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  1. Okay, and?
  2. Maybe you should have used white colour instead of this bright mustard golden yellowish whatever so we cant actually see what is written, and not have to strain our eyes.
  3. All it takes is one RPG to take out a humvee with one of those on top of it. There will be tanks in the game where RPG just wont do, you wont run into one head first, its all about tactics.
  4. Thats just wild Boris trained during the Soviet era, once unleashed, the apocalypse happens. Leave him be.
  5. When will you add ''Hold Aim'' instead of toggle?
  6. What do you expect when you buy a game that is not a finished product?
  7. Sweet
  8. Tournament on 30 fps sounds like fun.
  9. At least clean it, what the ****.
  10. Play Project Reality, its for free and very similar to Squad. If youll like it, support the devs and buy Squad.
  11. Ive pledged on kickstarter when this game was first introduced. its pretty sweet but still choppy as ****.
  12. Id love to see Poland, especially since they were planned on coming out in PR but they will probably never be released.
  13. they should add this one this one and this one
  14. It was supposed to be full military game with Attack helicopters and jets, from what ive heard, there will be no jets, er or at least they wont be coming any time soon because of some issues.
  15. Beckham brought new levels of Football in USA when he started playing.