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  1. I will start the bidding at $100..
  2. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Just so you know I have spent over $10,000 on Star Citizen this year. I am part of an Org that has 7 people people that have spent more than $5000 on Star Citizen. We have 3 who have spent over $10K. We have one that has spent over $100K. No offense guy, but you don't know the right people. Also, this is an Org that a client of mine has: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/xii He has spent over $200,000 on Star Citizen. Every member of that Org has spent over $10,000. That is 40 members who have spent more than $10K. So what you think is just wrong man. I am not trying to be a dick or anything but you have to understand we live in a large world with over 7 BILLION people on it. In this very large world there are MILLIONS of successful people like myself and many of the users on this forum. And there is no reason why we should have to have a less than awesome experience because you guys are not successful, or not successful yet in your life, or just cheap fucks. I hope you understand. Anyway, this is my last fucking post as I bid you guys adieu and will be throwing many hundreds or thousands of dollars at this game, and you better thank me you cheap asshole because it is going to benefit the overall development of this game, and make it BETTER. And it will be better for YOU, TOO. I hope they make this game $2000, and make it so you need 4 fucking Titan II's to play it, and I hope they sell M1A1 Abrams for $1000 to use them. Then I will be able to play the best fucking game ever, and not have to worry about a ton of cheap fuckers ruining the game for me. Making the dev's use bad textures and graphics so you peasants can play it on your potatoes. Not have to worry about playing with a ton of immature 20 year old CoD kids. User warned for insulting behaviour. - Spec
  3. Community Creation

    As I dabble in a bit of Architecture and UE4 Arch Viz, I pray some of my buildings and assets get into this game someday
  4. Jobar Syria Map

    I have now opened a new bank account at my Credit Union. It is Titled: "The Jobar Syria Fund". I am not even kidding. Each week I will toss a few more buckaroos in there When the Jobar Map is announced it will all be yours Squad. lol
  5. Smooth Movement (Not Arma-Like)

    It will not get ANY smoother than Star Citizen. Until Squad comes out that is B)
  6. Vehicles

    Oh man those are sexy beasts !!
  7. Medical System

    I can not WAIT to be a Medic in Squad. I was ranked Top 10 in BF4 - California for Revives. However, in PR I am / was not a Medic very often. I can't wait to step up to the plate and be the guys responsible for saving my Squad-mates. Also, everyone loves a Medic ! Oh man, that is a great idea for a Squad Tee. BRB writing that one down.
  8. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    Agreed. However, what are some of the other things that could replace "rank" ? What is used IRL that we could use to accomplish the same thing ?
  9. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    Honestly, I want this game to be as "Realistic" as a game should be. I don't think that there is any room in that for ranking, but could be wrong here. I am wrong every now and then
  10. Okay if you have not watched this, you NEED to. I don't give a shit about what you think about Star Citizen, or it's success or anything. No one can argue that what they are doing is pushing the industry to a height that has never been seen before. They took the bar and put it so freaking high. This is kicking off the Golden Age of Gaming that we have all been waiting so long for.And this right here is why myself and thousand like me are throwing THOUSANDS of dollars at this game. THOUSANDS.http://youtu.be/BWLVI_mnn2I?t=15m58s
  11. Insurgency: Nightfall

    This. So much this brother. I salute your intelligence. Every time I hear people mentioning games like INS and Arma and even BF, I cringe. Look at what Star Citizen is doing with their game-chaning FPS module. Any game that is coming out in the year 2015-16 and beyond, will need try and at least be innovative and immersive. Anything less will be shit. We have DX12 on the horizon, decently powerful hardware coming from Intel and Nivida (Still need moaaar for 4K though, like a lot more), and UNREAL ENGINE is built for innovation Unlike CryEngine or Frostbite. We need to be looking at cool, new techniques, innovatiuons and discussing those on this forum. That is how we move forward. The days of using 5-10 year old engines is behind us. We were in a very DARK AGE for a while. We are now coming out of it, and we will be in a Golden Age. Star Citizen is leading the way, but I think Squad can make just as big of an impact. And I have been talking to some experts in the industry who feel the same way. Just sayin.If you Insurgency guys (Those who say that Squad should be ANYTHING like INS) have not seen what Star Citizen is doing to change how FPS's and Video Games in general, you NEED to watch this. This is what a FPS should look like in the year 2015.http://youtu.be/BWLVI_mnn2I?t=15m58s
  12. Pbr On Frostbite / Battlefield

    Good find !