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  1. If you are on defence in the middle of the map this might be more viable.
  2. Interesting, there are different views on this on yt, both for it and some against it. It does give a great overwatch position for a defending squad.
  3. Interesting tactic for overwatch and lockdown on AlBashra.. Thoughts?
  4. Great as usual!
  5. Agreed dust, smoke nades, and backblasts all reduced, such a shame. have bullet cracks been reduced now as well?
  6. I am not allowed to advertise it here, but PM me for a further 5% off the game price. I think it is worth £12 but I wouldnt pay full price for it. Its buggy and not finished in my opinion.
  7. Don't be an arse. I was comparing it to a Squad players mind set.
  8. IS IT RUN AND GUN? Hmm...
  9. Spawn .. run... black screen headshot... Wash rinse repeat. Not enjoying it as much as i was dunno. Again it aint no squad.
  10. 6 hours yet.
  11. There should be another beta test today.