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  1. Yeah I hope they will make it better in the future. You Can watch the video on youtube.This you will see that the ragdoll of zombie looks much better.
  2. But in the V15, it's all the same. No inertia every time
  3. I have already post on reddit but there is no Devs answered. I therefore set up another thread here to pay attention to this matter. Let the image speak : https://imgur.com/0ltD2py See how it is different. And think which one is better? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGpZZe2u-zY I Hope that devs will be interested and come to read I've seen this problem for a long time. Before the ragdoll update sine v10, and after the ragdoll update I think it would be better. But it has not been fixed It's time to seriously say that it should be fixed , And the game is going to be fully released It should be perfect. And as a supporter from the kickstarter, I want to see the game look the best,Small details are always important. I'm talking about being shot and dead while running. As usual, the body will fall to the direction that is running.
  4. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Still working on it ?
  5. Hell Let Loose Beta

    Can you give me a beta key please ? I have liked and subed your yt channel.
  6. Still low FPS on AMD

    Try to delete Squad folder in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local
  7. April 2016 Monthly Recap

  8. How to spawn vehicle [I admin in server]

    I think the dev spawn them.
  9. I think crack sound , distance sound and impact sound in this video will be good for the dev-sound(anders). sorry for my english not good.
  10. Brock sweet fx setup

    I play with sweetfx too, but i set AA in game to Temperal EPIC it look good than Set AA off. It smoothly and sharp and not blurry.
  11. Next major update?

    May be end of january.
  12. oh sorry Im mistake The file name is BaseEngine.ini (Squad\Engine\Config) not DefaultEngine.ini
  13. In the DefaultEngine.ini sorry Im mistake The file name is BaseEngine.ini (Squad\Engine\Config) not DefaultEngine.ini I find bsmoothframerate and It have bSmoothFramerate two lines First line bSmoothFramerate it set True Sec line Set false It normal or need to remove one of it ? sorry for my eng not good :)