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  1. How can you play like this? If my monitor is not in front of me it just feels weird. Also, Ive got a BENQ XL2411Z and Im very happy with it. I bought it for the CSGO, for the sweet 144hz. Worth the price.
  2. You got Vac banned
  3. Nope -serbavor003: Squad lead theres a MG nest, 330. Throw a smoke first -IamProud: Nonsense, I cant see anything -serbavor003: But Squad lead, its an MG43, it will chew through us faster than do... -IamProud: FIX BAYONETS!! -Adellons: But its a.... -IamProud: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. But why?
  5. V10

    What is funny to me is that Squad devs accomplished as much in a year as DayZ devs did in 5.
  6. Slightly off topic but will there be damage model? As in will I be able to detrack vehicles?
  7. The gyro feeds information to a computer which actively moves the turret to keep it stable.
  8. Hey Will there be more veteran skins coming our way? For example, just a plain woodland or desert camo for Russian faction would be a nice addition. Thanks
  9. There were no SS units in North Africa. Whats up with that helmet?
  10. Similarly, I hate when I press the wrong button and he begins to pull out a smoke or a LAT, it takes so much time for the animation to finish that sometimes I died because I miss clicked and I cant bandage in time.
  11. What headphones did you buy? you can never go wrong with HyperX Cloud if you have the cash: or the HyperX 2: Dont buy the stinger ones tho, they are low quality even for the price. Had my HyperX 1st gen for 3-4 years now, they are sturdy and keep the sounds sealed. I dropped them a few times but nothing broke, they are still in 100% running condition.
  12. ak

    I dont think they have Russian Military Advisor
  13. ak

    US Biased thats why, someone gave an argument before that ''while Russian optics would be visually different if they are practically the same as their US counterparts then they would produce the same style of gameplay'' Im not kidding.
  14. What youre failing to comprehend is that people need to learn how to use the vehicles, if youre more than 300 meters away theres no way you gonna get hit by a HAT. If youre rolling with a squad as MechINF you can drop them off around the point and gtfo until they clear it out, then go back. Its about working together, either with another vehicle or with a squad, where communication plays a crucial role. HAT kit is not op.