlacement <AlwaysValid [0I1]>. I entered it exactly as shown in the console & it wouldn't let me place a FOB or a HAB with or without the SL kit. Are the spaces supposed to be spaces or underscores or neither in the actual command ? Are the < & > symbols actually used in the command or just used to illustrate spaces between phrases in the example ? And what is the line in the center of the [0I1] portion of the command, is that a lowercase L or an uppercase i ? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. How I Manifested Hate for This Game in Seconds

    Ah, where to begin ? Apparently the "many people that you spoke to who were praising the game" failed to inform you that Squad is different than other games by design. The devs have tried (& succeeded) in making a more realistic feeling game than your run of the mill shooters hence the minimal HUD display etc, etc, etc. "The uniforms look the same" is no excuse. This just means you have to exercise a little more caution when deciding weather to fire on someone or not. Can you imagine what would happen if soldiers in real life immediately opened fire on anything that moved near them like you did when your squad leader came over the hill in front of you? Obviously accidents happen & I doubt there's any Squad veterans out there (including myself) who have never TK'd someone but you have to work hard & learn quickly to make sure you don't get lumped in with the other segment of TKers, those who just don't care. I am personally so tired of getting TK'd by Squad noobs (and even some veterans) using the excuse "your tags didn't show up". In-game nametags aren't there so people don't shoot team mates. They're there so you can see who the people near you are(squadmate/teammate/medic/your buddy on discord & so on). The time it takes a nametag to "pop up" is much too slow to be used as a "enemy identifier tool". Learning to use your map to maintain situational awareness at all times is the best way to keep track of where squad mates & team mates are in relation to your position. I am constantly opening my map to update friendlies positions around me so I know that if I encounter someone right around the next corner It's not friendly & I can feel confident in lighting them up. I personally would rather take a death because I wasn't sure than TK someone but some players out there just don't care if they teamkill people or about camaraderie or good sportsmanship. They just shoot first & ask questions later. These are the guys you see in chat placing the blame on the victim by saying things like "you scared me, "there were enemies over there" "well you shouldn't have been where I was shooting" & our favorite of all "your name didn't show up". And you can tell they don't really care because when you say something about it like "dude, what the hell" they respond with comments like "bro, you're so angry" & "don't be so uptight about it" instead of "sorry man, my bad"' almost as if it was our fault & we're supposed to be happy about playing with inconsiderate douchebags like them. What they should be saying is "I'm sorry. I'm to inconsiderate of other players to take the time to learn to use my map & verify my targets properly BEFORE firing". It is up to you to prevent friendly fire. That is why your SL kicked you from the squad & why I don't blame him & would probably have done the same thing. Many of us are very competitive gamers & in the heat of an intense firefight getting TK'd by someone who just doesn't care enough to make sure hes firing at enemies can cause a volatile reaction. Its unfortunate that this incident caused you so much inner turmoil you felt compelled to create a thread about how much hate you have manifested for Squad. The majority of the Squad community really is a great bunch of guys. Hopefully you'll come back & play with us again (& bring your map)
  18. Anyone manage to get Nvidia DSR working?

    Ya, that's what I ended up doing. Thanks for the reply. Did you end up getting it working ? I reset my Windows & Squad resolutions back to 1920x1080 but set the Nvidia control panel DSR resolution to 3840x2160p & 4.00 native resolution & it made the single biggest improvement in my graphics of any software/setting change I've ever seen. Night & day difference. Only problem is now that everything else i do, like web browser is so tiny i need glasses just to read the print. Trying to figure out if I can make the high res setting apply only to Squad.
  19. Anyone manage to get Nvidia DSR working?

    Ok so after watching the three videos posted by Nimbus in the "The Game Looks Bad..." thread I have a problem. My monitor's maximum resolution setting is 1920x1080 but the video states that this will work even for these monitors as explained in the other video. So I went to the Nvidia control panel, manage 3D settings, DSR Factors & selected 4.00 (native resolution), apply, as shown in the video. I then went into Windows 10, settings, system, resolution, & changed it to 3840x2160 (which btw wasn't even an option before I activated DSR in the Nvidia control panel). I assumed this had to be done in order for my monitor to render the new resolution. I then rebooted, loaded Squad, went into settings & changed the resolution to 3840 x 2160 (which, if I remember correctly, also wasn't an option before making the DSR change). Upon joining a server I was pleasantly surprised to see a HUGE difference in picture quality. The buildings in the distance of the Al Basrah load screen that used to be blurry & pixilated we're now now very vivid & crisp. But as soon as the map finished loading & the squad selection screen came up I could only see a small portion of it in the upper left-hand corner of it on my screen. I figured it must be some sort of resolution conflict. Maybe I should have only changed the resolution in squad's settings & not in Windows settings ? So I closed squad & went into Windows & Nvidia settings & reverted to my original resolution (1920x1080). However when I restarted Squad it froze on the Player Quick Start Guide screen (again I could only see like 1/4 of the screen) & this time it wouldn't let me shut down the game & remained frozen. This happens every time I restart the game & will not allow me to close the game or finish loading so I can go into settings & revert to my original resolution. I can't view task manager to close Squad or reboot as the frozen Squad screen overrides it. I have to hard shutdown. I'm pretty sure it's simply a resolution setting I have wrong in either Windows 10, Nvidia, Squad, or a combination but I'm not sure how to get into Squad's settings if the game won't load & keeps freezing at the start up screen & even if it does finish loading (it has a couple times) the resolution is set so high (3840x2160) that I can only see the upper left 1/4 of the server browser screen which doesn't allow me access to the settings tab (which is on the right half of the screen) to revert back to my original 1920x1080 resolution. Do I have to reinstall the game just to change the resolution ? Any suggestions? (i5-6600k, 3.5ghz, 16gb DDR4, gtx1080, Win10 home 64bit)

