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  1. Interesting tactic for overwatch and lockdown on AlBashra.. Thoughts?
  2. If you are on defence in the middle of the map this might be more viable.
  3. Squad Handling Recoil in CQB Squad Audio Vs PR Squad - Wheres Peach? Squad - SlowMo Toffee Squad - Chinese Ewok Flip Flops Squad - Magic flying Carpets Plus more here :
  4. Interesting, there are different views on this on yt, both for it and some against it. It does give a great overwatch position for a defending squad.
  5. Great as usual!
  6. Latest Old Hello and welcome to a new video I put together for Squad. It will help new players who are coming into Squad fresh, and even help some of us who have been around since the start of the Squad kickstarter with a few hints and tips. I have tried to keep the information straight forward and helpful, some of the deep mechanics of the game I will do in another video, but for now this video will give you the fundamentals to get in game and know what's happening. The game can be overly complicated for new players, and as we push forward with vehicles and emplacements, getting the core fundamentals and game play basics with infantry will stead you over nicely. If you enjoy this video and found it helpful, let me know and give me your feedback, suggestions for future videos I may make. Thanks for watching. See you on the battlefield. Para.
  7. Agreed dust, smoke nades, and backblasts all reduced, such a shame. have bullet cracks been reduced now as well?
  8. I am not allowed to advertise it here, but PM me for a further 5% off the game price. I think it is worth £12 but I wouldnt pay full price for it. Its buggy and not finished in my opinion.
  9. Don't be an arse. I was comparing it to a Squad players mind set.
  10. IS IT RUN AND GUN? Hmm...
  11. Spawn .. run... black screen headshot... Wash rinse repeat. Not enjoying it as much as i was dunno. Again it aint no squad.
  12. 6 hours yet.
  13. There should be another beta test today.
  14. 002- Chora - PAAS RIP Server.
  15. I am getting around 40fps and keep cinematic on at 1440p it just looks beautiful.
  16. A brilliant update so far. Loving the boom and destruction that's now possible. With the insurgents and militia getting ied, and mines, what happened to the America Claymore implementation curious as to why they didn't make this version to balance things out. I know there was talk of the claymores having the clicker, personally, i would of preferred plants and forget. In PR Taliban get toe clippers, small ieds that you place by hand into the ground, with upto 6 if i remember being able to be planted meaning you could place them spread out in fields. They are visible if inf look carefully enough. They would be a great implementation. Also will we be getting Gary trucks from PR? These are a dedicated dumpster truck filled with explosives (Suicide truck) they instilled fear into inf when they saw them or heard them... and had a massive blast radius, they are used to take out inf and enemy vehicles. Great fun.
  17. I play at 30 fps 1440p and it is totally playable, its not a twitch shooter. I would rather have amazing cinematic effects and AA than more fps.
  18. Turning less than 10, what do you mean? 10fps? you need a new cpu then. If you are struggling use the benchmark tool, or turn off: Bloom Vysnc Motion blur I run at 1440p and only get 30-40fps but it is totally playable as i like the fx a lot.
  19. First time iv tried this format. So go easy
  20. What about A10 bomb runs like this it stops the a10 eventually being able to drop it when they want.
  21. I have to say this and get this off my chest. Was the so-called abuse really abuse? or just banter? We live in a snowflake world now, where feeling are hurt at the slightest thing and smelly SJW's ruin everything. We all have to be politically correct, can't say this, shouldn't say that. Isn't the word 'Spaniard' now offensive? shouldn't it be 'Spanish'? I for one grew up in a generation where it doesn't matter (Im 45) I don't care about people being upset, or crying into their paella, keep your up chin up and be a man, don't let these English idiots affect you, it makes you come across as weak. So the complaints were you had not been communicating, seems the whole side agreed on this, it was not originally about you being Spanish, it was about radios. People aimed at you with slurs just as any other nationality would if the English were on a Spanish server it would be the same, it's not racism it's what people do. Man up, ignore it and keep playing. But by all means, challenge your bans, but accept it either way. Long live the Spanish! I find the admin on Exodus server to be very fair, you are warned.. warned again.. then pay the price, in essence, it really is your fault.