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  1. Dual Rendered Scopes

    I would love to see that too!
  2. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    I just cant be arsed discussing this with you anymore,
  3. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    8 servers, if Squad was so terrible like you've said, people would be going back to Project Reality, Ive played PR since v0.7 till v1.5, Ive played in [3dAC], Squad is much better, I think you guys are just living in the past of what Project Reality was, it was ahead of its time, there was no other game like it, thats why we all loved, but it got old and faded away as newer games took its place,
  4. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    You have answered yourself, to resupply, thats the main reason people spawn on FOBs, If i have 2 options, Option A: Spawn 400m from the attack flag, fully resupply my lat/hat/engi, or option B, spawn East of the attack flag where nobody knows im there so me and 9 members of my squad can destroy enemy fob which will stop enemies from constantly throwing bodies on the cap. I know me and my squad can put up a fight but we are limited with 3 mags. Now imagine theres no Rally Point, what are your options? Spawn on the FOB and try to grind it out with enemy team or spawn in Main, get a vehicle, flank, build another FOB, at this time enemy probably already took the other flag. Rally Point gives you more options. No, if enemy has a jump on you with Post Scriptum suppression = you're dead, The reason it works in PS is because you dont have MGs with ACOGs on them that can kill you from half a kilometer away, or AR rifles with scopes. So if you're caught out in the open you're dead. And dont reply with ''Well you can navigate so you're never caught out in the open'', because obviously you dont know the maps. By your replies, it looks to me like you wanted to be in Military but never got in, this is a game, not real life, its supposed to be fun for everybody. If you make it too realistic youll have 3 servers half full,
  5. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    I on the other hand, dont agree with anything you have said in this post, 1. Rally Spawning: How often do you play the game? When have you started playing the game? I often find myself on a team with 1 fob, miles away from the cap point, do you think I want to walk for 5 minutes just to get shot? no, rally point is the thing that drove me away from Post Scriptum. It is well implemented, it gets you in the fight quicker, the game feels more dynamic. Tired of constant waves of enemies? Have 1 or 2 squads searching for FOB/Rally points, problem solved. This game is like chess, you counter what your opponent does. 2. FOB Spawning: Same as point nr 1, in addition, dont be running around soloing then, because thats what it sounds like youre doing, if there are more people with you enemies cant spawn on the fob, so you can have 1 player digging the FOB, once 1 level is demolished, have your squad look for the radio. 3. Supression: Squad dev team has a bunch of veterans on their team, Im pretty sure they have been shot at in the past, I think suppression is well implemented in the game. 4. Small Arms: Im not sure as the only time ive shot a weapon was at a range, but I have seen plenty of videos online, ex military are hitting bullseye all the time, t-rex arms, kid runs around and shoots like a mad man, so why can I not do that in the game? Why is that somehow not ''realistic'' but people do it in real life? Why should my many years of FPS experience be hindered because somebody else is worse than me at a game, and I need to pray for a decent RNG, like in PR, where you had to stand for 6 seconds before shooting or your aim would be off target. That was frustrating and whoever has experienced in knows what im talking about. This will kill the game, as it should be skill based, it also boils my blood that somebody would say the shooting in this game is too easy. 5. Vehicles: I dont use them personally, but I have been in a few of them, it feels claustrophobic when you are a driver, there should be an option to turn out, same with the gunner, especially in a tank, The driving is what it is, the game is in BETA stage so they most likely have this on their to-do-list. I hope the devs wont listen to your ''Making the game better'' as most of the people will leave.
  6. A Letter to the Squad Community

    Can somebody DM me the video if possible? I mean... im not being funny or saying what he has done is OK, but jesus christ, what is this essay? who is this addressed to? breach of what trust? Its not like your servers got hacked and all of our private data has been released right?... right?
  7. A better armor and Gear system

    This is a great idea, id rather have 2x smokes than 1 grenade that I barely use, or a pistol but with the ability to actually kill an armoured vehicle and not just tickle it,
  8. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Still alive and lurking
  9. Total and absolute mayhem... AND I LOVE IT
  10. What is the purpose of modding?

    Will mods be implemented into the full game? for example the Canadian forces?
  11. Post Scriptum Keys

    Got mine, cheers
  12. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hi Im still getting the error message? Anybody else still has a problem with it ?
  13. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    In PR the ammo box/pouch that the Rifleman ha was not only rearming weapon ammunition, it also rearmed: patches (useful for medics) grenades, and 1 rocket for LAT

    The HAB was implemented so people can have some protection when spawning, instead of spawning into a marksman or a mg that is camping 200-300 meters away killing everybody. And new people not knowing the difference, well theres that thing most of us have called brain. No offence but if you find the concept of HAB and FOB complicated then....? you know.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. PR Vets, vote here.

    Watching a JDAM drop on enemy cap and then rushing was one of the best things about PR
  16. PR Vets, vote here.

    Everybody used to bash on Kashan but I personally loved it due to the vehicle warfare on a large scale, I personally ALWAYS went infantry, but I loved seeing jets and helis fly over and do a CAS, tanks in a distance firing, TOWS destroying everything, IGLAS flying overhead, great experience
  17. Cancel Climbing Animation

    Or by pressing S when climbing to drop down
  18. The focus makes you a superhuman

    So what you are saying is that you can either 1. Have a game that is fun to play or 2. Have a game where you get 0 kills. Hmmm... I wonder what 99.9% of players will choose. I love the way Squad plays, I am an old Project Reality player, where you counted in your head 3 seconds after sprinting so your aim would be 100% accurate, as fun as Project Reality was, it did not require much skill to play, proper positioning, using terrain to your advantage and communication was the key to high K/D. Furthermore, I would like to point out that when you are holding a rifle, you know what direction it will sway because you can feel it on your body, you feel it with your fingers, hands and shoulder, so you can predict where its gonna move, we dont get that feeling in Video games. You talk about skill, Im not a ''pro'' by any means but I have played with different people, and you can tell who is brain dead and who isnt. I on average get +/- 20 kills infantry each game with less than 5 deaths. Its not skill, its my positioning, theres no aiming skill involved in squad. This is not CSGO, where the map is linear and enemy can only come from one side. I had instances where I wiped out a squads with 1 grenade, that doesnt require aiming skill, should we make grenades more realistic too? Please chill out with these threads. You want and extremely realistic game? Get yourself a VR headset and go play Onward, or better yet, join the Army.
  19. Guys take the role of Alpha? As in what? Alpha Male or the squad leader? If I'm a SL I dont mess around with my squad members, if they arent listening then they leave the squad, its that simple, if that seems like an Alpha attitude to you then you know nothing about leading. Second of all, if females want to lead a squad they are more than welcome to do so. Squad is not like CSGO or League of Legends, where you have millions of players so im not surprised you dont come across females very often.
  20. Best ratio fps/quality settings

    Nothing you can do pal, the game just keeps on getting optimised as the time goes on so all you can do is wait.
  21. Let's celebrate!

    Im gonna make a topic about my 300th post, youll see how fast it will be locked and deleted.
  22. 5.56 replacement

    Waste of money IMO, 556 are light weight, the M4 and AR15 are both extremely well developed, I dont see the point of carrying heavy ass 762 rifles especially when the soldiers already carry a lot of weight. Unless they will develop photon or laser guns I dont see the point of upgrading the soldiers with something that might be as reliable as m4s during the Vietnam era. Waste of money in my opinion