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  1. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Try being an SL for the first time, it is extremely stressful and yet you're here, instead of helping them you bash them. Ok
  2. Using IED in firing range

    Sadly I dont believe you can. You can only spawn as US or RU, and neither of them have IED's.
  3. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    I was playing Insurgency with Weed and Curry from 3dac, and they started talking about it. I looked it up and backed it on kickstarter.
  4. Ban Appeal - West Coast Tactical

    Maybe its your attitude that got you banned? Also if your teammates were in the area, and they werent moving, you still, even though you knew it would kill them, set off the IED?
  5. They get to use their grandads heirloom machinegun. Lol Insurgent AIR FORCE.
  6. Why dont you learn the maps, and become an SL yourself? At the beginning check if everybody has microphones, and later designate the roles they need to pick.
  7. SQUAD - Gaming PC Build Help!

    Why get all these nice parts and then get a £20 cooler for your cpu and a 550w corsair psu. Try looking at 700+ from EVGA, be quiet or Thermaltake
  8. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Have locked squads. 1 reason, when I play with my mates I want to play with my mates.
  9. Do mortars suck?

    Ummm, the Blackhawk is not gonna be that easy to fly...
  10. Help me choose a monitor.

    How can you play like this? If my monitor is not in front of me it just feels weird. Also, Ive got a BENQ XL2411Z and Im very happy with it. I bought it for the CSGO, for the sweet 144hz. Worth the price.
  11. EAC is smoking weed

    You got Vac banned
  12. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    Nope -serbavor003: Squad lead theres a MG nest, 330. Throw a smoke first -IamProud: Nonsense, I cant see anything -serbavor003: But Squad lead, its an MG43, it will chew through us faster than do... -IamProud: FIX BAYONETS!! -Adellons: But its a.... -IamProud: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGE!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hacking prevalence

    But why?