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  1. Squad Livestreams

    Here i thought people who are gonna live stream squad over the weekend can advertise there streaming channel as its hard to find streams of squad. i will be live streaming over on stream.me on saturday so follow me on there here is my link.http://www.stream.me/HyperTed. please also check out the other peoples channels who post on the thread.
  2. current build download

    does anyone no when the current build is ready for download they normally release it 24/12 hours before don't they?
  3. what day can we play this week

    it was sat till tuesday last week
  4. hi iv not seen a post saying what day we can play this week. is it sunday?
  5. Week 2 Impressions (Master Thread?)

    this weekends alpha has me quiet and iv been getting stutter in my game since iv upgraded to windows 10
  6. Does lowering the graphics give you an edge?

    low setting are bad on this game tree's and that look horrid and it makes the fire fights at long range impossible
  7. will Squad Work On Windows 10

    hi im thinking about upgrading to windows 10 but don't no if squad will run on it. what do you guys think?
  8. Can Friday Hurry Up

    just want friday to hurry up to play squad again. jumped back on PR yesterday but it don't feel the same anymore after playing squad. what are you guys playing to pass the time.
  9. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge_hasMAPwc&feature=youtu.be
  10. what time do severs go live at
  11. hi i downloaded squad but can't login are the servers not up yet i guess
  12. mine shown up in my spam so check there people
  13. hi im just wondering when the emails will be sent out with the key and download link
  14. Weekend Preparations!

    im gutted i backed as a commander and im out all day saturday as its my daughters first birthday guess im staying up late staurday
  15. im just saying that making models for the attachments costs money and takes alot of time as im in that industry as a 3d modeler for a big animation firm. making 3d models for attchments like red dots sights or bipods i don't mind i just don't want it to go over bored with attchments that don't realy work good in game like laser sights and silly skins