    Are there plans to eventually add Zodiac / RHIB boats to the game ? Obviously this would be after water physics were changed from the quicksand mode currently in place. Wait...I hope the current water physics are just a placeholder. Please tell me that water will eventually be "swimable" or at least "boatable". I know they're trying to keep it realistic & "soldiers in full gear cant swim" but this is a perfect example of a situation where fun & awesome gameplay features should trump realism. Players in PR can swim & I don't think it detracts from gameplay/immersion at all. On the contrary it makes for some amazing amphibious assaults & some of Squads maps would be perfect for marine infiltration missions in RHIB's (Narva, Al Basrah & the upcoming Fallujah come to mind).
  21. PR Vets, vote here.

    +1 Kashan is a map geared towards tanks & aircraft, neither of which are even in the game yet. It will just be a walking simulator. Start working on Muttrah City
  22. Keybind - RMB Issue

    I think its bugged. I've been trying to bind my RMB to "Turret Optic Zoom" but it doesn't work. Already filed a bug report. Hopefully the devs will fix it soon.
  23. Jets in the future?

    Z-Troopers post from a couple years ago states that ground attack aircraft being introduced into the game would be largely based on sales. That seems to suggest that the devs felt it was technologically feasible as long as the financial resources were there & if that's the case it should be a strong possibility based on how well the game has done. I wish we could get an update on the progress of flight physics/aircraft development because I'm getting tired of listening to naysayers telling us it cant be done/it's not going to be done. I'm no developer (so please feel free to correct any technical/info errors) but can anyone please explain how Project Reality's Refractor 2 (?) engine (surely ancient by today's standards) can run fixed wing aircraft but much newer & more capable (by most accounts) engines like Unreal & CryEngine can't ? From what I've read map size & view distance are the two major issues. At the time PR was developed the aircraft maps were about as large as they could be & still have the average gamer's system be able to run them but about as small as you could have & still practically support aircraft. Constant circling & having to bank hard immediately after each strafing run etc. But with practice pilots got used to it & even good at it. It was a little cramped but still easily worth the effort to have them in the game as it simply isn't the same without them. Surely with these newer engines & optimization we should be able to run maps the size of PR's largest maps or slightly larger ? They don't have to be the size of Arma maps in order to have good aircraft game play. I really don't understand how view distance works. All I know is what I see in game. From what I understand the resources required to render all the objects that you see in game especially when traveling at aircraft speed is hugely demanding on systems. This is why the "fog effect" is implemented in some games to obscure objects in the far distance in order to keep your system from having to render so many objects simultaneously ? Even if there were simply no other way to integrate aircraft into squad than to implement this "fog effect" system, I for one would be willing to accept that trade off. Of course it would be nice if we didn't have to have it but we shouldn't let it keep us from having aircraft in the game. I mean what am I missing here ? Between the advances in hardware/software technology, programmer skills/techniques & the quality/power of the average gamers rig over the last 10 years, shouldn't it be possible for us to accomplish what a game developed over 10 years ago accomplished ? Just sayin
  24. Will we see jets in the future?

    First of all I would just like to say that the Squad devs have done an amazing job to date & all their countless hours of hard work & passion have produced an amazing game. I don't think there are many out there who would disagree (haters & trolls excluded). It is all very much appreciated guys. That being said please understand that some people are looking for a combined arms game that includes aircraft specifically. I already have several games without aircraft & didn't really want another one. Posts like the older graphic above & assurances from the devs that the game would be a "Combined Arms" game & would eventually include aircraft are the only reason I bought in at the squad leader tier way back in the beginning. I understand a game not having aircraft isn't a dealbreaker for everyone but for myself & the guys I play with (& I'm sure we're not the only ones) it is. I have waited patiently & watched the development progress into a great game (especially for one that is still alpha) but keep hearing some say that aircraft incorporation (fixed wing especially) has been scrapped due to engine/compatibility issues. If this is true & incorporating aircraft isn't going to be feasible would you please let us know now. Even if more testing is needed to know for sure some sort of communication to that effect would be appreciated. Not to sound rude but it would be nice if we could get some sort of comment on this from a dev & not one of the community members (no names) who likes to seem like they have an inside track but are actually just guessing & posting their own personal opinions as fact. This happens all too often on the forums & then the original question just sort of dies without ever getting an "official" response from a dev who actually knows the answer. Just hoping for a little clarity.
  25. January 2018 Recap

    +1 Muttrah City is was & always will be one of the best, most well balanced maps in PR. Had uncountable epic battles on Muttrah over the years. Only problem is whenever you say you like it you get shouted down by people who say it's overplayed. But the reason its run so often is because A: admins know its a good map & needs to be in the rotation & B: very often it still consistently continues to win in-game map votes. I would personally like to see it brought to Squad more than any other map. I was very surprised to see that other map (Fallujah I think it was) win the vote on what map Squad players wanted added to Squad (although I have to admit the screenshot teasers of that map look amazing). Oh well, they say it's a WIP so hopefully Muttrah City will be converted in the future.