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  1. low fps

    Looks to me like a old fashioned delete app data and cache scenario, have you tried to clear cache? Should have great performance with your setup.
  2. one of the best directors blade runner was a innovative movie still today.
  3. Yes that is true, intel at the moment runs Squad very well, however keep in mind that gap is changing very fast each day, with new technologies, drivers, engine updates and other things it's a interesting time to see what is a good choice for the future, but i think the 1080ti is a card to keep eye on, dx12/vulcan support, ryzen etc. greets
  4. The new Ryzen's are destroying Intel i7's in multi threaded and close or even single threaded performance across all boards, (blender, cinebench, encoding, gaming) with new drivers and new motherboards and 50 percent cheaper with far far lower clocks and power usage. Imagine how lazy Intel has been these years when their so called "top i7's" can't even touch a stock AMD ryzen with new drivers that are crap and motherboards that have not even been optimized for it.
  5. Monster cpus those ryzens damn amd has done it lmfao that performance thooooo
  6. Lovely work
  7. Thanks for your genuine interest, nice to see, link updated! Enjoy
  8. squad requirements

    You will be able to run it on very low with decent fps, I hope if not refund.
  9. Here have a 1200 dollar custom liquid cooled amd 5 ghz system and is still running circles around most intel rigs for 3x less the price and have good quality components, very low temps, high clocks. You can buy dual 1080's/1070's whatever and still have money in excess with your budget man, buy three 480's and still have 1000 dollar in excess of your budget. Please stop talking if you don't know anything about AMD and are just hating cause you have no clue on how to make a proper system, with real performance for dollar but just know how to waste extreme amounts of cash and lure people into wasting extreme amounts of money on Intel or other absurd expensive parts but getting almost nothing for it. It's not good advice to tell people to throw 2000 dollars away. I can make 2 extreme high end systems with 3000 dollars easily with ton of money saved! With all respect it's worrying to see some people throw so much money away and your advising people to spend as much money on a cpu as possible is very troublesome if you are claiming to be any decent mechanic that cares about his customers's value.
  10. Should of bought a 1070 for your old desktop if you wanted fps for squad. A laptop cpu won't easily cut it that is just the reality of laptop hardware.
  11. welkom kerel
  12. well it will run squad alright asus mob and psu is a good pick
  13. Average 40fps with a 980ti and a 5820k, which are pretty powerful high end components, I think the ti can do a lot more, that ti can reach above 60fps all ultra on full or near full servers I am sure. Strange man it could be a bottleneck problem somewhere in hardware beside squad. Is the cpu overclocked? Try if there is change in fps perhaps. Also at what precise settings you running it? Cause that is a little vague and matters a lot. Turn off aa and af and also force disable the tessellation, clean install laters drivers, clean install squad, as above dev said, wipe cache.
  14. Yes if Soulzz can change his post to remove that erroneous link to dropper. I am sorry for putting the files up on that crap website.
  15. sure, thank you i was wondering what kind of resolutions the community would like.