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  1. Helicopter / Armor issue

    sometime it's hit on the tail rotor and currently there is no damage model for the projectile that may be the cause.
  2. Please tell me Arty isn't final.

    i agree with you.
  3. Beta 17 Public Testing

    You don't need to put any code Just download the "squad public testing " app in your steam.
  4. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    It called "Squad public testing" and squad owner only will see it.
  5. Ask the developers About Ragdoll physics

    i hope so, But what I want to know is Does the developer see the ragdoll problem? If not, it will be like this forever. No change I know but I ask if there will be improvement in the future.
  6. Ask the developers. Will you improve ragdoll physics in the future? I have never seen any developer respond to me about this. I posted this before, but there was no reply from the developer. I will keep posting. If there is still no one to answer me. This is what I would like the developers to see and think about how ragdoll physics should be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGpZZe2u-zY This is what i posted before : /r/joinsquad/comments/cfmt5q/to_the_dev_who_working_on_ragdoll_physics_plz_fix/ I'm serious. I look forward to the answer from the developer. Thank you.
  7. NEW PC Build but game doesnt run well

    what is your settings in game ?
  8. Urban echo sound effects

    Me too
  9. Yeah I hope they will make it better in the future. You Can watch the video on youtube.This you will see that the ragdoll of zombie looks much better.
  10. But in the V15, it's all the same. No inertia every time
  11. I have already post on reddit but there is no Devs answered. I therefore set up another thread here to pay attention to this matter. Let the image speak : https://imgur.com/0ltD2py See how it is different. And think which one is better? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGpZZe2u-zY I Hope that devs will be interested and come to read I've seen this problem for a long time. Before the ragdoll update sine v10, and after the ragdoll update I think it would be better. But it has not been fixed It's time to seriously say that it should be fixed , And the game is going to be fully released It should be perfect. And as a supporter from the kickstarter, I want to see the game look the best,Small details are always important. I'm talking about being shot and dead while running. As usual, the body will fall to the direction that is running.
  12. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Still working on it ?
  13. Hell Let Loose Beta

    Can you give me a beta key please ? I have liked and subed your yt channel.