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  1. Growth of this game

    I have to say i'm extremly happy for the Dev team. I remember last year we were the same 20 guys talking about the game(and that december demo-launch we hoped for haha). It seems that within a month the game become very popular, though i hope you don't let people decide and guide for you since you guys already know what you're doing! Best wishes
  2. Two Eyes Open Aiming

    I think i read something about this, it's that bluring most of the screen is actually pretty heavy on the system right now on the engine.
  3. A tiny bit of character customization would be pretty awesome, nothing very flagrant but just a little something would be nice. And the reserve server slot i think it might be a bit excessive!
  4. Multiple Gameplay Settings On Server

    Yea that would be indeed were hardcore haha, but we would need to be able to write on maps or maybe the floor if we can't pinpoint people/objective on the map!And what's the 1 life server thing your talking about Mr.Obama?
  5. Sound Barrier For Jets And Others

    Some maps are 4x4(km) so having jets so far top with little to no space to go around would be weird, maybe on bigger maps, but we would need both sides to be able to fight in the air or else one side would be way more powerful Oh wow wrong post haha, but why make sound barrier and such sounds if they're 4km in the air?
  6. Sound Barrier For Jets And Others

    Also i think there already going to have enough stuff going on, adding more and more would be very distracting!
  7. Fps Cap?

    They do but only very important client have them, not everyone.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SRTEXSpcyI&channel=GhostRoboIf you go on the video when changing the video quality you can see the 720p60 or 1080p60.
  8. Whats The Maximal Altitude And Longitude For Aicraft ?

    They plan on making vehicles but it's probably in a while since they' barely just announced the game haha.
  9. Compass In The Game

    They already had some type of compass and degrees on the bottom of their video, i though it was already good like that.
  10. Fps Cap?

    Ehh those youtube video don't make sense, youtube caps at 30fps, so uploading a 60fps video will make it look 30.
  11. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    I think Squad: Combined Arms is nice but it kinda sound like combat arms lol.
  12. Joystick Integration

    Oh wow 300$ for joystick, probably going to go for the 50'ish$ one for my first haha, thanks for the help guys
  13. Joystick Integration

    Damn you guys all own joystick? How much would a regular one run you down for?
  14. Fps Cap?

    Goddamn you smeggles! I was really about to get get somewhat mad!
  15. Slots Per Server

    I'm actually from Québec and had no idea people called Canada Canadia, sounds very odd to me.