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  1. hahahahahaha
  2. Sounds like a troll thread by somebody who doesnt know what the game is about.
  3. Maybe they could just add Racing Wheel and/or Gamepad support for more precise driving, although this aint driving simulator it would make the whole driving back and fourth more enjoyable imo.
  4. I dont believe that Russian MP have access to better equipment than the regular grunts do, also, the optics on US weapons are different to the ones on Russian. Also, not a lot separating them? Apart from the weapons, camouflage, vehicles, theres not a lot separating them is there? I think there should be other optics, at least Kobra for Russians for the game to be balanced, because I dont see why one faction should be at a disadvantage because you think the gameplay would be boring by adding few scopes. I dont know if you played Squad yet but where are the ''overly abundant optics''? We have RDS, Kashtan, Acog, and PSO for SVD
  5. I have recently watched a documentary on Russian Military Police in Aleppo and I have seen a variety of new optics and rails, after doing some research I have found this: Optics and Railing, New Sight, Link to the Documentary, More optic, Seeing how Kashtan scope is taking up half the screen and theres no RDS for Russians yet, I thought this might be of some help.
  6. Okay, and?
  7. Maybe you should have used white colour instead of this bright mustard golden yellowish whatever so we cant actually see what is written, and not have to strain our eyes.
  8. All it takes is one RPG to take out a humvee with one of those on top of it. There will be tanks in the game where RPG just wont do, you wont run into one head first, its all about tactics.
  9. Thats just wild Boris trained during the Soviet era, once unleashed, the apocalypse happens. Leave him be.
  10. When will you add ''Hold Aim'' instead of toggle?
  11. What do you expect when you buy a game that is not a finished product?
  12. Sweet
  13. Tournament on 30 fps sounds like fun.
  14. At least clean it, what the ****.
  15. Play Project Reality, its for free and very similar to Squad. If youll like it, support the devs and buy Squad.