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  1. Very good initiative ! Thank you very much With example files, that would be perfect !
  2. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Let's change subject and admire the work of PS developers : Stroll on Heelsum in 5040x1050 (Post Scriptum - The Bloody Seventh)
  3. [server] admin.cfg

    Hello ! In group permissions, do not put space after the two points and the commas. Group=SuperAdmin:changemap,cheat,private,balance,chat,kick,ban,config,cameraman,debug,pause Group=Admin:changemap,balance,chat,kick,ban,cameraman,pause Group=Moderateur:changemap,chat,kick,ban I only see that.
  4. Hardware server - Xeon E3 1225v2

    Great ! Thank you for your answers !
  5. Hello everybody ! I have two short questions about the hardware configuration of a server. 1 - I have a server with Xeon E3 1225v2 processor with 16GB DDR3 ram, a 1 Gbps network card and a 120G SDD. Will a 72-slot Squad server work correctly? 2 - I have a Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition license. Is that enough? Thank you in advance for your answers !
  6. Kokan Squad Remake

    Amazing job on the map ! Thank you, ChanceBrahh
  7. Troubles with AdminDemoPlay

    I just tested on version 8.1, and it works ! We can play demos recorded on the server. Excellent news !!!! There is a problem : when a player performs an action (fire with his weapon, throw a grenade, use binoculars...), the player aims at the sky ;'( Hopefully this will be fixed soon !
  8. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    The problem is solved for me. I executed Squad.exe as administrator. I removed it and I have servers in the list !
  9. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    Here is my file squad.log : http://pastebin.com/zxkcMPWx Line 304 : [2016.11.02-01.52.57:477][ 1]LogOnline:Warning: NULL: Can't start an online game for session (Game) that hasn't been create In my directory LicensedServerCache , I have many files .cfg if it will help you
  10. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    I have exactly the same problem and I have never had this problem before ! it's really frustrating not to be able to test the Alpha version 8 ;'( Help us !
  11. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    I have participated in none any beta version. The custom server list is also empty
  12. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Very Nice !!! I downloaded the V8 but my server browser is completely empty ... impossible to see a server ;'( Someone has the same problem? (Show Different Version and Show Empty Servers are checked)
  13. Troubles with AdminDemoPlay

    I've got the same errormessage with verson 7.7 : Is it planned to be corrected in the version 8 ? It becomes important to make magnificent videos and denounce the cheaters/glitches !
  14. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    I am of the same opinion as you ! It would be a very good idea