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  1. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Bingo bango bongo. Wrong crowd. I'm happy with how the game is, specifically player wise.
  2. Report Abusive Players?

  3. Cancel Climbing Animation

    This I like. Would this even be possible? I don't know of any in-game function that allows you to have control of animation length? Or am I overhtinking?
  4. Cancel Climbing Animation

    Gonna give this the ol'd bumperoo!
  5. FOB = my love

    Same here! Love building FOBs and defending. It's addicting!
  6. Leave Squad = Leaving Weapon

    Love the irony.
  7. Suggestion: punish team killers

    I didn't realize there was already a 7-TK system in place. Neat. Yep.
  8. Anyone have a clue when V10 will arrive? Haven’t heard much

    v10 set to officially release Monday, 5FEB2018!
  9. Suggestion: punish team killers

    Suggesting an "imprisonment" system because "that's how it's done in real life" is not a good model. You might as well bring in military police, the department of justice, and hell, the whole government in with laws while you're at it! It's over-complicating a rather simple issue. As for the rest, I really don't see this TK issue that you're mentioning, I've been playing a lot and on a lot of different servers. However, I'm not here to argue whether or not it actually happens with you, but rather here to take part in thinking grounds for a potential solution to the problem you're having. For something like that to work, I'd say that, first and foremost, your aforementioned "strikes" would definitely need to be increased. Now, this F5 system you mention does worry me, as I've seen players MANY times punish teamkillers out of frustration rather than rational and logical thinking (as stated previously, I'd get punished quite often because of them usually being hot-heads in my Red Orchestra commander days, and I've seen it happen in several game videos online). This is where my experience leads me to believe this sort of system would just attract malice. As I previously stated, the idea of Squad is to partake in a realistic approach of virtual battles. The key point is "realistic APPROACH OF VIRTUAL BATTLES", not realistic as in every aspect of the game being based off of the real world.
  10. Why are role selection made as it is?

    You mean 30 AT soldiers running around blasting every vehicle and/or building they see with explosives? Or 30v30 sniper gameplay? This isn't Sniper Elite! Makes for some great gameplay. /sarcasm This ^
  11. Do I get a message if I got killed by a friendly?

    In my opinion, the TK system is good the way it is. As stated above, accidents happen. As far as the topic of thread goes though, there are servers that tell you, but generally you aren't told you've been teamkilled.
  12. January 2018 Recap

    Oh damn... This stuff's nice.
  13. Leave Squad = Leaving Weapon

    If I've deciphered OP's thread correctly... Every squad has assigned kits/roles. That means that when you leave your squad to join another squad, your current kit may already be in use by a member of the squad you've just joined. Therefore, you will lose your kit, as you logically do not have priority over the already-in-place members. On the other hand, if you are kicked out/leave a squad and do not rejoin a squad, then you would also lose your kit. This is to prevent abusing role selection, so that there aren't 30 medics running around, completely bypassing the squad kit limits. It's a really simple and effective system. I see no issue with it, and frankly all it takes is a moment of your time to figure out why it is the way it is.
  14. V10 free look sensitivity

    I'm always down for these kinds of settings! I love things like this that give players freedom to make their gaming experience as comfortable as possible. That, and being able to continue running while free-looking would be nice; like in ArmA.