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  1. Do mortars suck?

    Kills dont mean anything in this game and they never will. supporting the team is more important.
  2. Founder Weapon Skins

    Thanks for looking into this Odin. Someof us have been here since pre-day 1 it means something to us. Hats off to the team.
  3. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    I know the truth, i hear all of it from internal.
  4. Founder Weapon Skins

    lol its been like this since arounf v6
  5. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    No they kicked me out for producing lots of content for the community and not appreciating anything i do. So i stay clear of most of the devs now. They even made sure the new community manager didn't know me i hear.. **** knows why, i done loads for the game. // Somebody gave me access to record the video.. no names (a dev)
  6. Will give it a go thanks Smee
  7. No idea whats happening. Not had issues since day 1 really. Windows 10 Gtx980ti 32 gig ram ssd Games loads.. it crashes to desktop before role option comes up, no error , nothing.
  8. As Sgt Ross has mentioned things will change with new animation system. Believe me many many backers from day one have discussed the sights and feeling you are too far away from the weapon. I too know people who don't play anymore they got frustrated with not being able to see what they are shooting at because of the ADS. It is frustrating, I feel it too. But this is their game, and their vision. At 1440p I find it impossible to shoot at range on single fire, I can't see what am shooting at. So it becomes a mid - CQ game. 50 cals are also a no go really, again no way for me to see what am shooting. We live with it or we move on, or we wait and see what the devs update.
  9. Please no shovel melee

    Exactly why i dont want it, squad is not a kids game.
  10. whats ya discord name? just Odin?
  11. Memory could not be written

    Smart arse bastard.
  12. I dont have an anti virus and its doing it all time now since windows update