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  1. whats ya discord name? just Odin?
  2. Smart arse bastard.
  3. I dont have an anti virus and its doing it all time now since windows update
  4. Its realistic infantry should fear these and run and hide. With limited ammo they would work perfectly. Humvess 50 cal is pretty useless this a sigh unit on. you have to get in close to see anything then get killed by rpg ans HAT kits, turning them into essentially taxis.
  5. Ea. Jut turn them off local side like i do. AdminHideWidgets
  6. Makes humvess more effective they are weak at the moment. They should instill fear in the infantry. And humvees can be destroyed with hat rounds HAT kit easily.
  7. They are used in real life, if it was set to 30 rounds only and had to RTB then this would stop spammers. And besides the gunner has less protection so it would even it's self out. Current 50 cals are not used often they seem very ineffective.
  8. I noticed in Game that not many people use the Main gun its quite difficult to use effectively due to the zoom and impossible when moving. Humvees also come with a grenade launcher on top in real life, this would reduce the accuracy needed and also make the Humvees much more effective against infantry out on the field. I would be interested in your thoughts and opinions on this idea and also if any of the developers could also comment thank you. ++ Option for 50cal versions to have a sight unit on with zoom.
  9. But thats what happens now.
  10. Causes more team killing? how? name tags prevent team killing. 2nd : You should not be next to your team mate. Do not bunch up. I explain here, why I use no hud, but its not for everyone.
  11. I think forcing it off for everyone would have to be a Hardcore, or realism server. Not everybody wants that level of immersion or gameplay, and dont want to alienate certain players. There is a player base out there who wants it. The ONLY downside is not knowing player names when next to people and you want to talk to them.
  12. Yes good point. The founders get the as a dlc key.
  13. Agreed on the local comms point, I should of included that good point. Ya see! we all learn something everytime we play, Nice 1 and thanks.
  14. I would like this sorting, some of us have been here since before day 1. Its nice to feel a little gratitude from the devs. Skins in the game should be fixed by now it been like this since v7. Disappointed.