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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hi there, I've no longer the email I bought the game, I've tried it in the website and it works, it says it sent the email, but I can no longer access it because it was a domain I paid and no longer have it. How can this be fixed? or where can I get support from?
  2. Where are the players?

    Also lots of players are leaving because they "thought" this was one thing and it isn't (CS, COD,BF etc), and that's good for us! It means just the COOL guys stay here :) But I'm one of the guys that isn't playing right now, just because I'm waiting for the patch that's it! :) Doing some DCS right now (ps I really hope we get good choppers in the future)
  3. Where are the players?

    People are waiting for new patch
  4. Yes Civilian AI would be good! To populate the map and to blend in!
  5. Concentrate on your death instead of your kills...

    Exactly @DocEast! I believe to "win" at this game is to have the advantage of surprise or better position, and NOT about fast kill skills
  6. Yep I believe it needs to slow.. if right now is 100% I think 85% / 90% speed would be perfect with the vehicles implemented.
  7. Hey there, I've always been saying that points and kills don't matter in this game but sometimes it's hard for people to understand that to win we need to move together. TEAMWORK! I mainly play as a squad leader and with this I always tell the other mates, to WAIT FOR MEDIC's don't DIE!! For me the kills are not important but the end result of our squad / team taking a point or defending successfully. Many times I get just 1 death per round or even ZERO deaths, and that for me is satisfying, and don't think my squad doesn't do anything... well it helps to have GOOD MEDIC's. So my suggestion is try not to die the most instead of trying to kill like crazy. this is the perfect game for this, fear your "death" and the game is more rewarding just my 2cents
  8. Super FOB Discussion

    I think when we need a logistics truck to deploy a FOB this won't happen, since I don't think people will risk moving a truck directly to a flag.
  9. The milsim genre...

    I believe with the years passing by more and more mature players continue to play, so more and more serious gamers that like to "think" instead of just gun around. So it has all the possibilities to continue surviving and even growing :)
  10. Squad Leaders not Squad Leading?

    When I join in mid match I don't make a squad, I join what's there already, but sometimes I join and it's just SILENCE... I hate that.. I even sometimes make a mic check just to be sure I have everything working.. But when a new match is starting I make my own squad and as always call it MIC ONLY ENGLISH TEAMWORK, but I will let the ocasonaly player that doesnt have a mic but had the time to tell me on chat.
  11. I think it will be the oposite, guys in the choopers will be afraid of infantry!! A squad to survive movement with enemy choppers around has to change from what we are doing know, what I mean by this is: - Having a wider spread so we don't get killed with a missile or fire. - Always have a rocket launcher guy and a support machine gunner to shoot at the chopper. - Use more cover (forest's and buildings) With this also comes the FOB placements, it will be harder, but it will be better! For me top priority is Logistics, the game right now is too fast I think, when logistics comes it will slow down and will need better thinking before putting a FOB or anything for that matter.
  12. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    I agree and always try to tell other squad leaders to not repeat that...
  13. DLC World War 2

    AS I said... only after the game is finished, I know its EA, but they need to think about the future, unless the future is just SQUAD and move to other game.
  14. DLC World War 2

    I don't know about you guys, I'm not really a DLC buying kind a guy unless it really brings something new to the game and worth it.. I would really love the squad team to make a DLC World war 2 version of their game and I would def buy it!! I wouldnt mind a mod guys to make it but, would be a cool project for SQUAD team to make and continue to get revenue from their game! What's your opinions?