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  1. ak

    US Biased thats why, someone gave an argument before that ''while Russian optics would be visually different if they are practically the same as their US counterparts then they would produce the same style of gameplay'' Im not kidding.
  2. What youre failing to comprehend is that people need to learn how to use the vehicles, if youre more than 300 meters away theres no way you gonna get hit by a HAT. If youre rolling with a squad as MechINF you can drop them off around the point and gtfo until they clear it out, then go back. Its about working together, either with another vehicle or with a squad, where communication plays a crucial role. HAT kit is not op.
  3. I would recommend not driving head first into a city full of insurgents and thinking you can get easy kills.
  4. Yeah they are pretty sweet, I was running through poppy fields today and I moved my head when the bulled whizzed next to me.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, will avoid
  6. Does anybody have a spare key?
  7. the wrench

    thanks mate, looks delivious
  8. the wrench

    I am by no means a graphics designer or know anything about that stuff, but escape from Tarkov foliage is so on point maybe Squad could use some of that? since half of the maps are just trees and grass.
  9. 3 basic points for being a GREAT SL 1. Communicate with your squad and other squad leaders 2. Know the game thoroughly 3. Stick to the objective
  10. Wow, bringing racism into the forums. First of all, implying that most of us are white therefore we would not like to play as a black character is racist and should not be tolerated on this forum. I dont know why moderators allow this to happen. 95% of people on this forum played Project Reality and one of the major forces were MEC, who were BROWN, and I loved playing them, why? Not because they were brown, but because MG3 and G3 were beasts. There was also African faction where characters were BLACK, and I liked playing them because they had AKs. When I play Project Reality, Squad or Arma, I dont care about the guys skin colour, all I care is if he looks like an Operator. Keep trying to oppress white people and guilt trip them with your bullshit.
  11. Its time for the future, roll on Battlefield 2142!
  12. Thats not a way to insert media into a topic.
  13. Realistically a soldier wont drive a humvee solo in a village filled with Russians, and will swap between gunner and driver seat. Whats your point?
  14. hahahahahaha
  15. Sounds like a troll thread by somebody who doesnt know what the game is about.