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  1. Please no raised weapon as default

    Please make this a thing
  2. Music!

    This. Just this:
  3. Remove K/D statistics

    I agree. Stats at the end of the game are ok, but I don't need them to be totally honest.
  4. zTrooper new squad video

    Yes! Awesome stuff.
  5. How will I know if Kickstarter accepted my payment

    You should definitely get an email like Your pledge to Squad - Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer has been collected!‏
  6. Kickstarter DONE!

    Reading this I am all the more happy to have pledged at the commander level. Keep it up and keep spreading the word, you deserve recognition and payment for your work.
  7. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    I for one really, really like to hear my equipment dangling when I run in a game. See DayZ SA for example. It adds a huge amount to the immersion.
  8. Can't wait until Closed Pre-alpha!

    This. Actually, I'm expecting it to launch even later.
  9. Kickstarter DONE!

    Congratulations! Great kickstarter pitch for a great project. I can't wait to see further development.