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  1. Good Afternoon everyone, I am currently making a RTS game on Unreal Engine based on modern military in an insurgency. I want to make the first faction based on British forces. I am British but not served in the forces, so I am going to need some help with basic accuracy. It's not going to be as bling animation wise as Squad, as I am currently developing this on my own. But want it to play as realistic as possible, supplies coming by truck and convoys having to be defended. IED searches on convoy routes. Out reach to locals. Locals having a dynamic trait controlling whether they are being radicalised to insurgency or not. I really need help with the structure of British Army, particaly small units of Royal Engineers and Army combat sections, can I use two sections of four troops as defence for a section of Royal Engineers that would construct your "fire base" or OP. I haven't posted on the forums in a long time, but knew this would be a good place to ask. Please post any ideas you have. Better to get a list now before I get further down the line of coding specific ways AI works. Regards, Matthew
  2. Multiple factions on each side

    A lot of people also hate playing US Forces, because they are completely over done by games! I'd much rather play any force then US, because I know the chances of seeing something new is much higher, saying that I know developing a paid game, not doing US forces is commercial suicide.
  3. Multiple factions on each side

    I was thinking this last night! But not only multiple factions each side, possibly 3 or 4 individual sides. By programming this in to the game from the beginning it would be very interesting. OpFlashpoint & Arma had a similar thing with seperate civilian sides and such. You could even have battles, between two militias, with UN in the middle trying to protect a De-militarised Zone (DMZ) and the two militias having to take each others side across them, would be very interesting mode. Another one could be something like Iraqi Army and Kurds fighting against ISIS, but the Iraq and Kurds have no communication between them. Hell it could be a 4-way with Sunni Militia, Kurds, Iraqi Army and ISIS. Or even something like Afghan Natanional Army (ANA) working apart from US Forces against Taliban on the current map. Or EU/US Special Forces as a seperate side in the middle of a militia war, or other war, with seperate objectives. Loads of possibilities if this feature is coded in at the beginning.
  4. My starting point here.

    I wouldn't want paid DLC from modding teams. But if the original developers released official expansion packs, I would be fine with that. As long as they are large expansion packs! Fast rope DLC, JK! :P
  5. Piracy

    Do you even need CD Keys? Surely logins will do.
  6. Hello all, I am currently making a small FPS of my own on FPS-Creator-Reloaded, but nothing related to Squad, or on the same awesomeness level. I will be modeling/skinning/coding it all myself though, not using pre-made assets, SO I was wondering, looking at some UE4 videos, it looks quite nice to work with, anyone know the difference between something like FPSCreatorReloaded and UnrealEngine4, is it a lot harder to use? Many thanks. Matt
  7. Day and night cycles.

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the repetitiveness.
  8. My starting point here.

    I guess they could always sell expansions later on to keep it going more years if they did get short on cash, just like BF2 did.
  9. Squad and project reality

    That is a good point. Although they are releasing the first build over a holiday period when lots of hype and people on vacation with time to play. Kickstarter has a lot of other things which is not good to invest in at Christmas! And yes, please can we ban piracy talk, so this game can be taken seriously!
  10. Welcome to Squad!

    Keep up the good work. Its looking great so far, can't wait to alpha and donation stage.
  11. My starting point here.

    Sounds great, thanks Viper, would be good if they could confirm this, but I guess until the kickstarter date nothing is in stone. I'll be donating.
  12. Day and night cycles.

    With these engines it should be possible to make day and night cycles right? Battles in more atmospheric modes would be great on this engine.
  13. My starting point here.

    This is amazing and I was hoping PR would go in this direction. It is looking like it has started well. You mention the beginning is by kick starter, although some great games, such as Prison Architect, Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers have come through early access buys, I have also seen more games flop then be completed, so please please ensure you keep regular information and builds launched, so people don't loose interest, and try to keep them consistent, release news exactly every second friday, even if its just a video of you bug fixing, people like to know you been working hard, and the more behind the scenes, the more they feel part of what they have funded. I have a major question about funding though, once kickstarter money gets bare, and the game has been released, how will the game work, subscription/once off purchase/premium items. Please promise never to make this a buy to win premium item game! If its to be realistic this will never work. I'm sure this will be great, little disappointed US is the first major force in the game, but this will bring in a lot of joes who only want to play USA in any game, and thus fund you well, so I see it as a positive too in the beginning, and I'm willing to play Taliban every time to crush those who only like playing USA. Haha. I've signed up the forum and facebook. Let us know when your on steam waiting for green lighting (you can greenlight and not do early access!). What is the development teams/company name then? Cheers, Matt