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  1. Walls

    So i am going to be making a small map for fun 1 single building for CQB 8v8 or 4v4 and i need to make my own meshes in 3ds and try to figure out the scale of players and walls so that i can start making these things to fit in game and look correct in size.... Help would be appreciated I started doing BSP brushes to make but think it would be alot faster to make meshes even for future use of maps like these that i would like to create
  2. WIP AA2 Pipeline 4v4 to 8v8

    I am recreating the Americas army pipeline map for shits and giggles being a 4v4 to a 8v8 think it wil be fun i am learning editor and trying to figure this out

  4. WHAT IS TitanIM? A global sandbox. An open world. A complete ecosphere in which to create, to experiment - to experience. There are no limits in TitanIM, geographically or conceptually. TitanIM is a simulation software platform offering a genuinely new capability. Within minutes of picking up TitanIM for the first time, a user can leverage a whole world representation of Earth and create a new scenario, modify the environment, or participate as a virtual entity - at any point around the world. In a single integrated program, TitanIM offers: A Point & Click Scenario Constructor Powerful Game-quality Runtime Engine Scenario Debrief with full 3D playback Online Multiplayer Networking Real-time Terrain Editing Global Terrain Database Web-integrated Environment An Open Development Platform http://titanim.net/www/ made on Outerra https://www.youtube.com/user/TitanIMMedia
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

    test i was a backer and have no tags i purchased 2 keys back when offering on kick starter
  7. Dec 15th release

    Will there be an update when it goes official What can we expect
  8. Future of Cheat Protection

    Grunt PB is a joke seriously there are soo many hackers in BF and AA and any other game that uses PB i cant even ponder why you would say it is a good anti cheat
  9. 2.1 Random FC

    Just put 2.1 on hardrive yesterday and now i can only play for about 10 mins and the game crashes saying something about ue4 i will get exact error
  10. After the first day of playing..

    i think even AK has less recoil i mean i own one and shoot regularly and the recoil is very manageable in semi... Auto for any weapon is a whole diffenerent story but honestly You can actually see my gun in my avatar
  11. Update coming?

    Will there be any updates coming in the near future and what will be including IE what are you working on!!!
  12. Learned from Debug

    Can a dev comment on what was learned this weekend from the debug server? I know at one point when i was playing there were at least 50+ on and was just wondering what was learned. I do know my FPS was at around 24 in areas of battles. AMD FX8320 clock 4.5 windows 10 GTX970 g1 gaming SSD