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  1. This seems to have gotten worse, the US team with optics has an even larger advantage now against Insurgents due to having much better camo in desert maps and now there is some other change that side of server could be the US team for 3 maps in a row. The game has become painful now when not on US team because people just quit and find another server. The best games were in early Alpha when it was Russia vs Militants or Insurgents because both sides did not have any optics other than 1 or 2 marksmen and it made for good gameplay with gunfights on objectives. Now it is every match , the US team go prone 200 metres from objective and just pick off easy targets and just keeping pushing through. Thanks in advance for letting me know that is realistic, but I did the Kickstarter for a game not for my real life. Is there any word or feedback on whether they are looking at balancing or is it just a marketing ploy to attract the biggest market in US if they can win 9 out of 10 matches ?
  2. Like the community. Don't like the balance, even with latest patch US camo improves giving them even more advantage with scopes so you get team switchers and players change server if they can't get on US team. Is Donald Trump the balance designer ?
  3. Burning, smoldering fires

    Given that FPS takes about a 40% hit when you are close to a smoke grenade, I would be very nervous about large scale smoke on screen.
  4. Lets talk about the netcode

    Yes there is a number of NetCode challenges , the syncing of sounds is the most noticeable for me. Dying and then hearing the gunshot or with grenades , Isee the grenade , I die on screen and then grenade explosion animation plays and then finally grenade sound is heard. i use single shot and have stopped trying to shoot an enemy running sideways 30 metres in front because NetCode/hit boxes are so bad, I now wait until they stop running or circle around behind them at least if they are running straight from you you can adjust for the hitbox delay.
  5. A few people are getting a Memory Error after EXIT , I would suggest there is some sort of memory leak/access violation when it tries to change back to your Windows screen/resolution.
  6. Squad SweetFx issue

    I believe there was something about Cntrl + Enter before taking the screen shot but I can't remember so I used to hit Print Screen and then paste into Photoshop as a new image, there is also an option to say whether .png or .jpg file Your other option is to enable 50/50 Splitscreen through SweetFX , this then applies the shading to only half your screen so you can still move your soldier around to see what it looks like in different parts of the screen to tweak brightness , gamma gain by colour etc I recently started using ReShadeMe which with the Mediator app lets you apply different settings on the fly whilst in Borderless mode so makes it much easier to see what your settings are doing as you adjust them.
  7. Delay for drivers

    ....... or a slow girlfriend
  8. There does seem to be some 'out of sync' things recently. I posted a topic about continually seeing the grenade, then dying and then hearing the explosion and animation, a couple of people in games have talked about similar syncing/NetCode issues. I really notice it when shooting at enemies running sideways past me at less than 20 metres, you have to try and lead the target and the shots that looked like missing appear to give the hit mark. I would say it appears to be a more recent issue from the update a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Yes I understand that, my question was more around the seeing of enemies which was well answered in the thread that it is possible to have a laptop or similar next to you with Admin Camera running.As I said there is not much that can be done as it is a necessary evil, so just come downs to honour and respect. Thanks for the info/answers from Admins and keep up the good work on your servers.
  10. I couldn't find another thread to answer the question as only found something about the Admin Camera watching live gameplay. But the other night on Australian server I accidentally got a team kill from 200m after a call of enemies by my Squad Leader and there was no name tag visible. Then a chat message came up ADMIN: Watch your friendly fire JD-WA, you TK'd me, decent shot from back there but. I apologised and explained the reasons. I then started following him through the map and he was 'running' into enemy compounds and never dying and we won the game easily. At the end of the game he had 52 kills and 3 deaths, next closest was 8 kills and 2 deaths. I have seen him again in other games with very high scores K/D compared to others. It then got me thinking how did he know it was me, obviously through Admin rights, fair enough we need that for cheaters & purposely TK. But with him knowing where I was, does he have the same ability against the enemies. Because tonight we were on a different server getting hammered by amazing shots from everywhere and all the calls of hackers etc came out in the chat and one of the guys in my Squad said that they would have a guy with a laptop marking out all the enemies, does this mean Server Admin again ? Not much we can do about it and we need Server Admins but it would be nice to know about it.
  11. Things I will love to see in the game

    What I would like to see is a reduction in 4x scopes. IMO ever since there have been more added the whole gameplay has changed and there is less squad play and communications. The best games and teamwork used to be Russia vs Militia maps when neither side had scopes and gunfights were up close around objectives and good comms & squad work decided a close result. Now it seems to be who ever gets the most 4x scopes on the objective wins and wins by a large margin. Hopefully will balance itself out eventually.
  12. After game close memory error.

    Looks like a memory leak/memory access error and comes as you exit the game to go back to your Windows screen, do you play in borderless mode or fullscreen and is your game resolution the same as your windows resolution ? Nothing major except for Willertz having to download config files again.
  13. I searched here regarding netcode, couldn't find anything relevant. I have noticed since update that there seems to be some form of sync issue, as above I see the grenade, back away , die, then grenade explodes and sound at about the same time whilst I am in the death screen. I also noticed that front on CQB gunfights (say 20 metres), I see the enemy go to raise my gun, death screen comes up before he has reacted and then he animates and I hear the sounds of gunfire. whilst in the death screen. I am on servers with avge 70ms ping the best I can get in Western Australia. Is there any port forwarding or other network solutions that may help, I have a TCP optimised network from other FPS games so no concerns there.
  14. What to Expect from Major Update This Week?

    ...*coughs* ... ACOG scopes removed from USA. I personally would prefer this to happen, the most fun & closest games I have played are Russia vs Militia with just about everyone on iron sights = up close tense gun fights over an objective and the best communicating & medic using squads normally come out on top. The ACOGs on the USA team seem to result in a sniping war and very few gun fights on objectives and also results in a lot of lone wolf players.