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  1. Have a look at 6.40 That's how smoke used to be.. also shows how far weapons and audio have come since early days.
  2. Anders did audio for both.. amazing.
  3. Axton99 has something really rather special for us.
  4. Thank you all. Been tryign to get some work IRL. But will take you all up on the offer at some point. THanks all.
  5. Thanks Death. The ending part my fav that fight on top of fools road was action galore.
  6. Thanks WIN played with you guys in the league a few times (I subbed in for redcoats) appreciate the offer.
  7. Hmm, I hear you. But will the Squad community enforce its own rules? that's on thing I love about PR. Even though squad 1 and 2 are both apc for example. Nobody.. NOBODY will touch their vehicle, they could leave it anywhere and nobody will ever touch it barring them. Awesome. Just as no INF will take any vehicle that's no assigned to their squad.
  8. Hello all. I created this topic to ask if anybody would grant me cam access on their server? I am not looking for any admin powers, it is purely for camera access. I would like to create some more Squad montages similar to this one where I added new blood and explosion effects. I will give a shout out on another video to which ever server/clan lets me gain footage from their server, Here's hoping you can help, thanks in advance. Uncle ParaPlays.
  9. Hello all Squids. We all love Squad, and many of us still love PR. PR is the daddy of Squad, and if you want to see where Squad is heading.. well Project Reality is a clear vision. With many of our devs having worked on PR. One thing that stands out for me in PR is it seems the gameplay is even more team play enforced (The community enforces it's own rules brilliantly) For example, at the start of each round when squads are set up, they take it seriously in Squad recently I saw names like this. Gas em even more Assad No ****ing NoObS Big *** Bastards Maybe it's my age but I don't see any humour in this at all, not only does it make the game look foolish to PR players I think it presets a mindset. In PR squads are given specifical names based on their role. Transport INF CAS LOGISTICS Armour Obviously, some of those are not here in Squad as yet but you get the idea. Transport for instance, they will the entire game, come back to main base, pick up troops and drop them off anywhere on the battlefield. They return and wait. This goes for the Transport helos as well. This adds a HUGE amount of enjoyment and it pushes teamplay even further. Will Squad ever get to this level is my question really, I hope so. It does, feel like for the majority of the time it's just 5 individual Squads, a little bit of other squad comms and not much else. How we change this I do not know. In PR Squads move down a street, then tell the APC to follow, they stick together and the infantry look after the APC, it's amazing. Well, that's a long post enough said, would love to hear your thoughts. Para.
  10. I always get great ping on this server, I am on it most days. Would love cam access if possible (Don't want to admin) so I could create another video like this. I would, of course, give a shout out to exodus clan in a video and description if they allowed it. Any chance?
  11. Thank you both, appreciated :P
  12. Why would the enemy not rush the first flag? this is a virtual war game.. there are no rules.