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  1. M72A7 LAW - Reloading

    It is actually extremely reasonable. I've read and heard from multiple friends that have been deployed overseas that the standard kits, at least in the USMC, would carry either one AT4 or two M72 LAWs. (By the same person) They are much lighter than the AT4 and thus can be carried together.
  2. There are many posts in this forum for recruitment. I'm sure many would be glad to welcome you in!
  3. This game is based on standard infantry, not Special Forces Operational Detachments, lmao.
  4. Clan pack again?

    Always PM IronTaxi.
  5. Grenadier "Weapon Change"

    Nice! I am not really concerned about the times, but the transition would seem smooth and much more pleasing to the eye.
  6. Epic Ambush on an entire Squad

    Awesome footage!
  7. It is an immersion thing. I'd like to see this as well.
  8. its almost end of September xD!

    Even as a clan backer, I can't wait until the 26th. We need more players!
  9. Female Characters

    Personally I'd like it to be randomly generated with a low percentage due to its rarity in real life. For pilots there could be a higher percentage of it. I don't think it would be a good idea to have people pick their gender, as a battlefield of mostly women is just immersion breaking.
  10. Sadly there is really nothing to be done about this. Some people actually need these settings in order to run the game.
  11. SLI Compatibility

    This. I find it hard to play without my 144hz. I guess I'm just too accustomed to CS:GO.
  12. Support AI

    Great idea but would likely be very hard to do. Doubt it will happen.