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  1. Radio man kit

    It would be practically less used than the medic class because people don't like using iron sight weapons, especially Americans. The idea that all squad leaders have radios and squad members share their own frequency is good enough for now. I think perhaps having an ACE/ ACER style radio system would be pretty cool. Radio Operator specialists are more WW2, Vietnam era. If we ever get to a point where we can't see everyone on the map, having the FOB "Radio" deployable be useable to communicate with other FOBs would be cool
  2. Squad Specializations (and some extras)

    Ahhhh. Thank you. I honestly forgot about how you can have different doctrine among the factions. Well that does certainly change quite a bit... Instead of worrying about all of the other Specializations, what if we focused this thread more so on the mortar squad and how that could be implemented? I can't help but imagine watching the entire American ACOG squad getting blown off a mountain as insurgents begin firing mortars at them mixed in with GP-25s and RPGs. Thank you all for contributing to this thread!!!
  3. Squad Specializations (and some extras)

    I do agree. I think the chances of winning in a round is broken up into three aspects, teamplay, mauevers, and shooting (including gear). As for the squads, imagine a MG team on the wooded ridge with two grenadiers and a total of four MGs surppressing the storage site while a CQB or Assault squad pushes from the flank or center. If I want any of these squads to be incorporated, its the mortar squad. In terms of realism, it would be more realistic for a insurgent with just a chest rig to be able to use less stamina than an Army infantryman in full kit (not saying that's true but having two of the same people in different sets of gear would result in something similar.) and if we should go for more realism, we should make an Insurgency gamemode where there are several spawn points for the insurgents and the US simply play hide and seek.
  4. any chance of a little inventory

    Can the chest-rig have a virtual menu in which we can drag and drop equipment (and their respective pouches)? That would be awesome if we could see the 8 or so STANAG 30 rnd. pouches on one side and grenade pouches on the other. Also, can less gear make more stamina or affect the replenishment/ deplenishment rates?
  5. We all know that an army isn't made up of nothing but riflemen. The developers have done an amazing job at diversifying squads and teams but there does seem to be one detail lacking: squad specialties. While most "fire teams" and "squads" carry fairly standardized gear, it's also important to know that squads themselves can have specialties just like individual soldiers do. While the idea of introducing mortars as a deployable makes sense, why go through the pain of limiting the number of mortars within, say, 400 meters? Instead, let's make mortars a specialty to one squad (the combat support - mortar squad). The squad "specialties" would be broken up as follows: Direct Action and Combat Support Direct Action - Heavy Weapons Squad ^ Add 2x Auto-riflemen kits (with either M249s or M240s) Direct Action - Assault Squad ^ Add 2x Grenadier kits [please add hand grenades(with an s!)] Direct Action - CQB Squad ^ Remove Marksmen Rifles ^ Add "Breacher" kit (Shotgun, Pistol, Frag. Grenade, Bandage, E-Tool) Direct Action - AT Squad ^ Add (Better) AT kit (I.e. Javelin) ^ Add SOFLAM-style or laser designator to SQL kit Combat Support Combat Support - Marksmen Squad (Likely everyone's favorite) ^ Add scoped assault rifles (two) ^ Add 2x Sniper kits (M24, SVD, SVD, SVD) Combat Support - Mortar Squad ^ Add 3x Mortar Kits (Mortars must be placed at least 100 or 200 m away from FOB and built within 50 meters of a Mortar Radio) Combat Support - Engineer Squad ^ (For later use) Add 2x Engineer kits Extra ideas: -Allow E-Tool to dig trenches without FOB radio or make dirt cover. -Multiple grenades for standard kits (M4A1+Red Dot, M4A1, AK74M, etc) -Quick-callout-radial for those without microphones ("Contact!", "Incoming!"(please use audio from FOB radio XD), etc.) -Squad text chat -Local text chat -Please balance teams! Perhaps make Insurgents use less stamina and run faster (no body armor), etc Thank you for reading/considering!