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  1. Squad Handling Recoil in CQB Squad Audio Vs PR Squad - Wheres Peach? Squad - SlowMo Toffee Squad - Chinese Ewok Flip Flops Squad - Magic flying Carpets Plus more here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTw7YghZdlUgXYcSB2Iv8Kg
  2. Hello all. As somebody who enjoys creating Squad videos. AdminDisableHud is bugged. ANY text on screen such as "Mr Big nuts joins the server" or any text chat stays permanent on screen after using the hide admin command. This means capturing the start of match is nearly impossible. Also the server message "capture all flags in order" is again on screen way too long, and as stated above cannot be hidden when using the admin disable command as it will stay on screen permanently. Can this be fixed for version 10 plz? Only way is wait patiently for the entire screen to be empty of messages and alerts THEN use the command.. meaning you miss out on the interesting stuff at the start of the round. PLease fix this, its been a bug since day 1 of the game. Thanks. PP - S&B
  3. We need the ability to be able to pick up dead players weapons. Wether this is only for your faction is debatable but preferable I feel. Case in question. Our squad came under attack from an enemy BTR.. our AT guy was killed before he shot the vehicle and our medic was also down. Why cant one of our team pick up the AT and fire it the vehicle? and if I run out of ammo and am at the front line, why can I not pick up weapons from dead players? even if it is just nades and extra ammo. I genuinely feel that would add a lot to the game. //Thoughts?
  4. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    70 Subs.. Hot women and sports cars await lol.
  5. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    We have already seen, lighting and smoke effects reduced. The lighting is off on many maps i feel now, darks are too crushed and whites are burnt out.
  6. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    You asked my friend, there fore you shall recieve.
  7. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    HAve you had chance to try it? fantastic map. I am uploading a MP match on here, which was so much fun. Fire fights in the tunnels.
  8. I feel many of the maps are lacking environment audio. Some of them if you stand still have nothing... it's completely silent, its why i add extra audio in my videos.
  9. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    I guess he crumbled under pressure ha ha. And thank you for the nice comments. I have a new channel Skull & Bones so it's a slow process getting support.
  10. Its not for me. Its too help others.
  11. I know it it not a huge issue once you have played for a long time, but for new payers identifying the character models can be difficult. Occasionally I still tk on some of the maps. Can models be placed in Jensen's range showing the a factions and different classes? This would be of great interest I feel to a lot of people. This modded range has 2 museums, I know Jensen's have the weapons as well. It looks great and really is a fantastic showcase, especially the grenade range. I found the vehicle section particularly useful. Knowing your BTR, from your Stryker.. very nice. If the character models were lined up showing different classes and factions, this would go a long way to helping a large group of people. (I feel) Sample of FORT MEADE the new modded range.
  12. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    Squad is beautiful. This is why we love it. Added audio and VFX to the video. Yes its a golden oldy, but I enjoyed creating this one, and the end part brings me to tears reminds me of the good ol days.
  13. [RIP] Lexhy Squad videos

    Nice 1. Love the RIP lads (Well most of em)
  14. POLL - v10

    It seems from this post, People with less than 50 posts = We want cod Backers, founders, PR vets with 50+ posts = We like v10 and want it slow and tactical *Interesting*
  15. POLL - v10

    I feel this is wrong. The backers wanted it slower and more tactical. There are too many arcady games out there with fast pace and dolphin diving. This game is a successor to Project Reality. The slower the better and more rewarding the gameplay is. Think before you move or shoot.. the game is forging its own identity. Hell I would of liked it even slower!
  16. Vehicle, controlling speed

    I have to agree on the mouse steering, currently its kind of knife and fork steering. Cornering is always adjust , adjust , adjust, just look at your hands when you steer and you will see what I mean. it hard to have a constant smooth turn. I would love the ability to have gears. So i can move the vehicle forward at a certain speed. rather than. 0 > full almost instantly, or having to keep tapping W key.
  17. Alpha 10 Public Test

    100+ Agreed. Slower makes this game stand out from the crowd, it gives the game an identity. Tactical thought out game play, not insurgency cod.
  18. Creating my own mod, sdk? i wouldnt knwo where to begin.
  19. null_value

    Rules - rules - rules. 98% of Squad players don't even know how the points system works, so these rules are pointless. They want to jump in and enjoy themselves. If they break a server rule, that's what the admins are there for, to remind them. Simple. Please stop with constant more and more rules and automated red server rules every 5 mins it getting tiresome. I have even been given admin cam access to record footage for a well know clan. Then when I locked my squad to stop people joining and talking i got threatened with being banned unless I unlock it as it was the rules. Utterly pointless and an admin on a power trip. I was recording FOR them. My god.
  20. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Has this been confirmed.com?
  21. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Found your servers to be good ping for me in the uk. Also like the fact that the server admins are not on power trips. I do wish you would get rid of the server automated messages. Being told in big red writing every 5 mins/ "If you teamkill always apologise" is condescending and kills immersion, they are not needed we are not 12 year old cod players. Just get rid of all those messages leave em blank. Your admins can admin the server perfectly well. Ps .Invite only, so how do you get invited?
  22. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    Some great features on that map. Grenade range is especially good, also like the museum parts. Links to the mod are in the description. Excuse the toilet humour.. that's a Yorkshire thing lol.