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  1. FOV-Settings

    Lowest, as its easier to see people when ads'ing.
  2. Nvidia DSR or Squad's Scale ratio ?

    120% + FXAA on low looks best to me. Stable 60+ FPS. GTX 980 G1 Gaming.
  3. Unplayable w/ Specs

    Radeon 4670 - Released: The Radeon HD 4600 series was announced on September 10, 2008. AMD Athlon II X4 640 Propus Quad-Core 3.0 GHz Socket AM3 95W - Release: 2010 Sorry man, but this is a really old system, and I'm surprised Squad launches at all, seeing as your GPU only has DX10.1 support. There will probably not much you can do to get better fps.
  4. New graphics options............

    On my GTX 980, at 130% res and FXAA, the game actually looks acceptable. Edit: And still runs with 60fps. Turned down shadows to high and shadow map res to 1024(Not noticeable during game play)
  5. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    Excuse my french, but FUCK. YES.
  6. I've been playing the past couple evenings(PST, around 7pm) and the only servers I ever see populated are in Europe. A: Its the middle of the night in Europe, why are people up playing? B: Mediocre experience due to ping related issues. Lets get a US server full <3
  7. Introducing myself

    Hey All, I backed Squad on Kickstarter at the commander level very early but never got to play due to life. after 3 months, I played for the first time yesterday, and my experience was awesome. For an alpha, this game is amazing and I cannot wait to see where it goes and how the community will grow once it hits Steam. I also stream a bit, so if you want to say hi, feel free. My twitch handle is the same as my forum handle. See you on the battlefield, gents!