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  1. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    You Guys are amazing ,Thx DEV !
  2. Project Reality and Darkest Ahour
  3. Extra pre-alpha key

    If someone have a pre-alpha key to sell ,please let me know Thx
  4. Buy/sell commander pack key?

    If someone have a extra pre-alpha key to sell send me PM !
  5. Pre Alpha access

    Hi all, same for me ,I just realise that i buy the wrong pack for the pre alpha !...i got the (squad leader) pack and you need commander to have access to pre alpha I wonder if it possible to change the squad leader pack to a commader !?...I don't mind if i have to buy the game again ! i just wan to have access to pre alpha ! i send a e-mail to IronTaxi ....i hope he can do something for me ! really sorry for the bad english guys !!!
  6. June 2015

    Very Nice !
  7. Kickstarter DONE!