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  1. A9 Sound Impressions

    Anyone have a good video demonstrating them?
  2. July 2015

    Aww yeah Fools Road!
  3. What Headset Do You Use?

    Sennheiser PC363d
  4. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Woodland (woodland should be in Russian). Or Operation Forest (forest in Russian).
  5. May 2015

    GoPro camera angle! You guys listened!
  6. Boot Camp - An Introductory Series

    Dat sexy compass UI
  7. off map limitations

    Just out curiosity what happens if you walk of the edge of the map?
  8. Dragunov SVD gameplay

  9. You're not being stealthy if you're being shot at.
  10. *frantically refreshes inbox*
  11. Squad List UI

    For immersion purposes I hope we get 3D maps like the ones in Heroes and Generals:
  12. Fun factor SFX

    No need we already have great live mic actors coming in from PR.
  13. Lol All of this stuff you want you can find Arma 3
  14. February 2015

  15. Foliage collision

    Jungle warfare?