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  1. I am a TPS type of player(SOCOM) been playing Insurgency to sharpen up my FPS skills, lol, interested in SQUAD. Should have kickstrated but here I am, just purchased SQUAD yesterday... The game looks really good. I am not a huge fan of FPS but I am really interested in SQUAD! See you guys in December!!
  2. Just purchased SQUAD!

    We will see...actually there is a post of servers...hold up!!
  3. Out of curiosity, how long did VOIP take?

    Maybe, just maybe you can help SOF studios with there mic problems? Not sure how the industry works but would be much appreciated :) see you Dec 15!! Tomorrow!!!!
  4. Just purchased SQUAD!

    Got my KEY!!!! Can not wait, see you guys in a couple days!!
  5. [Video] Steam Early Access Release Teaser

    Looks amazing!! 2 more days!!
  6. [SUGGESTION] 3 Factions battle or etc.

    Great idea!! Ultimate alliance and team work!!
  7. Bunker Harassment on Kohat Toi Conquest

    Thanks for sharing, nice video!!
  8. Gameplay video's from our server. Enjoy!

    Nice!! Thanks for the videos!!
  9. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Come on Dec 15!!!!!!! Nice maps, can not wait to get in the game!
  10. Steam Workshop Yes/no - Strawpoll

    I think it can benefit a game. All depends when to release it. If a game does not need it and there game is solid, wait until the game is finished, full release or close to a full release. But if you have a small development team and need to turn attention elswhere, add it and give your team time to develope the game, keep players busy while they wait for content. Look at Redline from Socom:Source in INSURGENCY, he has done a great job!
  11. Bring back the VIP mode

    Delete please
  12. Bring back the VIP mode

    A Squad has to protect and company a 3 vehicle(one truck and two humvees) convoy with one VIP to extraction. The VIP is a highly ranked terrorist leader that was captured and needed for questioning and intel. On foot the Squad will protect and lead the vehicles to the extraction. The VIP can be placed in the vehicles (any of the three) the Squad nor the enemy can get in the vehicles or operate them. You can take control of the VIP at any given time but remember keeping the VIP in a vehicle is the safest and best way to keep the VIP away from the enemy. If you were to die while having the VIP in your possession, the VIP can run from you and be closer to the enemy to take. Also, if you place the VIP in the vehicle (the VIP is cuffed and told to stay put) but if left unattended, and the closes Squad member is 15-20m away the VIP can exit the vehicle and try to run. The drivers of the vehicles are only for show. The vehicles are operated and told which way to go, turn, stop and go by the Squad leader. If the Squad leader were to die, next in charge is in control. There will be narrow roads, sharp turns, debri filled, mountain terrain paths for the vehicles. I would say 3 paths maybe 4 would be enough. Each path has its decoys, breaches, resistance. Maybe no resistance depending on the enemy's plans. The Squad wins by extracting the VIP or killing the enemys. The enemy wins by taking the VIP away from the Squad or eliminating the Squad.
  13. Vote SQUAD for Indie GOTY!

    Although I have not played it yet, I will vote! Looks promising visually and on video!
  14. Just purchased SQUAD!

    I assume the references are good? Is the alpha key, worth two weeks, for my money & soul...? Hmmm...No thanks, see you Dec 15 haha!
  15. Just purchased SQUAD!

    Is it DEC 15 yet!? The wait is killing me...
  16. Bring back the VIP mode

    I like the idea. One thing I would add to this game mode is road blocks. Road blocks that we have to blow up to continue the convoy.
  17. Welcome brotaha! I'm looking forward to playing as well!!
  18. Just purchased SQUAD!

    Ahhh, I got it now...cheers!!
  19. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Nice work brotha!!
  20. Just purchased SQUAD!

    I see...There were three options. $30, $40, $70 $30 rifleman <~~I purchased $40 ? $70 squad leader What's the $40 for
  21. Just purchased SQUAD!

    I wonder if I can donate $10 more for that
  22. Just purchased SQUAD!

    Just noticed there was a $40 selection, what would have $10 more have gotten me? Can I still donate $10 more?
  23. ChanceBrahh Videos

    That map looks great! 2 weeks away!!
  24. Just purchased SQUAD!

    Thanks for the welcomes, looking forward to playing, see you on the battlefield!
  25. Steam Release Information

    4v4 training sounds like so much fun! The map looks so good!